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Acquire Product Data Feed From ECommerce Sites

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Businesses in the Ecommerce domain need constant supply of product data to keep up with the competition. Here is how you can acquire this data effortlessly using automated web scraping technologies.

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Acquire Product Data Feed From ECommerce Sites

  1. 1. B Y P RO M P T C L O U D
  2. 2. What you can do with product data • Run a price comparison engine • Semantic analysis • Cataloguing and pricing • Content aggregation
  3. 3. Data points to be extracted Ecommerce sites Product title Product images Ratings Reviews Seller name Original price Discounted price Product description
  4. 4. How to get hold of product data The most efficient way to collect product data from Ecommerce sites is by using Web Scraping. Web Scraping
  5. 5. How Web Scraping works Sources Crawling setup Data cleansing Structuring Clean data Output • Sources: Ecommerce sites to extract data from • Crawling setup: Programmed setup for custom data extraction • Data cleansing: Removing the noise from scraped data • Structuring: Structuring the data to be machine readable • Data output: The data is obtained in useable format
  6. 6. Benefits of Web Scraping • Costs less • Faster delivery • Runs on autopilot • Error free • Scalable • Saves manual labour
  8. 8. GOT QUESTIONS? FEEL FREE TO BUG US AT: www.promptcloud.com Email: sales@promptcloud.com