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Interviewing for a PM Position in 2021 by Udemy Sr PM

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Main Takeaways:
- How should you explain your current/previous Product Management experiences?
- What kind of questions might you receive about the product management cycle? What skills are you expected to demonstrate in answering questions?
- What kind of cases are you expected to solve?
- Which stakeholders might you talk to during the interview processes? What behavioral skills are you expected to demonstrate?

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Interviewing for a PM Position in 2021 by Udemy Sr PM

  1. 1. www.pro u ts hool. om Interviewing for a PM Position in 2021 by Udemy Sr PM
  2. 2. Your Product Management Certificate Path Pro u t L rship C rtifi t ™ Full St k Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ 20 HOURS40 HOURS40 HOURS
  3. 3. Corporate Training
  4. 4. Free Product Management Resources BOOKS EVENTS JOB PORTAL COMMUNITIES it.ly/pro u t_r sour s COURSES
  5. 5. Disclaimer: All content in this presentation is based on personal experiences. It doesn't reflect Udemy's approach for interviews.
  6. 6. Company's business Product(s) you own Main responsibilities
  7. 7. Can you explain your product discovery process? How would you develop a product strategy/vision? How do you find improvement points for your product?
  8. 8. How do you prioritize your product backlog items? How do you decide what and what not to build? How do you prioritize them when you have two important things to do but don't have enough resources?
  9. 9. How do you work with the engineering team? Which project management methodology do you use?
  10. 10. How do you understand the success of a product? What has made X product successful? What metrics do you use to measure your product's success?
  11. 11. Pre-prepared cases Adhoc cases Your examples
  12. 12. How would you work? How would you act? How would you solve?
  13. 13. www.pro u ts hool. om Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training