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Tips for better call quality monitoring

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This PDF explains some of the best call center quality assurance tips implementing which would drastically increase the efficiency of your organization.

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Tips for better call quality monitoring

  1. 1. Tips for better call quality monitoring For every call centre, monitoring the quality of the calls is a necessity, as it determines the overall value of the services. Various companies pair up with these call centres to provide a consistent support to its customer base. Call centres also deal with other services like telemarketing, where the call quality has to be superb. Well, you need to set certain parameters while assessing the call quality. Here are some exceptionally effective call center quality assurance tips that you will find useful. Set up standards At the outset, you need to set up certain standards for assessing the quality of the calls. When you have a pre-defined standard to monitor the quality of services, you will find an easy mechanism to measure the standards of the calls. Coffee morning assessments On a particular day of the week, the senior staff of the call centre should hold a meeting. The recordings of the conversations should be played before them. They can listen to the conversation and determine whether the call was up to the mark or not. Focus on the outliners Call center quality monitoring is a time-consuming affair and involves certain costs. It is not possible for a company to assess the quality of each and every call. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the outliners. Concentrate on high-yield behaviour It is important to note how the call centre executives deal with the customers. They need to understand their behaviour and act accordingly. The ability to understand the behaviour of the customer should be one of the parameters of call quality monitoring.
  2. 2. Create themes for each month A theme related to the cultivation of soft skills has to be formulated for every month. This theme has to be followed by the executives. At the end of the month, you can evaluate their ability to adopt these skills. Let your agents prepare a checklist One of the most effective ways to monitor the call quality is to let the agents prepare their own checklists. They can self-monitor themselves when they are on the calls. Allow your agents to conclude on the monitored calls When you provide the agent with the opportunity to draw conclusions on the monitored call, they can realize the flaws. They can work on the areas where they need to improve. Providing an opportunity to conduct a self-analysis is one of the call quality monitoring best practices. Include agents while monitoring other teams When you monitor the call quality of a team, you need to include agents from a different team. You need to point out the faults to them. This will prevent them from repeating those mistakes when they are on calls. Involve your employees The employees should have an active participation when the calls are being monitored. They can learn from each-other’s mistakes, which will benefit the entire group of agents. This paves way for a constructive criticism which helps in overall improvement of the output and ultimately complete call center quality assurance.
  3. 3. Provide training, support and feedback It is necessary to provide the agents with the necessary training, support and feedback. From time to time, you should update them with their performance records and provide the necessary assistance to improve the call quality. You don’t need costly technology for monitoring You may be having the misconception that integrating costly technologies to monitor the calls will drain out your resources. Well, you can monitor the calls with the help of basic technologies that are least expensive. External benchmarking You may be evaluating the quality of the calls with the help of your internal parameters. However, at times, you need to an external benchmark to monitor the calls. This will help you to retain your position in the competitive market. Reward good performance When you reward the agents exhibiting best performance, others too, wish to be in the same position. It motivates the employees to perform better and this, in turn, enhances the call quality. Most of the companies offering professional call center services implement this technique to keep their team motivated. Save the best calls It is necessary to save the best calls, which enables you to provide a specimen of an ideal call to the other employees. They should know what the calls should be like and try to maintain the same quality. The call-quality monitoring process should be well- thought
  4. 4. When you form your quality standards, take all the necessary aspects into account. Include all the elements that deliver a better experience to the customers. This will help you to maintain the quality of your services. Include feedback system You should have a feedback system in your operational mechanism, where you can get the feedback of the calls directly from the customers. This will enable you to keep a track on their satisfaction level while you engage in quality monitoring for call centers. Call quality forum A call quality forum should be an integral part of your organization. Various types of discussions on call quality should be conducted here. This will keep your agents updated with the evolving parameters and norms. Call levelling sessions You should arrange call levelling sessions in your organization, where the calls are selected on a random basis. The managers, call monitoring staff and other professionals are involved in the process to assess the quality of the call. Get the right scripts Make sure that the scripts are of good quality. The agents speak to the customers based on the information and language present in these scripts. Having the right script will naturally enhance the quality of the calls. Get it prepared after a proper thought process. Independent facility for call monitoring Integrating independent call monitoring facility on your platform will enable you to keep a track on call quality objectively. It enhances the overall mechanism of maintaining the quality of the calls. This is in fact one of the best practices in call quality monitoring.
  5. 5. Two-phase approach In order to strengthen the call monitoring system, you need to adopt a two-phase approach. In the first one, the agents should know that you are monitoring the calls; in the other phase, they should be unaware of the fact. Quality ownership A quality ownership is needed to seamlessly monitor the calls. Maintain the overall standards of your organization to make sure that the monitoring takes place in the right lines and based on correct parameters. Evaluation forms You should maintain evaluation forms to maintain the call quality. You can mark the executives for the positive points and point out the areas that need improvement. This will serve as a dynamic synopsis of their performance. Evaluating the dispute process The evaluation dispute process enables the agents to understand the right path to act upon. You should evaluate the dispute process and provide the necessary guidelines to the agents. Agent interaction session Interaction sessions between the agents and the senior staff clarify various issues related to call quality. You can keep your agents informed about the desired standards through these interactive sessions. Ensure a fair system You may incorporate a strict call monitoring mechanism, but make sure that it is fair. It will help the agents to achieve the deserving score and keep them motivated. Don’t set unachievable targets for them.
  6. 6. Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs You may be providing training to your agents, but do you evaluate how successful you are in transferring the knowledge to them? You should evaluate the success of the training program to maintain the standards. Role-play calls Role-play calls help the agents to master the desired skills. Include different variations of these calls when you train up your employees. This immensely helps. Conduct personality tests Conducting personality tests of the agents will provide you with the needed knowledge about their approach towards the customers. You can offer the necessary guidelines to them in case you find issues in their behaviour. Review the last day’s calls for five minutes In order to keep a track on the daily performance of the agents, you can review the last day’s calls for five minutes every morning. Evaluate the performance of your employees regularly so that you can facilitate continual improvement. The above detailed operative tips can surely help in quality monitoring for call centers service provider, regardless of the business size and type.