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Questions on Private Equity Careers

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Learn more about what experience can be most helpful when entering the PE/VC field and how to leverage that experience.

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Questions on Private Equity Careers

  1. 1. Questions on Private Equity CareersAnswers from Private Equity Insiders © Copyright Job Search Digest
  2. 2. Moving into VC/PEQ: How can a person with management consultingbackground move into the VC/PE industry?• Focus on skills that are very marketable – Critical analysis of companies/industries – Working with & presenting to management teams – Team collaboration under pressure – Modeling skills• Carefully target firms for best fit – Hands-on, operational approach to investing© Copyright Job Search Digest
  3. 3. Legal Experience & PE FundsQ: For PE/M&A attorneys breaking into PE Funds –at what level should one apply? The process?• Apply to position • Identify firms who commensurate with will value law experience experience Associate: 2-4 yrs – Restructuring firms Sr. Assoc/VP: 4-6 yrs • American Capital • Gores Group VP/Director: 6-10+ yrs • Bayside Capital • Sun Capital© Copyright Job Search Digest
  4. 4. Portfolio Companies of a PE FirmQ: How to break into the portfolio companies of a PE firm,not just the firm itself?• Identify target portfolio companies to approach• Build networked job search – LinkedIn – Alumni network – Others with relevant contacts• Check firm’s website for job leads© Copyright Job Search Digest
  5. 5. Advantages for Entrepreneurs?Q: Do entrepreneurs have an advantage to gettinginto Private Equity?No – but focus on marketable, tangible skillssuch as: – Maturity – Ability to analyze markets & develop strategy – Interpersonal skills – Demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship – Any industry expertise, especially in a “hot” sector© Copyright Job Search Digest
  6. 6. Pursuing Pre-MBA PositionsQ: Does it make sense for MBAs to pursue pre-MBAVC/PE positions?• Pre-MBA positions – looking for junior professional with 2-3 years investment banking or consulting experience• MBAs will not be considered – May significantly reduce – or eliminate – being considered for future appropriate level positions© Copyright Job Search Digest
  7. 7. Biotech/Pharmaceutical ExperienceQ: As a former biotech/pharmaceutical executive, what doyou suggest for moving into PE or VC?1. Identify leading PE/VC firms that invest in biotech and/or pharma2. Build contact list connected to target firms3. Research target firms to create personalized approach4. Reach out to contacts for introductions to senior leaders at target firmsThis strategy can be applied to anyone with industryexpertise seeking to transition to PE or VC© Copyright Job Search Digest
  8. 8. Leveraging Sales ExperienceQ: What advice do you have for leveraging experience as aninvestment management sales executive looking for long onlyinvestment management firms to raise capital for VC/PE/HF fundlooking to raise money in the US institutional marketplace?• It may not be a good time to break into this industry• Consider the state of alternative investment fundraising• Identify “hot” sectors – Focus on pitching to firms in these spaces© Copyright Job Search Digest
  9. 9. Variety of Education and ExperienceQ: I have education and experience, but none in IB, PE,VC or HF? Is there hope for me? 3 years in MA in retail & Management consumer & Finance banking BSc in Run small Accounting consulting (non-target school) Build work firm experience to break into PE/VC© Copyright Job Search Digest
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