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AI PM at Startup VS at Scale by Facebook Product Lead

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Main takeaways:
- Leading product in autonomous driving (Seed)
- Building autonomous checkout (Series A - B)
- Amplifying large-scale ad ranking (FAANG)

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AI PM at Startup VS at Scale by Facebook Product Lead

  1. 1. www.pro u ts hool. om AI PM at Startup VS at Scale by Facebook Product Lead
  2. 2. Your Product Management Certificate Path Pro u t L rship C rtifi t ™ Full St k Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ Pro u t M n g m nt C rtifi t ™ 20 HOURS40 HOURS40 HOURS
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  5. 5. 01 AI PM AT STARTUP VS AT SCALE JAN 18, 2021
  6. 6. 03
  8. 8. T H U S A S A P M
  10. 10. label with bounding box label with pixel boundary labels for full scene with pixel boundaries dog label ai generated image (openai) labels for full 3D scene 2015 Jan-2021
  11. 11. ACCURACY extendability, precision, recall DATA requirement, availability, extendablity RESOURCES performance, cost, industry timeline LATENCY compute, warm up, human assistance - accuracy
  12. 12. AI CREATIVITY in-store personalized recommendations SUCCESFUL EXPERIENCE accurate & timely receipt TRUSTWORTHY EXPERIENCE explainable ai, private & secure data
  13. 13. SUCCESS METRICS ai & non-ai, usable, extendable DATA privacy, integrity, availability, extendability, cost, source RESOURCES constraints, company timelines, project finance
  14. 14. PRODUCTIONIZE RESEARCH mindset, research to proto to product flow, longer term risky projects, MULTI-FUNCTION TEAM mindset, adapt, common language, mutual respect & trust, INFLUENCE CREATIVITY mindset, multi-function understanding, narrative prototypes
  15. 15. FAANG
  16. 16. FAANG
  17. 17. FAANG
  18. 18. FAANG
  19. 19. FAANG
  21. 21. In 2021, continue making things that people want. And stay safe.
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