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Why you need to do visual PR

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There are many reasons to include visual content in your press releases, but the biggest by far is that visual content gets shared more. A lot more.

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Why you need to do visual PR

  1. PRvisual why you
  2. Visual content gets shared more
  3. Visual content gets shared a lot more
  4. Editors also know that
  5. I begged, begged, PR professionals to send video and multiple photos with their news releases. “ Clay Morgan,
 Former editor, The Daily News Journal source 〉
  6. Here are the numbers
  7. Tweets with images
 get more clicks, favorites and retweets +18% +89% +150% source 〉
  8. Facebook posts with images
 get more likes and comments +53% +104% source 〉
  9. Articles with images
 get viewed more +94% +150% source 〉
  10. Press releases with multimedia
 get viewed more source 〉 +77% +48%+ + + +20% +14% = Attachments, soundbites, charts, interactive,…
  11. The more you can give journalists what they need to be successful, the more coverage you’ll get for your clients
  12. Learn all about visual press releases
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  14. Get a multimedia PR pitching tool
  15. Get a multimedia PR pitching tool prezly.com