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insurance and Risk management ppt

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personal risk managements and limitations

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insurance and Risk management ppt

  2. 2.  Predictive capacity
  3. 3. Personal risk
  4. 4. PERSONAL RISK MANAGEMENT Usually management of risk is made to property or business but not for individual. Risk management may be very useful for personal situation
  5. 5. Factors promoting change  An increase awareness of the importance of truly professional client service rather the pure sales  The growing AIDS problem which is of such proportions that is needs to be managed rather than just insured against  Increased acceptance of social responsibilities towards individuals and groups of individuals on the part of business and society as a whole  Ongoing pressures on business to produce bottom line profits and hence to manage cost and productivity in the work place
  6. 6.  The ongoing increases in the medical costs and the growth of the health insurance market  Improved knowledge on medicine and preventive health treatment and health management  Increase investment uncertainty in the fast changing and complex environment
  7. 7. Who is responsible?
  8. 8. Personal attitude of risk  Each individual has a different attitude towards risk.
  9. 9. Four main fields of personal risk management  Investment we make  Business environment  Impact of death and disability  Health risk