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PM for a Remote Agile Workplace by Microsoft Product Leader

Main Takeaways:
- Remote work culture is now going to be the norm even after the pandemic shutdown is over in 2021. Learn about the major shifts in work that influence product development
- Anticipate challenges to better deliver products to delight your customers taking advantage of the modern workstyle and rethink how you build them.
- Get practical advice on do’s and don’t to adapt and be a successful Product manager in the remote agile workplace

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PM for a Remote Agile Workplace by Microsoft Product Leader

  1. 1. www.productschool.com PM for a Remote Agile Workplace by Microsoft Product Leader
  2. 2. CERTIFICATES Your Product Management Certificate Path Product Leadership Certificate™ Full Stack Product Management Certificate™ Product Management Certificate™ 20 HOURS 40 HOURS 40 HOURS
  3. 3. Corporate Training Level up your team’s Product Management skills
  4. 4. Free Product Management Resources BOOKS EVENTS JOB PORTAL COMMUNITIES bit.ly/product_resources COURSES
  5. 5. Webinar: Product Management for a Remote Agile Workplace by Dhananjay Mahajan Principal PM, Microsoft www.productschool.co m
  6. 6. Product management in post pandemic software team Dhananjay Mahajan Principal Program Manager, Azure Data Microsoft
  7. 7. Takeaways • Remote hybrid work culture is the norm • Rethink product for customers • Success at workplace will require adapted workstyle
  8. 8. About myself MS. Computer Science and Research Programmer, Lunar & Planetary Sciences SDE, Windows -> Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise Director, Product Manager, Cloud Platform Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Principal Product Manager Head of Product Management Principal Program Manager, Azure Data
  9. 9. About myself
  10. 10. Changes in workplace • Lack of separation of worklife • 60% feeling disconnected - team and stakeholders • Long hours and more workload • 30% employees in IW have felt burnout • Microsoft surveys show • 48% increase in team chats • 55% increase in team calls • 2x after hours chats • 69% more chats after hours • Product managers adapt (Reimagined!) or fail
  11. 11. Advantages of remote • New kinds of work life balance. 75% found closer connection to family fulfilling • Global talent access • Global customer reach • Round the clock productivity • 52% of remote friendly workers felt included
  12. 12. Product Challenges in pandemic market Customers Team Leadership
  13. 13. Customer challenges • Delayed procurement and adoption of new tech • Difficult to stay engaged and connected • Ambiguity of plans for the upcoming year and finances • Unavailability of resources, people, restrictions, closures.
  14. 14. Delight Customer • Customer behavior has changed - maybe lost sales, slow adoption • Adapt your product and services to changing market needs and customer needs
  15. 15. Delight customer • Extend the free trial period • Extend EOL for products • Assist customers with deployment of new technology • Capture metrics to measure behavior
  16. 16. Team • Long hours • Lack of structure, lack the camaraderie • Culture is hard to create due to missing interactions • Tasks which require interdependence become harder slowing productivity
  17. 17. Agile Teams • Teams work remotely slowing down product development • Divide team work functionally and enabling autonomy
  18. 18. Agile Teams • Track team dependencies • Pooled interdependence - team work, parallelize, best • Sequential interdependence - medium • Reciprocal Complex dependence - intricate collaboration- suffers the most • Plan end to end system demos • Document your designs, release plans, launch plans
  19. 19. Connected Teams • Feeling disconnected with team and stakeholders • Adapt communications for remote friendly workplace
  20. 20. Connected Teams • Build traditions in your team to celebrate wins. • Find remote rituals to connect team • Try to unify communication patterns • Be intentional about meetings to drive decisions • Use video whenever possible to keep engagement • Standardize processes and tools
  21. 21. New PM tips • Work with your manager or lead to set a prioritized plan accounting for above • Prioritize time for learning • Take risks. • But learn from your failures • Seek help - manager, buddy (rotating) • Conferences are cheaper and easier to attend. Sign up.
  22. 22. Leadership • Loss of visibility • Loss of control • Decision making may slow down • Impact to business and customers is hard to assess • Missing face time with bosses, harder to get promoted
  23. 23. Remote Leadership • Less face time with leadership • Transformational – innovation, collaborative • Transactional – results-oriented • Situational – diversity
  24. 24. Remote Leadership • Improve trust explicitly – drive innovation • Focus on results that matter and outcomes - transactional • More formal for decisions - informal celebrations • Measure productivity record of all meetings • No micromanagement
  25. 25. In conclusion • Deliver innovative products to delighted customers with agile motivated team through your adaptable leadership • Continue the conversation with more links in my blog dhanmm @dhan_mm dhanmm@hotmail.com https://productschool.com/instructor/Dhananjay-Mahajan/
  26. 26. Thank You! www.productschool.co m
  27. 27. www.productschool.com Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training