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Creating a Mobile Strategy in 1-Week

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Read more about this video and download the slides at: propelics.com/resources/how-to-create-a-mobile-strategy-in-1-week/

How to Build a Mobile Strategy in 1-week is a recording of a Propelics live webcast from October 25, 2012.

You probably see the value of mobile in the Enterprise, but like most of our clients, don’t exactly know where to start. What specifically are the highest priority mobile app candidates that have the largest business benefit.

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Creating a Mobile Strategy in 1-Week

  1. 1. Welcome.Creating a @propelicsMobile Strategyin 1-Week Questions, CommentsOctober 25th, 2012 to #mobilestrategy
  2. 2. Propelics Background – About Us • 15+ year track record • Fortune 500 clients • Global experience • 100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise • San Jose, Boston, PittsburghPropelics creates mobile strategies and world classApps for the Enterprise.Trusted by companies like yours: #mobilestrategy
  3. 3. What We Do• Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio IT Readiness for Mobility BYOD and MDM Strategy Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation• Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements• Mobile App Development UX Design Onshore and Offshore App Development
  4. 4. Eric Carlson: Propelics PartnerEric is a seasoned leader with a keen eyefor emerging technologies. He is wellrespected in both technical and businesscircles, due to his ability to match up theright amount of technology "geekiness"with business understanding to craft trulyunique solutions.As a seasoned executive, with startups through successfulexits to his name, Eric has the experience to advisecompanies on the discipline and objective approaches thatare needed to turn ideas into reality. #mobilestrategy
  5. 5. Agenda• Trends and Challenges within Mobile Today• Mobile Strategy Components and Considerations• Developing Your Strategy in 1 Week - Approach - Process - Tools - Deliverables - Schedule• Client Examples• Q&A / Next Steps Missed your topic? propelics.com/lets-talk
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing Mobile MMS Advertising QR Codes Display Ads Alerts Mobile Coupons AdWords Mobile Service Loyalty Programs SMS Ads Service Alerts LBS Mobile DB CustomerService Request Sales App Management CRM Integration (Account/Contact/Oppty) Customer Service Apps Customer Apps One-on-One Pricing/Discounts Mobile Sales mCommerce Apps Sales Quoting/Ordering HTML5/ Mobile Web Pricing/Discounts Mobile Mobile Payments Experiences Definition is Expanding
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Mobile MMS Advertising QR Codes Display Ads Alerts Mobile Coupons AdWords Mobile Service Loyalty Programs SMS Ads Service Alerts LBS Mobile DB CustomerService Request Sales App Management CRM Integration (Account/Contact/Oppty) Customer Service Apps Customer Apps One-on-One Pricing/Discounts Mobile Sales mCommerce Apps Sales Quoting/Ordering HTML5/ Mobile Web Pricing/Discounts Mobile Mobile Payments Experiences Definition is Expanding
  8. 8. “By 2015, 70% of your customerinteractions will originate from a mobile device…” Source: Gartner 2011
  9. 9. Methods of customerinteraction will change Source: Morgan Stanley, 2011
  10. 10. Experiences are increasing usage and expectations #mobilestrategy
  11. 11. 97%of organizations indicated that either some or all of their employees had employee-liable devices Source: AppCentral Survey 2011
  12. 12. 90% of CIOs are expecting todeploy mobile applicationswithin their company in the next 12 months Source: Kelton Research, 2011
  13. 13. Everyone wantsmobile, but mostcompaniesaren’t sure whatto do with it.
  14. 14. • Which areas of the business should be the focus?• How can we leverage mobility as a differentiator?• What is the business transformation opportunity with mobility?• How can we leverage mobility to better interact with our customers? Distributors? Employees? Resellers?• How do we simplify our processes for mobile use?• Which apps should be built and in what order?• What is our readiness – business and IT?• What is the right security policy? Device, App, data?• What type of devices should be supported? What about BYOD?• What use cases are best supported on the phone vs. the tablet?• What skills are needed? What technology is needed: MDM, MDAP?• How do we integrate these devices with our corporate data stores? …and many more
  15. 15. Point of View – The Law of Three #mobilestrategy
  16. 16. Q:How do wetruly leveragemobility?
  17. 17. Business Drivers Growth Brand Perception Retention & Loyalty Customer Satisfaction Competitive differentiation Penetration CustomerInteraction Mobility strategies Perspectives Enterprise MobilityCross Industry Regulatory Strategy ConsiderationsConsiderations Technology Considerations / IT Readiness Device Management App Development methodology Security and Risk Management Services and integration Architecture IT Governance and Policies
  18. 18. 7 Considerations - Enterprise Mobility1. Speed of Innovation is Critical2. An App is Not a Strategy3. Avoid the Wild West of App Development4. Mobility is Not a Bolt on5. Simplify the Enterprise6. User Experience is Everything7. Incorporate Ideas from Other Industries Read More: propelics.com/perspectives
  19. 19. 1. Speed of Innovation is Critical Build for 1 Year. Iterate, iterate, iterate.Long strategy projects don’t work. #mobilestrategy
  20. 20. Step I: Step II: Step III:Direction Setting Ideation, Assessment, Vi Roadmap & Next sualization Steps Business Drivers Business Segments, Ve rticals, Chann el, solutions Business & IT Mobile App Roadmap PortfolioInnovation INNOVATIO InnovationStrategy & N thru RecommendAlignment HOTSPot Visualization Technology Maturity Assessment Action Plan MarketOpportunity
  21. 21. Direction Setting 1 Direction Setting & Opportunity Identification• Direction Setting - Refine the vision - Qualitative and quantitative business drivers - (e.g. Growth, profitability, brand enhancement, customer experience, employee experience, etc.) - Innovation influence - (customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, leadership, partners, resellers etc.)• Opportunity Identification - Identify Innovation “Hot Spot” - Business Value - Innovation - Mobile Suitability - Competitive Advantage - Readiness Innovation Heat Map #mobilestrategy
  22. 22. Solutions Business Unit Industry Verticals Growth Innovation Heat Map Use Brand Business Visibility Value Cust. Sat. Innovation Share of Business Propensity to use Mobility Competitive Advantage Readiness#mobilestrategy
  23. 23. Ideation 2 Ideation and concept generation• Identification of scenarios or use cases• Ideation Framework• Primary business value driver and actor for each scenario• Use Case (not App) Identification Ideation Framework #mobilestrategy
  24. 24. Ideation Framework
  25. 25. Convergence 3 Convergence & App Portfolio• Prioritize key scenarios: - Level of Innovation - Business Benefit Scenario Matrix - Organizational and Technical Readiness - Ease of Implementation• Characterize the technical viability based on constraints, effort, and cost• Assign rankings to the scenarios and identify the app portfolio App Portfolio #mobilestrategy
  26. 26. Scenario Matrix • Business Value • Innovation • Readiness • Ease of Implementation • Extensibility across focus areas #mobilestrategy
  27. 27. IT Discovery and Assessment Stage 3 Stage 5Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 4 Maturity Ranking Mobile Maturity Matrix Technology Strategy Matrix Mobility Strategy App development platform Enterprise Info. Mgmt. Mobile Device Mgmt. Platform IT Delivery & Support Telecom Expense Mgmt. Policy Definition & Governance Wireless Svc. Mgmt. Network Infrastructure Security Infrastructure #mobilestrategy
  28. 28. Visualization is Critical to the Process 4 Visualization & Prototype App Concept Wireframe Visual Design Visualize the concept Solidify the “experience” Simplify thinking Gather feedback Exercise the App creation Focuses team on experience, not requirements
  29. 29. Planning and Next Steps 5 Recommendations, Planning and Next Steps • Mobility Roadmap – Prioritized Tactics • Phased • Recommendations – Based on gaps in current state and desired state • Directional plan and timelines • Investment Plan #mobilestrategy
  30. 30. Yes, this is possible in a week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00 – 12:00 9:00-10:30 8:30-10:00 8:00 – 9:30 8:00 – 10:00 Team Assembles Kickoff Meeting Scenario Briefing Technical Prioritization Summarize Data Preparation and Setup • Objectives/Goals • Review scenario list Review scenario list Gathered during • Internal Team Norming • Drivers • Refine lead scenario • Technical Readiness Discovery Sessions • Preparation for • Critical focus areas • Review / refine activities • Ease of Implementation Propelics Breakouts • Prioritization criteria Core Team Propelics Propelics Core and Extended 10:00 – 12:00 Teams 2:00 – 4:00 10:00 – 12:00 Findings, Recommendations, Business Scenario Final Scenario Review and Next Steps 1:00 – 3:00 10:45 – Noon Prioritization and Roadmapping Client Current State Client Business Process • Prioritize Scenarios for Session Prototype Presentation Review Review Innovation, Business • Present Final App Core and Extended Core Team • Actor review Benefit, and Business Candidate Prioritization Teams • Review of current Readiness • Discuss Roadmap for business process • Phone vs. Tablet Next Steps 3:00 – 5:00 • Potential Mobility Core Team • Choose Prototype App integration points Candidate Client Technical Architecture Overview Core Team 4:00 – 7:00 Core Team Technical Team Documentation and 1:00 – 2:30 prep for tomorrow 1:00 – 3:00 Scenario Identification • Distribute eNotes Top App Candidate • Review possible mobile • Prep for sessions Process Flow scenarios Propelics • Begin Flowing out • Identify dependencies scenario for Prototype candidate Core Team Core Team 4:00 – 7:00 3:00 – 7:00 Documentation and prep for tomorrow Documentation and prep for tomorrow • Distribute eNotes • Prepare dependencies • Prep for storyboarding • Consolidate observations Propelics Propelics #mobilestrategy
  31. 31. Example 1: Country’s Largest Child Care Provider• Initial State - Corporate account team looking for ways to innovate - Back and forth paper-based processes for sales - Customer processes very manual• Propelics Approach - Capture and prioritize use cases - Innovation benchmarks: Simplify, Grow, Inform, Differentiate• 1 Week Propelics Process - Begin with business drivers – tangible benefit on day 1 - Identify mobile scenarios for sales team and customers - Grade the scenarios (value, readiness, etc.) - Review native vs. web, tablet vs. phone #mobilestrategy
  32. 32. Example 1: Country’s Largest Child Care Provider• Findings - Consumer, Partner, and Internal use cases - Customers are ready - Internal low readiness: - Process - Back office systems - Data quality• Roadmap Highlights - Customer focused roadmap for initial phases - Simplify the process for customers (focus on the 80% of scenarios) - Elegantly handle changes and notifications. Remove phone processes - Grow user base through mobile app usage. Fold in marketing efforts - Ability to re-define the industry – Technology enabled re-branding #mobilestrategy
  33. 33. Example 2: Major U.S. East Coast Retailer• Initial State - IT initiated conversation, had visibility to 10-12 mobile use cases - Unsure of IT readiness: Network, security, wireless, management• Propelics Approach - Determine, prioritize mobile use cases across business teams - Determine IT Readiness for identified mobile use cases - Define business App portfolio and initial IT strategy• 2 Week Propelics Process - Business team meetings (Merch., Store Ops, Store Dev, Store Planning, Distribution, Legal, HR, Loss Prevention, Real Estate, Procurement, etc.) - IT team meetings (App Dev, IT Risk, Network/Security, Help Desk, Depot, Telecom, IT Ops, BI/DW, POS, App Services, Enterprise Architecture) - Scenario Matrix, IT Maturity Assessment, Strategy Matrix, Roadmap #mobilestrategy
  34. 34. Example 2: Major U.S. East Coast Retailer• Findings - 90+ Use Cases - Multiple groups targeting same user teams - High amount of business readiness• Roadmap Highlights - Role based App roadmap based on benefit, readiness - Identified quick wins, tablet focus for 2013 - IT needs prioritized based on use case roadmap - People: IT org. changes and additions - Process: Data movement, support, monitoring, development, etc. - Technology: Web services, Reverse Proxy, MDM, Business Intelligence, MADP #mobilestrategy
  35. 35. Propelics Kickstarts – Webinar Special Mobile App Roadmap Webinar Special: 20% off all services contracted in 2012! Mobile App Rapid Prototyping info@propelics.com 888-405-2820 IT Readiness for Mobile Kickstart #mobilestrategy
  36. 36. • Innovation Focus• Engaging Process• Mobility Centric• Experience Across Industries• Enterprise Solutions• Advisors, Strategists, Implementers• Strategy at the Pace of Mobility
  37. 37. Thank you