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Walking the talk - 3 insights from Behavior Design

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As part of a movement to get people to take more walking meetings, I conducted some trials and validated my cause.

This presentation presents the 3 main insights.

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Walking the talk - 3 insights from Behavior Design

  1. 1. Walking the TalkFurther Insights from Trials Angad Singh angad.co
  2. 2. It’s important to get people to walk more
  3. 3. …by taking walking meetings…
  4. 4. …because of 3 reasons. 1.  Virality 2.  Scheduling 3.  Persuasion
  5. 5. Virality Most people don’t realize thatif we can get one person to dothis all the time, the movement will then spread organically.
  6. 6. Virality I know this because I got two college students to take walks with their friends instead ofsitting down to catch up. Some of their friends also caught on and started doing the same.
  7. 7. Scheduling Most people don’t realize thatmany people want to walk but blame lack of time for not doing so. Converting existing meetings into walks is an effective solution.
  8. 8. Scheduling I know this becauseI got college students who were “too busy to walk” to convert their existing meetings intowalks. They did 2 hours of walking in a week.
  9. 9. Persuasion Most people don’t realize thatthe benefits of a walking meeting are immediately noticeable and don’t need much discussion.
  10. 10. Persuasion I know this becauseI tried doing this with people who hadn’t done itbefore & 3/5 said on their own that they loved it.
  11. 11. Join the movement! @wewalkthetalk