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Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies

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Read more here: http://precious-forever.com/2011/05/26/patterns-for-multiscreen-strategies/

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Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies

  1. PRECIOUS DESIGN STUDIO PRESENTSPatternsforMultiscreenStrategies
  2. More and more people interact in an "ecosystem of screens".
  3. Its not enough to design digital products and services …
  4. … we also have to think about their connections. We need to design systems.
  5. People are shifting from device to device and expect products and services to move with them.
  6. 2 ft 10 ft 1 ft 1 ftThey expect the most appropriate support and a delightful experience — whatever they do.
  7. We discovered and documented six patterns for "ecosystems of screens".
  8. Multiscreen Patterns Coherence Syncronization Screen sharing Device Shifting Complementarity SimultaneityThese patterns should help understand and define strategies for the multiscreen world.
  9. CoherenceA digital product or service looks and works coherently across devices.Features are optimized for specific device characteristics and usage scenarios.
  10. Smartphone PC Tablet http://www.evernote.comEvernote, a digital notebook, is available on numerous platforms and devices.The smartphone apps are optimized for photo and audio input and notes are location tagged.
  11. Syncronization • • •Devices are always in sync.
  12. http://www.amazon.com/kindleIf you start reading an ebook on your smartphone, your tablet will know your reading position.Your bookmarks and notes are always up to date on every device.
  13. Screen sharingMultiple screens are sharing a single source.
  14. http://jumbotron.media.mit.edu"Junkyard Jumbotron" lets you combine random devices into one large virtual display.The research project explores how sharing our screens affects social interaction.
  15. Device shiftingUsers actively shift content from one device to another.
  16. http://j.mp/apple-airplayWith Apples Airplay technology, a video can be shifted from an iPhone or iPad to a large TV screen.
  17. ComplementarityDevices are complementing each other.
  18. http://j.mp/scrabble-ipadThe iPad serves as a Scrabble board. Tiles are arranged on iPhones so other players cant see them.
  19. SimultaneityDevices are being used simultaneously.
  20. http://j.mp/heineken-star-playerDuring a live football broadcast users take guesses about the outcome of match situations.
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