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Equestrian sport

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Equestrian sport

  1. 1. Equestrian sport Horse club «Pine Forest Novosibirsk» Kandalova Ekaterina, Novosibirsk
  2. 2. Equestrian sport in Novosibirsk.  In 1912 equestrian sport was include in the Olympic games. In Novosibirsk region equestrian sport began to develop in the 20th century. Also in December 1931 was organized a horse riding-school
  3. 3. In 1957 due to initiative of enthusiasts on the basis of race track, was organized a special section , which then turned into a Junior School. It worked until 1972. But in October 1974 sports school was opened again.
  4. 4. Horse Club Pine Forest Novosibirsk horse club was founded in 1994. Today the club has about thirty horses.
  5. 5. An equestrian club presents the following breeds of horses: Russian Orlow, Trotters, Trak Warmblood horses and ponies.
  6. 6. I like equestrian sport and enjoy it. It helps me to be determined and I know how to look after horses.
  7. 7. Welcome to our horse Club.