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Мария Нетаева: How to pitch a VC

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Презентация Марии Нетаевой на #poSEEDelki
Подробнее: http://greenfield-project.ru/news/2014/06/pitch/

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Мария Нетаева: How to pitch a VC

  1. 1. ! How to Pitch a VC in English
  2. 2. Investor Pitch • Elevator pitch • 10 slide presentation
  3. 3. Elevator Pitch • Goal to create interest NOT get investment • who you are • what you do
  4. 4. Investor Pitch Convince an investor that YOU are the person to invest in in the industry that you are going after
  5. 5. RULE 1 ! • Pace/tempo (slow down, relax) • Articulate (your name, company name, description) • Body language By Adeo Ressi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68Hts-5gDM Display Confidence
  6. 6. RULE 2 • No excuses! • Tired • First presentation • No time to do research • No data
  7. 7. RULE 3 • Avoid Superlatives (any adjectives) • Huge • Best • First, only, number one • Rock stars • Revolutionary • Fast • Including buzz words, acronyms, industry jargon
  8. 8. Use data I’m in _____ market that has a 150M _____s and they spend an average of $_____ every _____ RULE 4
  9. 9. RULE 5 • Money • Partners • Connections • Team Ask what you need
  10. 10. More Tips to Remember • Articulate YOUR business! • 3 most important things to say • Do not save the best for the last • Every single slide has a reason • Don’t start with a question • Relate to the audience, especially VC • Validate • Do a demo • Master 15 seconds pitch: who you are, what you do
  11. 11. 1. Integrity 2. Passion 3. Experience 4. Knowledge 5. Skills 6. Commitment 7. Vision 8. Realism 9. Ability to learn (be coached) Things to Communicate
  12. 12. Distractors 1. Speed & articulation 2. Body language 3. No eye contact 4. Typos 5. Poor logic/structure 6. Things that are not true 7. Things that VC does not understand 8. Things that make VC think 9. Inconsistencies 10. Poor Q&A handling
  13. 13. Presentation Structure • Name + business overview • Problem • Solution • Market • Business model • Strategic relationships • Competition + entry barriers • Team • Financials
  14. 14. Practice and Feedback
  15. 15. Examples • Presentation decks http://bestpitchdecks.com http:// www.businessinsider.com/airbnb-a-13-billion-dollar-startups-first-ever-pitch- deck-2011-9#-10 • The Next Big Sound (opening min 9) http://www.youtube.com/embed/ RAKJcWYAvW4 https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHh8Xu43KoU • Elevator pitch (both good and poor) https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=78NpHIS0U_0&list=PLLUQZuwf1BFohoJAbcF63pGk_TkBlFZhb&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL6CaZ-umk4 • TechCrunch Moscow http://www.digitaloctober.ru/ru/events/ techcrunch_moscow_2012_den_prezentatsiy/video • Some more tips http://video.seedcamp.com/v.ihtml? token=5fd7fbb34aa58db4d8c49256e43ad333&source=share&photo%5fid=865597 http://www.ted.com/talks/david_s_rose_on_pitching_to_vcs#t-458368
  16. 16. More Practice
  17. 17. – Adeo Ressi One Sentence Company Description
  18. 18. Example 1 “Our company is developing an online community and marketplace for IT/software consultants to discover the best available contract positions based on user reviews of client companies, their preferred vendors, the jobs, and billing rates.”
  19. 19. Example 2 “My company quikStarts is developing an application that helps product support teams in companies of all sizes, create step by step instructions on the web, to reduce operating cost.”
  20. 20. Example 3 “My  company, Quesume, is developing a social network to help employers and college students solve the problem of the “networking and skills divide”  by supplying a social network  for employers to offer real life case studies for students to apply  and get feedback on during each of their college  years.”
  21. 21. Example 4 “My company, SIDCO is developing an assisted living automation appliance to enable medical institutions, along with the family and friends with smartphones or tablets to remotely monitor and assist the ageing population, thereby enabling the elderly to live comfortably in their own dwellings by easily interacting with the state of the art appliance using Natural User Interface.”
  22. 22. Example 5 “My company, Roundtable, is a social decision platform for Type A moms and dads to make considered parenting choices with input from friends through shareable polling widgets, private collaboration pinboards, and a directory of friends who’ve made similar choices in the past.  Parenting is hard…but your friends can help.”!
  23. 23. Maria Netaeva • mnetaeva@gmail.com • @mnetaeva