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Radik Zaripov, an wushu world champion

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Radik Zaripov, an wushu world champion

  1. 1. Radik Zaripov, an wushu world champion Salikhova Fauziya Zainullovna, an English teacher of school № 14 city Nizhnevartovsk region Khanti-Mansiiskaya Ugra
  2. 2. It was in 2002. I and my 6th form students were watching a new performance in our local city drama theatre. We were fascinated by the style and dexterity of the actors and especially by the small boy who starred in the play. It was Radik Zaripov. That time he was only 11 years old.
  3. 3. As we learned from the booklet, it wasn’t a usual play or performance. It was a pliant sport performance. A wellknown fairy-tale “Nightingale” by H.-С. Andersen was greatly changed by the producer Nataliya Naumova and the wushu trainer Igor Kreimer.
  4. 4. The play was performed only by wushu sportsmen which were of different age. The play was so unusual and beautiful that it was granted by the regional governor. Radik Zaripov was born on the 8th of January 1989 in city Kazan’ in Tatarstan. Soon his family moved in Nizhnevartovsk. His father, being an wushu trainer, helped him much.
  5. 5. Since that time Radik Zaripov has trained much and has taken part in different sport competitions. Today he is a Russia champion, a European champion and a world champion in wushu. To popularize sport Radik organized different morning exercises for the citizens nearby lake Komsomolskaya which is in the centre of our city.
  6. 6. There is a quite new tradition in our local city newspaper: every well-known person speaks about his five favourite books. Here are five favourite books, loved by Radik.
  7. 7. Our city is rich with sportsmen and we have a special monument for sportsmen in our city. It is called “A glory memorial of Nizhnevartovsk sport”. Here you can see a great star in honour of Radik Zaripov. I am very proud of my city and its great sportsmen. And I strongly advise you to come and watch “Nightingale” at our local drama theatre but with other wushu sportsmen.