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How to Survive the Zombie Pitch Apocalypse

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How news is created, distributed and consumed has changed and to remain relevant and effective, media relations needs to change its approach along with it.

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How to Survive the Zombie Pitch Apocalypse

  1. 1. How to Survive the Zombie Pitch Apocalypse
  3. 3. In Summary How news is Created, Distributed and Consumed is changing. To benefit from this shift, our approach to media relations must change. #SummitUp
  4. 4. CREATE Technology is automating news News is abbreviated DISTRIBUTE News is decentralizing Media keeps fragmenting CONSUME Middle-form news is dead News is ephemeral News Trends
  5. 5. Create Automation, AI & Algorithms
  6. 6. Create: Tech is Automating News • News media outlet resources shrink as technology allows them to do more with less • Basic, predictable news tends to be automated • AP using “natural language generation platform” to create “human-sounding narratives from data.” • Quarterly earnings, weather reports, sports recaps • Share site at Enquirer automates news submission • New primary and secondary layers of news are evolving
  7. 7. Create: News is Abbreviated • Short attention spans have killed middle- form content • Visuals/video abbreviate and are consumed more easily • Shake Shake on Giphy, 327.5 million views on platform with 164 .gif files • Media outlets are adjusting to short- and long-form desires across platforms • Short-form: Snapchat • Long-form: Podcasts, Netflix-like binging opportunities • Features have longer shelf-life; short- form content drives audience to features
  8. 8. Distribute More Media, Everywhere
  9. 9. Distribute: News is Decentralizing • Social and mobile have changed consumer habits • Cord-Cutting/ OTT has consumers shifting from cable to on-demand • Audience can consume on their terms • Aiming for in-between moments
  10. 10. Cheddar • Post-cable news network provides live, streaming news across on- demand and social platforms • Watched by 6.5 million+ every month • Available across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Hulu and more on-demand platforms • Also on GSTV -- more than 18K gas pumps nationwide
  11. 11. Tic Toc • 24/7, Live-Streaming news competitor to Cheddar • Started out Twitter-only, gets more than 750,000 views daily • Bloomberg owned outlet is targeting (25-35 yr olds), models news consumption habits • NBC News, CNN and others relying on Snapchat. For now.
  12. 12. Twitch • Free streaming video platform allowing people to watch others play games and interact with each other • Nearly 1 million viewers daily, compares to CNN, CNBC and Fox News viewership • Viewers can tip players, spending more than $12 million in less than 10 months • Owned by Amazon
  13. 13. Fortnite • Free gaming platform available across multiple devices • 78 million+ players monthly • Making $1 billion+ from in-game purchases • Opened platform to other developers to build on • Launched creative mode for players to create worlds • Has spawned competitive game, Apex Legends.
  14. 14. “It’s Not the Superbowl” • 98.2 million SuperBowl 51 viewers • Steadily declining viewership • Ninja and Marshmello winning Fortnite, a 3-minute-long video • 12.75 million viewers - live viewers and YouTube post-event • 13% of Superbowl-sized audience
  15. 15. Consume Adjusting to Audience Habits
  16. 16. Consume: News is Ephemeral • Are we spending more time on stories that are around for less time? • Long-form content demand requires more resources for PR • Short attention span across more platforms consuming short-form content creates an even more temporary nature of news stories • Stories are designed to disappear after 24 hours on Snapchat and Facebook • Your newsfeed refreshes as often as you swipe down
  17. 17. Consume: Snapchat, IGTV, Apple News
  18. 18. Consume: News is Ephemeral • Repurposing stories is key • #ICYMI and other simple mechanisms allow you to share content more than once without penalty • Let news/content performance guide shelf life • Media list targeting has become even more critical • Apply Abe Lincoln equation • If you have six hours to pitch a story, spend the first four on your media list
  19. 19. To-Do Applying Theory
  20. 20. To Do: Create/Consume •Reverse-Engineer Your Story • Star Wars was originally a story six-movies in length • Started telling story out of sequence • Main character assumedly Luke Skywalker •Atomize Your Story • Use short-form to attract audience to long-form • Allows you more opportunities to promote story • Generates more shelf-life from stories
  21. 21. To Do: Create/Consume • Spend more time on quality vs. quantity stories • Quality = Primary News • Human generated • Feature stories • Qualitative media relations output • Quantity = Secondary News • Machine-Generated • New hires, basic event/product Info • Quantitative media relations output
  22. 22. To Do: Create/Consume • Look for more automation to scale efforts - selectively • News wires • Enquirer’s Share site • Spend amount of time warranted for outcome you’ll generate • Your phone may be creating content for you right now
  23. 23. To Do: Distribute • Revisit media lists • Update platforms they’re on • Engage media regarding their approach and how you may fit in • Use social media to target pitches better • Track future news sources • Distribution networks build audience • Original programming keeps audience • Netflix, Amazon, Hulu • Facebook Watch, Snapchat, IGTV, YouTube, Apple News • News will follow • Traditional outlets distribute via social • Content starts community • On-demand is next
  24. 24. In Summary How news is Created, Distributed and Consumed is changing. To benefit from this shift, our approach to media relations must change. #SummitUp
  25. 25. How to Survive the Zombie Pitch Apocalypse