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AI & ML Product Management by Google Product Lead

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Main Takeaways:

-Research breakthroughs can open up product opportunities.
-Partner readiness and values alignment can make or break your product.
-Community engagement can accelerate adoption.

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AI & ML Product Management by Google Product Lead

  1. 1. www.productschool.com AI & ML Product Management by Google Product Lead
  2. 2. Your Product Management Certificate Path Product Leadership Certificate™ Full Stack Product Management Certificate™ Product Management Certificate™ 20 HOURS40 HOURS40 HOURS
  3. 3. Corporate Training
  4. 4. Free Product Management Resources BOOKS EVENTS JOB PORTAL COMMUNITIES bit.ly/product_resources COURSES
  5. 5. www.productschool.com
  6. 6. AI ML Mehdi Ghissassi
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8 Speaker
  9. 9. France USA UK About me9 Morocco
  10. 10. DeepMind World leading research lab 10
  11. 11. At-a-glance 2009 2010 2014 Demis & Shane meet at the Gatsby Unit, UCL DeepMind founded “Apollo program for AI” Acquired by Google 11
  12. 12. ‟ Startup and academic12
  13. 13. Private & Confidential DeepMind’s mission Solve intelligence Use it to solve everything else
  14. 14. Building a general purpose learning system14 Expert system Learning system Relies on hardcoded knowledge Can’t deal with the unexpected, limited to pre-programmed solutions Inspired by logic systems Learns solutions from first principles Can generalise to new tasks and solve things we don’t know how to Inspired & validated by neuroscience
  15. 15. 15 Atari DQN AlphaGo AlphaZero AlphaStar
  16. 16. 16 AlphaFold
  17. 17. ‟ 17
  18. 18. Product management In research 18
  19. 19. ‟ 19
  20. 20. Data centers consume of global energy, DeepMind reduced power used for cooling Google’s data centers by up to Data Centers20
  21. 21. Product management21 Focus on the user and all else will follow Who is the user? What is the product? google_logo
  22. 22. Product management + AI/ML research22 ML Solution Space x x x x x x ✔ Prototypes Problem Store Research Store ApplyProductionise ML Problem Space
  23. 23. Private & Confidential fall love technology
  24. 24. What does a (Research) PM do?24
  25. 25. Is there only one PM?25 Data PM Consumer PM B2B PMGrowth PM Internal Tools PM Hardware PM
  26. 26. How does the balance switch over time?26
  27. 27. PMs should own the problem space, not the solution space 27 You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to sell it
  28. 28. What is the problem you’re trying to solve?28
  29. 29. Planning Phase: Develop a strategy 29 Human TechnicalBusiness
  30. 30. Develop and launch30 OKRs tracking Resource coordination Communication Plan & adjust
  31. 31. Theory Product vision and roadmap 31 Problem statement User deep dive Market insights Product ideas GTM options Business case Implementation
  32. 32. 32 Reality
  33. 33. Lead and collaborate33 Product Manager Engineering Research PgM Legal Users BD / Partnerships Finance Operations Marketing Communications Customers Partners Policymakers Policy HR Media CompetitionData Science
  34. 34. Learn and iterate34 Market
  35. 35. Summary35 There are many types of PMs - know which one you are! Focus on the problem, not the solution Take ownership, set goals and drive execution Focus on fruitful collaboration Learn and share experiences
  36. 36. www.productschool.com
  37. 37. www.productschool.com Part-time Product Management Training Courses and Corporate Training