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Residential property in india

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Residential property in India suffers from one ill that could be the cause of its downfall. Most of those who live in a house in most regions of the country own the house they live in. Only when they migrate to larger cities do they seek accommodations on rent. When in the future the population of India increases and there are more consumers willing to work hard to earn a livelihood will universal homeownership be viable in India.

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Residential property in india

  1. 1. Residential Property in India
  2. 2. More residential property in India is better news for everyone. A larger number of residential properties will create more wealth for the entire country and provide stability to house prices claim experts.
  3. 3. The governments plan to create affordable housing across the country will not only generate employment but will also add wealth the countries exchequer as affordable properties are paid for by loans taken by the prospective homeowners.
  4. 4. Residential properties in India will also benefit from having many more stakeholders in the country.
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