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How to be an Enterprise PM and Build For Hypergrowth by Twilio PM

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Main takeaways:

-How to create delightful B2B products by wearing the customer's shoes
-The role of compliance, data, and instinct in unlocking Enterprise deals
-What is Hypergrowth and how to plan for Hyperscale

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How to be an Enterprise PM and Build For Hypergrowth by Twilio PM

  1. 1. www.productschool.com How to be an Enterprise PM and Build For Hypergrowth by Twilio PM
  2. 2. Your Product Management Certificate Path Product Leadership Certificate™ Full Stack Product Management Certificate™ Product Management Certificate™ 20 HOURS 40 HOURS 40 HOURS
  3. 3. Corporate Training
  4. 4. Free Product Management Resources BOOKS EVENTS JOB PORTAL COMMUNITIES bit.ly/product_resources COURSES
  5. 5. How to be an enterprise PM and build for hypergrowth. a webinar by Prateek Jain
  6. 6. 3 parts ➔ Enterprise vs Consumer ➔ Hyperscale ➔ Product Case Study
  7. 7. Enterprise products vs Consumer The persona is different The process is different The metrics are different The goals are different The Product Manager is different
  8. 8. Meet Marcos. He recently joined BigCo as a director of Customer Success. 20 years into his operations career, he’s used all the tools out there, and he tirelessly takes over the Customer Support tool wherever he joins. He’s so over software bugs, he chooses not to use a smartphone... Oh, and his browser is Microsoft Edge Story for illustration purposes only The Persona is different
  9. 9. Meet Alberto. He just took his first job in BigCo as a tech support agent. He loves soccer, fortnite, and is extremely savvy with software. He likes to code and become a power user of his software tools. Alberto has the latest iPhone, and... Google Chrome.
  10. 10. The Process is different
  11. 11. “Validation interviews are to Enterprise product managers what A/B testing is to consumer product managers... A punch in the gut to the ego” - Prateek Jain
  12. 12. Works > Integrates > Fast > Easy > Pretty The metrics are different
  13. 13. Win by finding the goal Enabling your customer to succeed and speed up what they do is what makes you win. Most times this means the success metrics are about helping customers get more done in less time. The goal will keep changing positions, but the direction won’t change till half-time i.e. disruption The goal is different
  14. 14. Hitting Hyperscale Demands Instructure Moving the Needle
  15. 15. “During Hypergrowth, Product Management is very easy... because customers are constantly yelling at you about what they want!” - Prateek Jain
  16. 16. Gotta build the instinct Instincts: Industry trends Customer interviews Customer visits Metrics: Usage Website Ratings Stories: Support Tickets NPS Surveys Sales Requests
  17. 17. “Companies that fail to become Unicorns... are the companies that build features rather than infrastructure” - Prateek Jain
  18. 18. “We get feature requests all day... But if we just did them all you could replace Product Managers with Slido” - Prateek Jain
  19. 19. A case study Twilio’s Messaging Insights ➔ Why ➔ Who ➔ How ➔ What
  20. 20. NPS data Sliced by User Types, Geography, Age, Account Size, Lifecycle... Troubleshooting
  21. 21. Find Data and Build Empathy
  22. 22. Identify Goals and → Success Metrics → → → Early Goal: Increase Transparency and Demystify Twilio Messaging
  23. 23. demo
  24. 24. The Results
  25. 25. “If you want to get a free product funded... Find a way to connect it to revenue” - Prateek Jain
  26. 26. Remember You set the priorities. ➔ Enterprise products Need data as well as instinct ➔ Hyperscale Features → Infrastructure ➔ Product Management Finding order in chaos
  27. 27. Good luck! I hope you’ll use these tips to go out and build fantastic technology! Stay in touch, @prateekdhakra
  28. 28. www.productschool.com Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training