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Alexandra Vykhareva

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Alexandra Vykhareva

  1. 1. ALEXANDRA VYKHAREVA It goes without saying that sport is important in our life. In the hectic world of today everybody wants to be fit and feel good. Of course, there are those who do sport professionally and it plays the main role in their lives.
  2. 2. I am going to speak about Alexandra Vykhareva. She has a lot of achievements: The master of Sport in Eventing ; The winner of annual championship “Future Samara”; The champion of the Volga Federal District‟;  The champion of the Federal Districts; The champion of Russia.
  3. 3. When Alexandra was 9 years old her parents brought her to stable. „I was not scared. I had an eagerness to saddle a horse‟, says Alexandra. She chose the equestrian sport because her first word was “a horse” and from her childhood she has been keen on these graceful animals.
  4. 4. Alexandra entered into equestrian sports club “Avant-garde". After exhausting trainings she took part in her first competition – the Championship of Samara. But, unfortunately, Alexandra was disqualified because of her horse did not obeying her. The trainer always believed in Sasha and supported her. The first competition which Alexandra won was the annual Championship “Future Samara” and since then luck did not leave her.
  5. 5. In 2007 Alexandra‟s parents bought her a horse called Ebran. Namely with it she received the title “The champion of Russia”. But the most unforgettable moment in her life was The World Cup, which was held in Moscow. Although there were lots of experienced sportsmen Alexandra managed to take the 6th place, fighting the Olympic Champions.
  6. 6. In August 18th, 2009 Alexandra was invited to the forum “The Golden Youth” which was held in Moscow sport complex “Olympic”. Namely there Vladimir Putin presented her The Presidential Award. Of course, it was difficult to combine the study and sport. But the parents‟ support and her trainer‟s instructions helped Alexandra to become a successful sportswoman and a great person.
  7. 7. „My trainer was like my second father. He was strict but he was proud of me and helped me in difficult situations‟, says Sasha. Now Alexandra is a policewoman and a crack jack. The rigorous work schedule does not prevent her from helping the young sportsmen. ‘Through the thorns to the stars’ (Per aspera ad astra)