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How To Write for Product People by Product School Blog Expert

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Writing is an essential part of modern communication, whether you’re a creative or not. But for something so fundamental, it’s easy to get wrong.

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How To Write for Product People by Product School Blog Expert

  1. 1. www.productschool.com How To Write for Product People by Product School Blog Expert
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  5. 5. How To Write for Product People By Product School Blog Expert
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  7. 7. About Me ● Blog writer/admin, eBook author, copywriter, podcast host, #ProductCon MC ● Blog Queen 👑
  8. 8. Contents Writing Tips Why write? Knowing your audience Getting ideas Writing tips SEO Free ideas Getting Published The 2 routes to getting published Beginner mistakes when pitching How to write for Product School
  9. 9. Why Write? 1. It’s fun! 2. Raises your personal profile 3. Gives back to the community 4. Boosts your written communication skills 5. Great mental exercise: looking back at your own experiences
  10. 10. Know Who You’re Writing For 1. Treat your readers like your target market 2. Be all up in their spaces
  11. 11. “Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?” 1. So. Much. Research 2. Finding questions, and answering them 3. Writing your own experiences 4. Being aware of what conversations are happening around you
  12. 12. Find Your Style 1. “Bring your personality to work” when appropriate 2. Don’t just relay information, tell a story: good writing is memorable writing 3. The reader is more important than the writer 4. Read your work out loud
  13. 13. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Google wants to be sure that your web content is… 1. Relevant 2. Easy to read 3. High-quality 4. Not dangerous/spammy
  14. 14. What is SEO? “What do I actually need to know about it?” Write for people, not computers Focus on writing good content for real people Resources: Neil Patel -> UberSuggest SEMrush
  15. 15. General Blog Tips 1. Attention spans are short, just like paragraphs 2. Use sub-headings to break up information 3. Beware of using copyrighted images (use free stock sites like Unsplash)
  16. 16. General Book Tips 1. Itemize the key points you want people to take away from your book - no one is going to remember all 50,000+ words! 2. Write the “boring” bits first 3. Post-it notes (real or Miro) To-do 1st Draft Ready
  17. 17. Free Ideas Go on, take them! -Write a review of your favorite app/software (bonus if its PM related) -Write your story of how you got into PM -Debunk a PM myth (eg, Product Managers are the CEO of a Product) -Write about a time you failed and what you learned from it
  18. 18. Getting Published (The easy part)
  19. 19. Route 1: Creating Your Own Blog Route 2: Approaching Other Blogs
  20. 20. Route 1: Creating Your Own Blog If you’re writing for fun: use Medium or LinkedIn Publishing If you’re writing for a side project: consider your own website (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace)
  21. 21. Route 1: Getting Published On Medium On Medium you can write for yourself, or get published in Medium publications: Step 1: Identify the Medium publication you’d like to write for (see below) Step 2: Contact the admin and express your interest in publishing with them (it’s better to do this when you’ve already published a few pieces yourself) Step 3: If they accept, they’ll add you as a writer and allow you to submit pieces Hot tip: Don’t spam them with EVERY piece you write
  22. 22. Route 2: Approaching Websites Publishing with independent blogs/companies ● Spend time time looking at the blog you’re hoping to feature on. What topics have they already covered at length? Do they reach the same audience you’re hoping to reach? Make sure you’d be a good fit for them. ● Most blogs have guidelines. Minimum word count, format, topics, etc. ● Be open to making changes. “Kill your darlings.” ● Check their exclusivity policy. ● Hint: Almost all publications require your work to be unpublished elsewhere. This avoids Google flagging them/others for duplicated content. Keep that in mind when pitching an article you’ve already written.
  23. 23. 2 Beginner Mistakes I See ALL THE TIME 1. Not paying attention to the blog guidelines: Causes delays in the publication schedule, means we both have to spend time making it right What to do instead: Read the guidelines before writing your article and again before sending it. There might be something important that you’ve forgotten. 1 minute to double check can save you some embarrassment. 2. Not telling me who you are: “Hi I’m interested in writing for you, what’s the process?” leaves me with more questions than answers, and sends you to the bottom of my priority list. What to do instead: Tell me who you are. Introduce yourself, your experience in product, what you’d like to write about/what areas of product you’re most interested in. Including your LinkedIn profile is a great way to help me verify your identity and qualifications.
  24. 24. How to Write for Product School What? www.productschool.com/blog ✨ Why? 1 million unique blog readers in 2020 Our community is a community of learners Insider knowledge: Content we’re looking for: Personal experiences in Product Management & technical expertise How?
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