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Open badges Technology Stacks

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A basic description of the technologies required for the open badges infrastructure. This description is targeted toward the non-technical and provides a logical discussion of the technical prerequisites for the three roles of; issuer, earner and displayer.

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Open badges Technology Stacks

  1. 1. Open Badges Technology Stacks Issuer: Application 1. A stable URL that will remain consistent until all the badges issued have expired and LMS, Drupal, Website are no longer displayed Wordpress, PhP, html, css, javascript 2. The ability to host a web site, web pages, javascript and related services Python, Node.js 3. The ability to serve up JSON files (this can occur in two ways; 3.1. being the preferred approach) Servers 1. web programming language and a database and required software to Database, Web hosting, File(s) generate the JSON message to issue a badge for each earner who has completed the criteria and provided the appropriate evidence. 2. hand edited JSON files for each earner who has completed the criteria and Internet provided the appropriate evidence. Earner: Blog Website 1. A blog, website or online portfolio to display your evidence. Wordpress, blogger html, css, javascript 2. A blog with the software widgets or ability to embed javascript to display badges. The blog isnt so much a place to display the badges, but a place to write and reflect about your learning. Internet 3. Personal accounts with one or more social media sites that allow the display of badges 4. Ability to access and manage your badge backpack Social Site Displayer: Blog Facebook, linkedIn, 1. The ability to serve up widgets, html or javascript. Wordpress, blogger 2. Access the earners backpack via the Displayer API. Google+, etc... 3. Web hosting, programming language and database to store the earners badge information. Servers Database, Web hosting, File(s) Internet Created by: Peter Rawsthorne, Mozilla Foundation peter@mozillafoundation.org - 10 July 2012