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Overcoming Self-organization Blocks

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We know that self-organization is a critical aspect of every successful Agile project and we know that it takes trust, respect, openness and responsibility; so why many teams have a hard time to achieve it?

Self-organization changes the leader/team dynamics and the teammate/teammate ones. Resistance may arise and the source is frequently rooted in mental habits, such as a latent blaming culture, confusing guidance and command, fear of taking responsibility or losing status, unconscious personal agendas.

Attend this session to learn how to deal with organizational issues such as:

* Creating team’s cohesion; counteracting division
* Positioning yourself at your proper guidance level
* Identifying a latent blaming culture and its causes
* Understanding the manager’s and team’s roadblocks to self-organization
* Making your team collaborate more smoothly

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Overcoming Self-organization Blocks

  1. Copyright © Andrea Provaglio OVERCOMING SELF-ORGANIZATION BLOCKS Andrea Provaglio http://andreaprovaglio.com Twitter: @andreaprovaglio
  2. A Brief Introduction I help IT organizations to find and implement better ways of doing business. I coach teams and individuals who want to improve technically and relationally. In 20+ years in IT, I had clients in three continents and a U.S. work visa for “extraordinary abilities in Sciences”.
  3. TheThree Elements OfThisTalk Background Stories Insights
  4. A Few Things I Learned About IT...
  5. Software Is Intangible
  6. Developing Software Is Collaborative
  7. Developing Software Is Heuristic
  8. Unfortunately,We Come FromThis
  9. We Also Come FromThis
  10. And We Also DoThis
  11. The Gap Between How and What Linear. Standardized. Predictable. This space is interesting Intangible. Collaborative. Heuristic.
  12. Our Mental Models LiveThere Including a few about leadership and management.
  13. The Need For Self-Organization “[top down] managers and leaders are just as incapable of coordinating the complexities of human environments as queen bees are of bee environments.” -- Russ Marion
  14. We Can Do Better
  15. But What About Self-organization?
  16. Self-Organization Is Built Into Agile The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need and trust them to get the job done. Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. Image and text from http://agilemanifesto.org
  17. The AgileTriangle Cultural Change for Organizations and Individuals Transparency Feedback Self-organization Continuous improvement Sustainable growth Value creation
  18. Self-Organization Is Essential Without Self-organization you go back to Command and Control (linear processes).
  19. A Collective Behavior that manifests when people take Personal Responsibility in Co-creating a Shared Future My Definition Of Self-organization
  20. Where IsYour Self-organization? You can only enable self-organization, not enforce it.
  21. Self-organization Happens, but... Your self-organized team needs alignment with a business goal.
  22. Empowering Self-organization? Traits in Leaders •Share Goals •Identify and Share constraints •Provide necessary resources and environment •Agree on feedback cycles •Be available Traits in Teams •Open Communication •Commitment and accountability to peers •Collaboration and Self-transcendence This is Emancipation
  23. Telling Selling Consulting Co-creating Testing Building a Shared Goal Degree of active involvement Required capacity for leading and learning from “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook”
  24. A Few Stories From The Field
  25. Building Fences Divisive Talk Taking Side Against ... Being Pleased by Other’s Failures (even your competitor’s) Withholding Information Pointing Out Other’s Mistakes
  26. Blaming An energy blocker, even when latent. It’s caused by...
  27. Judgement An evaluation carried on with superiority and an emotional quality attached to it.
  28. I Know WhatYou HaveTo Do Ego States Adult Child Parent Adult Child Parent
  29. Going AgainstTheTide
  30. If you change something inside, something outside changes as well. •Self-organization can only be enabled, not enforced •Teams self-organize when the individuals take personal responsibility in co-creating a shared future •Your also need cohesion, a shared goal and everyone knowing their place in the organizational system Let’s Wrap It Up
  31. ThankYou! http:// andreaprovaglio.com http:// beyondagile.com Also on: SlideshareTwitter LinkedIn