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The India Show 2011, Toronto                     Automotive pArts                                                         ...
The India Show 2011, Toronto                           hAnd And mAchine tools                                             ...
The India Show 2011, TorontoList of Participantsand Booth NumbersAgricultural implements                                  ...
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Exhibitor Guide Indiashow Canada2011

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Exhibitor Guide Indiashow Canada2011

  1. 1. Guide to exhibitors India Pavilion - Hall C, DEC, Toronto, 17-20 October 2011 India’s engine of growthT hE INDIAN ENGINEERING INDuS- goods and machinery, and Light engi- TRy foRMS a crucial backbone neering with its low-tech items like cast- of the economy and is intricately ings, forgings and fasteners and highlylinked with many other core sectors for sophisticated microprocessor-basedits demand. The engineering industry de- control equipment and diagnostic medi-rives its demand from capacity creations cal instruments.in core sectors viz., power, infrastructure,mining, oil and other several other sec- Indian engineering exportstors including general manufacturing India exported uS$60 billion worthsector, consumer goods industry, auto- of engineering goods in 2010-11. It ismotive and process industries. estimated to cross uS$125 billion by The engineering industry is the largest 2013-14. The Indian engineering sector issegment of the Indian industrial sector. also the largest foreign exchange earnerEngineering goods enjoy 30.5 per cent for the country.weight in the Index of Industrial Produc-tion (IIP); 29.9 per cent share of total EEPC India: engineering the future Today, 40% of India’s engineering products go to the uS and Europeaninvestment; and 62.8 per cent share in for- EEPC India was set up by the Government of India in 1955 to promote the export of engineering goods. It now has markets. The major markets for Indian en-eign collaborations. Engineering exports the mandate to promote foreign trade and investment in the Indian engineering sector. gineering products are the united States,accounts for about 25% of India’s total It is the largest trade promotion organization in India with 13,000 engineering companies as its members. Mem- Singapore, the united Arab Emirates, theexports. 35% of the engineering exports bers represent a wide cross-section of the Indian engineering industry – from large corporate houses to SMEs. united Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy,come from the MSME sector. Malaysia, Indonesia and the Netherlands. EEPC India serves as a facilitator of two-way trade between Indian and foreign companies. It acts as a link be- As per the Annual Survey of Industries tween Indian exporters and the foreign buyer; identifies suitable suppliers in India; arranges visits of overseas(ASI), 2008-09, which is the latest that is buyers, exploratory missions, and teams to India, provides suppliers’ profiles; helps collaboration efforts for third The transformationavailable, there are 155,321 factories in country exports; creates awareness among overseas buyers on India’s technical competence and supply capabili- The nature of Indian engineering ex-India across 28 NIC industry classification ties; helps to resolve trade disputes and remove operational constraints; and educates the foreign buyer on Indian ports has also changed over the years.employing nearly 9 million workers and business policies. The profile of India as a supplier of lowover 11 million total persons engaged. EEPC India organizes exclusive Indian Engineering Exhibitions, branded as INDEE, in potential markets to show- value items to an exporter of capitalof this, the engineering industry has the case India’s rapid progress in the engineering sector. It has successfully executed 25 INDEE’s in Singapore, Indone- goods, plant and machinery, high-endlargest number of factories, accounting for sia, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Venezuala, UK, Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kazakhastan, Indonesia, engineering services, etc, is a reflection Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia and Colombia.over 29% of total factories in the country. of its growing engineering excellence. India’s industrial sector can be classi- On request, EEPC India introduces overseas buyers to the most appropriate companies in India. EEPC India’s Buyer- Today, out of total engineering exports,fied into two categories: heavy engineer- Seller Meets abroad help Indian exporters to closely interact with their counterparts. Meets held in recent months capital goods & machinery account for were in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.ing – which makes up 80% of the sector around 38% as against around 12% in – for more information, please visit: www.eepcindia.orgwith its transport equipment, capital the year 1956-57.Guide to Exhibitors AgriculturAl implements Automobile Birdi Sales India Dasmesh Mechanical GS Agricultural Madho Agro Nipha Exports Booth - 4305 Works Pvt Ltd Industry Industry (Regd.) (P) Ltd Booth - 4316 Booth - 4341 Booth - 4409 Booth - 4020 Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles (P) Ltd Piara Singh & Preet Agro Ram Chand & Sons Sandeep Industries Sodhi Sons Industries Pvt Ltd Booth - 4231 Booth - 4141 Productions Booth - 4519 Booth - 4338 Booth - 4431 Tata Motors Department of Commerce Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India www.ibef.org www.eepcindia.org
  2. 2. The India Show 2011, Toronto Automotive pArts FAbricAted metAl products Akal Industries Anand Cranks Autoson Accurate Steel forging Arihanth forgings Auto Diecasting Birla Precision BNR Exports Booth - 4401 Booth - 4032 International (India) Pvt Ltd Booth - 4108 Company Technologies Ltd Booth - 4116 Booth - 4012 Booth - 4235 Booth - 4314 Booth - 4135 Brasstech Engineering Corona Steel Deep-Jyoti hydraulic Electrosteel Ghura International Avantek Precision Bhagat forge Ltd Chakkaram Pvt Ltd Industry Pvt Ltd Engg Co Castings Ltd Booth - 4339 Component Pvt Ltd Booth - 4407 Engineering Booth - 4232 Booth - 4301 Booth - 4310 Booth - 4340 Booth - 4300 India Pvt Ltd Booth - 4312 Gujarat Alloys Cast Gunraj Cast & hydroflex Pipe Jorawar Engg & foundry Kanaiya Brass Pvt Ltd forge Pvt Ltd forge Pvt Ltd Products Electro Mech Ishmeet forgings Kokila Engineering Booth - 4121 Booth - 4515 Booth - 4245 Booth - 4435 Booth - 4206 Corporation Pvt Ltd Enterprises Booth - 4317 Booth - 4228 Booth - 4429 Mithila Malleables Patel Brass Parts Poona Couplings Ralco Steels Private Riddhim Siddhim Pvt Ltd Industries Pvt Ltd Limited Steel (I) Pvt Ltd Motor Aids RBD Engineers Sandhu Auto Booth - 4344 Booth - 4445 Booth - 4211 Booth - 4215 Booth - 4111 Booth - 4217 Booth - 4330 Engineers Booth - 4417 Rishabh forgings River Engineering SK Spring Co Shivom Brass Sri Andal Engineering Booth - 4220 Pvt Ltd Booth - 4107 Industries Works Saroopsons Industries Ltd Supram Industries Booth - 4321 Booth - 4144 Booth - 4415 Booth - 4525 Booth - 4213 bAsic metAl products Suyash Impex Twenty first Century uni Deritend Limited Pvt Ltd Castings Pvt. Ltd Booth - 4040 Booth - 4132 Booth - 4327 haji Iron and Krystal Steel Rockwell generAl-purpose mAchinery And equipment Steel Works Manufacturing Industries Booth - 4117 Pvt Ltd Booth - 4304 Booth - 4320 domestic AppliAnces Allwin Industries AMT International Bevel Gears (India) Champion Chennai CNC Booth - 4403 Booth - 4433 Pvt Ltd Manufacturing Co Servotronics Pvt Ltd Booth - 4334 Booth - 4319 Booth - 4112 New Radha Industries Sumeet Appliances Pvt Ltd Booth - 4110 Booth - 4210 Gears & Gear Drives heavy Engineering Industrial Boilers Ltd ITE Engineers Pvt Ltd JCR Drillsol Pvt Ltd (India) Pvt Ltd Corporation Ltd Booth - 4307 Booth - 4439 Booth - 4229 Booth - 4128 Booth - 4413 electricAl equipment And AppArAtus KTA Spindle Lajwanti Enterprises Medha Automation Motion Drivetronics Perfect Engineering Bajaj International Enterprising fluo-Lite Pvt Ltd Toolings Booth - 4326 Tools India Pvt Ltd Works Pvt Ltd Engineers Booth - 4038 Booth - 4030 Booth - 4140 Booth - 4044 Booth - 4209 Booth - 4034 Booth - 4239 Prism Surface RG Bronze Mfg Sachin Industries Ltd Swasthik Engineering Vikas Rubber Coatings Pvt Ltd Company Pvt Ltd Booth - 4214 Industries Industries Booth - 4523 Booth - 4315 Booth - 4207 Booth - 4218 hindustan Platinum Indian Switchgears Jai Balaji Control Pvt Ltd and Consultants Gears Pvt Ltd Booth - 4120 Booth - 4517 Booth - 4139 FAsteners PM Control Prakash Industries Sharath Tech. hamidi Exports Mitter fasteners Sonu International Visesh Transmissions Equipment Pvt Ltd Booth - 4115 Pvt Ltd Booth - 4333 Booth - 4200 Booth - 4204 Pvt Ltd Booth - 4130 Booth - 4527 Booth - 4126
  3. 3. The India Show 2011, Toronto hAnd And mAchine tools miscellAneous products Chhibber Impex Joginder Electric Works Ludhra overseas Booth - 4531 Booth - 4303 Booth - 4014 August Industries Darshan Industries Dashmesh ornamentals (P) Ltd Booth - 4133 Booth - 4411 Booth - 4233 Naresh Enterprises Robin Tools Mfg Co Booth - 4427 hMB International Mangalam Alloys Limited Q Plus Technologies Booth - 4405 Booth - 4127 Pvt Ltd Booth - 4134 Perfect Agro Sagar International Samson Agro Tools Pvt Ltd Industries Booth - 4230 Booth - 4329 Booth - 4306 Sharp Electrodes Sona Band Sonal Magnetics Pvt Ltd Booth - 4328 Booth - 4234 business speciAl economic Booth - 4006 consultAncy Zone services Shobha Industries Pvt Ltd Swagath urethane Valgro Engineers Booth - 4138 fMBA Noida Special Economic Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd Booth - 4308 Zone, Booth - 4238 Booth - 4302 Booth - 4227engines And turbines Jute products pumps And vAlves pollution control equipment BS Agriculture Astra Designs Eastern Jutex hydro Prokav Pumps Keromiyons Intech Industries (India) Booth - 4503 Industries India Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd Ell Ess Engineering Pvt Ltd Booth - 4119 Booth - 4507 Booth - 4343 Booth - 4226 Booth - 4010 government orgAnisAtions speciAl-purpose mAchinery And equipment Agricultural & Processed Coffee Board Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department of Science food Products Export of India Government of India & Technology AS Precision Maxpreci Machines Metro Elevators Co Development Authority Booth - 4406 Booth - 4400 Machines Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd Booth - 4404 Booth - 4332 Booth - 4026 Booth - 4335 State Government hindustan Export Promotion Council Aeronautics Ltd Alfa-omega Pragya Equipments SSP Pvt Ltd of Jharkhand for Eous & SEZs Enterprises Pvt Ltd Booth - 4421 Booth - 4340 Booth - 4145 Booth - 4016 Booth - 4521 India Tourism, Jharkhand State Mineral Indian Space Toronto Development Research GSL Textile India Machines and Super filtration Systems Booth - 4511 Corporation Ltd organisation (ISRo) Pvt Ltd Engineering Company (India) Pvt Ltd Booth - 4340 Booth - 4100 Booth - 4513 Booth - 4113 Booth - 4114 MP TRIfAC & MP AKVN Booth - 4241 National Jute Board Trishul Machine Tools Keshar Corporation Singhs Exports Pvt Ltd Booth - 4500, 03, 05, 07, 09 Booth - 4331 Booth - 4529 Booth - 4345 others Addendum Alamgir Industries Pure Craft overseas Pvt Ltd Rana udyog (P) Ltd Sri Berry Agro Canada-India Business Council TiE Toronto Industries
  4. 4. The India Show 2011, TorontoList of Participantsand Booth NumbersAgricultural implements 4339 Ghura International 4303 Joginder Electric Works4305 Birdi Sales India 4121 Gujarat Alloys Cast Pvt Ltd 4014 Ludhra overseas4316 Dasmesh Mechanical Works Pvt Ltd 4515 Gunraj Cast & forge Naresh Enterprises4341 GS Agricultural Industry 4245 hydroflex Pipe Pvt Ltd 4306 Perfect Agro Industries4409 Madho Agro Industry (Regd) 4435 Jorawar Engg & foundry forge Pvt Ltd 4427 Robin Tools Mfg Co4020 Nipha Exports (P) Ltd 4206 Kanaiya Brass Products 4230 Sagar International4519 Piara Singh & Sons 4344 Mithila Malleables Pvt Ltd 4329 Samson Agro Tools Pvt Ltd4338 Preet Agro Industries Pvt Ltd 4445 Patel Brass Parts Industries 4138 Shobha Industries Private Limited4231 Ram Chand & Sons 4211 Poona Couplings Pvt Ltd4141 Sandeep Industries 4215 Ralco Steels Private Limited Jute products4431 Sodhi Productions 4111 Riddhim Siddhim Steel (I) Pvt Ltd 4503 Astra Designs 4220 Rishabh forgings 4505 Eastern Jutex IndustriesAutomobile 4321 River Engineering Pvt LtdMahindra Reva Electric Vehicles (P) Ltd 4107 SK Spring Co Business consultancy servicesTata Motors 4144 Shivom Brass Industries 4308 fMBA 4415 Sri Andal Engineering WorksAutomotive parts 4132 Suyash Impex Pvt Ltd Miscellaneous products4401 Akal Industries 4327 Twenty first Century Castings Pvt Ltd 4233 August Industries (P) Ltd4032 Anand Cranks 4040 uni Deritend Limited 4133 Darshan Industries4012 Autoson International 4411 Dashmesh ornamentals4300 Avantek Precision Component Pvt Ltd Fasteners 4405 hMB International4407 Bhagat forge Limited 4333 hamidi Exports 4127 Mangalam Alloys Limited4312 Chakkaram Engineering India Pvt Ltd 4200 Mitter fasteners 4134 Q Plus Technologies Private Limited4317 Electro Mech Corporation 4204 Sonu International 4006 Sharp Electrodes Private Limited4228 Ishmeet forgings Pvt Ltd 4328 Sona Band4429 Kokila Engineering Enterprises General-purpose machinery 4234 Sonal Magnetics4217 Motor Aids and equipment 4302 Swagath urethane Pvt Ltd4330 RBD Engineers 4403 Allwin Industries 4227 Valgro Engineers Private Limited4417 Sandhu Auto Engineers 4433 AMT International4525 Saroopsons Industries Limited 4334 Bevel Gears (India) Pvt Ltd Pollution control equipment4213 Supram Industries 4319 Champion Manufacturing Co 4010 Ell Ess Engineering Pvt Ltd 4112 Chennai CNC Servotronics Pvt LtdBasic metal products 4128 Gears & Gear Drives (India) Pvt Ltd Pumps and valves4117 haji Iron and Steel Works 4413 heavy Engineering Corporation Limited 4343 hydro Prokav Pumps India Pvt Ltd4320 Krystal Steel Manufacturing Pvt Ltd 4307 Industrial Boilers Ltd 4226 Keromiyons Intech Private Limited4304 Rockwell Industries 4439 ITE Engineers Private Limited 4229 JCR Drillsol Private Limited Special Economic ZoneDomestic appliances 4030 KTA Spindle Toolings 4238 Noida Special Economic Zone4110 New Radha Industries 4326 Lajwanti Enterprises4210 Sumeet Appliances Pvt Ltd 4140 Medha Automation Tools India Special-purpose machinery 4044 Motion Drivetronics Pvt Ltd and equipmentElectrical equipment and apparatus 4209 Perfect Engineering Works 4332 AS Precision Machines Pvt Ltd4034 Bajaj International Pvt Ltd 4523 Prism Surface Coatings Pvt Ltd 4016 Alfa-omega Enterprises4239 Enterprising Engineers 4315 RG Bronze Mfg Company Pvt Limited 4513 GSL Textile India Pvt Ltd4038 fluo-Lite Pvt Ltd 4214 Sachin Industries Ltd 4331 Keshar Corporation4120 hindustan Platinum Pvt Ltd 4207 Swasthik Engineering Industries 4113 Machines and Engineering Company4517 Indian Switchgears and Consultants 4218 Vikas Rubber Industries 4026 Maxpreci Machines Pvt Ltd4139 Jai Balaji Control Gears Pvt Ltd 4126 Visesh Transmissions Pvt Ltd 4335 Metro Elevators Co Pvt Ltd4130 PM Control Equipment Pvt Ltd 4521 Pragya Equipments Pvt Ltd4115 Prakash Industries Government organisations 4529 Singhs Exports4527 Sharath Technologies Pvt Ltd 4404 APEDA 4421 SSP Pvt Limited 4406 Coffee Board of India 4114 Super filtration Systems (India) Pvt LtdEngines and turbines 4400 Department of Science & Technology 4345 Trishul Machine Tools Pvt Ltd4119 BS Agriculture Industries (India) 4145 Export Promotion Council for Eous & SEZs hindustan Aeronautics Ltd OthersFabricated metal products 4511 India Tourism, Toronto Canada-India Business Council4235 Accurate Steel forging (India) Pvt Ltd 4340 State Government of Jharkhand TiE Toronto4108 Arihanth forgings 4340 JSMDC4314 Auto Diecasting Company 4100 Indian Space Research organisation (ISRo) Addendum4135 Birla Precision Technologies Ltd 4241 MP TRIfAC & MP AKVN Alamgir Industries4116 BNR Exports 4500, 03, National Jute Board Pure Craft overseas Pvt Ltd4232 Brasstech Engineering Private Limited 05, 07, 09 Rana udyog (P) Ltd4301 Corona Steel Industry Pvt Ltd Sri Berry Agro Industries4310 Deep-Jyoti hydraulic Engg Co Hand and machine tools4340 Electrosteel Castings Ltd 4531 Chhibber Impex 4000 EEPC India Department of Commerce Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India www.ibef.org www.eepcindia.org