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Product Mindset for Building Early-Stage Startups by Gympass PM

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Main Takeaways:

-Problem and Business modal Copycat insights: be inspired by other companies models to increase changes of attacking the right hypothesis and reduce workload at the discovery phase for early-stage startups
-Business as a product - Inspiring Journey Managers: applying product mindset/culture at a General Manager Level in different sectors of a company such as operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience
-Dealing with high-risk environment of Early Stage startups - high complexity, full-time job and consistency; all mixed up; bringing pattern to chaos

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Product Mindset for Building Early-Stage Startups by Gympass PM

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  5. 5. Product Mindset for Building Early-Stage Startups Rodolfo Bizinoto Neto Senior Product Manager @olist ex Gympass Founder @Local
  6. 6. Why am I here?
  7. 7. 100% remote startup
  8. 8. CX Sales MKT Ops Hub - PD Founders Local Operation Uberaba city
  9. 9. Uncertainties Full-time jobs Few data
  10. 10. product model 1. Focus on result, not deliveries 2. Prioritize your actions using discovery process 3. Be in direct contact with your user/client 4. Everything is a hypothesis, test it, iterate it, let them die if needed 5. Follow the data 6. Agile model of work - Cooperative and multidisciplinaire The only way to know how a complex system will behave — after you modify it — is to modify it and see how it behaves,” said George Box
  11. 11. the journey management Discovery Delivery Processes Content Sales Strategy CX communication Digital Product Results Iterate See also, Kerry Bodine and Teresa Torres What will we build Build it
  12. 12. Journey Management PM PO User the journey management as a Product Manager Processes Technology Business See also, Joca Torres BA CX Sales Ops Marketing
  13. 13. back to Local efficiency
  14. 14. PMF Analysis ● Conversion rate > 1.65% ● NPS > 55 ● At least 6.4% of partners revenue coming from our Platform
  15. 15. ● Conversion rate = 0 ● NPS - no result ● No tracked revenue for our partners PMF Reality
  16. 16. Other Metrics ● CTR ads ○ Market 7.8% < 10.9% Local ● Conversion Homepage to Product Page ○ Market 43.8% < 50.4% Local ● Bounce Rate ○ Market 55% > 17% Local ● 25 stores | 256 products | 1500 users ● 10% of the city following us on instagram Should we continue pursuing sales?
  17. 17. now, what’s next?
  18. 18. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Murphy’s law Anything that can happen will, with enough time and proper process, happen. Rodolfo Bizinoto Product Manager
  19. 19. www.productschool.com Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training