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Business card etiquette in different countries

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While doing business in a foreign country it is essential to understand the culture. Culture introduces areas such as a country’s customs, values, food, architecture, fashion and art. Yet, one of culture that is significant for the international business person is etiquette.

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Business card etiquette in different countries

  1. 1. Australia • Hand shake with everybody when welcoming and departure the place. • Every businessmen must be in a suit and tie. • Every businesswomen should wear a dress or suit. • For non-business attire, informal clothing is appropriate.
  2. 2. Brazil • Do not run through things or build your crowds sense while you are in a rush. • Even if the culture is informal, dress is not, so apparel build an image. • Hand shake are the usual form of welcoming and make eye contact when communicating.
  3. 3. Japan • To give and get business cards in Japan is quite traditional. • You must present in excellent quality cards and hold on it in good condition by caring them in a business card envelope and carry both the giving and getting of business cards with the related quantity of value as you would give details the person him or herself. • category is essential in Japan so keep your title is outstanding on the card. • And, at the same time as it’s completely appropriate to present your card with one hand, make sure you let one with both hands.
  4. 4. China • In china it is good to present your card before you inquire for that of the other person. • It is not appropriate manner to present your card prior than you are asked to do so. make sure that the conversion of your card in clarified in Chinese characters is in the accurate language. • If your business is well known by being the oldest or the leading the card must communicate that detail. The card must be accessible with both hands. • Never put a card away frankly and never write on a card you get. In china font color must be used in gold as gold is fortunate color.
  5. 5. India • In India business cards are moves in non- business position, generally after the first welcoming. • Always present the card so the recipient can know writing as the card is being handed to them. • present and accept cards with your right hand. There is no need to have your card translated in to Hindi as English is usually spoke in the Indian business. • The Indian societies are getting to reply better to male business proficient than women because Indian business culture is male centric.
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