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  1.  The Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945 have been enacted with the objective of regulating the import,manufacture,distribution and sale of drugs and cosmetics.  SCHEDULE W:  • List of drugs marketed under generic names.  • Its label contain the name and quantities of active ingredients.  • If vitamins are present, the following words must be written,  “ For therapeutic use”  “For prophylactic use”  “For paediatric use” and age of child/infant
  2.  This includes only five drugs that shall be marketed under generic names only :  1. Analgin  2. Aspirin and its salt  3. Chlorpromazine and its salt  4. Ferrous sulfate  5. Piperazine and its salt  • (Schedule W ) - Inserted as per G.O.I Notification No. GSR 27 ( E) dt 17.1.1981 and deleted as per G.O.I Notification No. GSR 94 ( E) dt 8.2.2000
  3.  A generic drug is a medication created to be same as an existing approved brand name, drug in dosage form,safety,strength,route of administration,quality and performance characteristics.  A generic drug is a medication that has exactly the same active ingredient as the brand name drug and yields the same therapeutic effect.  It is the same in dosing , quality , strength , safety , the way it works , the way it is taken , and the way it should be used.
  4.  However when a generic drug is first approved and marketed , cost may remain high(although less than the brand name drug)for 6 months because the FDA will give the first generic manufacturer a “180-day exclusivity period”.  The”180-day exclusivity ” is assigned to the generic manufacturer who is the first to file an ANDA and has done the additional work to get the generic drug to market.
  5.  Both look different in size , shape and color  Might have inactive ingredients(drugs are made up of active and inactive ingredients . Some people may be sensitive to inactive ingredients.)  Generic drugs may vary by manufacture , which means you could receive different versions based on where you purchase your medication and what type of generic may dispense  Generic cost less than the brand name drug
  6. BRANDED DRUGS GENERIC DRUGS Strict quality control Strict quality control High manufacturing cost Low manufacturing cost High retailer margin Low retailer margin High marketing investment Low marketing investment
  7.  An example of generic drug ;  Drug used for Diabetes is METFORMIN its Brand name is GLUCOPHAGE  Drug used for Hypertension is METAPROLOL its Brand name is LOPRESSOR
  8. Name of Salt Dosage Pack Average Market Price of Branded Medicines(Rs.) Prices of Generic Medicines (Rs.) Tablet Ciprofloxacin 250 mg 10 55.00 11.10 Tablet Ciprofloxacin 500 mg 10 97.00 21.50 Tablet Diclofenac SR 100 mg 10 51.91 3.35 Tablet Cetrizine 10 mg 10 37.50 2.75 Tablet Paracetamol 500 mg 10 13.56 2.45 Tablet Nimesulide 100 mg 10 38.66 2.70 Cough Syrup 110 ml bottle 33.00 13.30
  9. Product Company Price (Rs.) Ramipro 5mg Cap Emcure Pharma 30.00 Ziram 5mg Capsule 10s FDC 46.65 Proace 5mg Capsule 10s Alembic Pharma 47.50 Bpace-5 Cap Claris 62.40 Servace 5mg Capsule 10s Bal Pharma 67.00 RAMIPRIL 5MG BRANDS IN INDIA :
  10. Product Company Price (Rs.) Quinobid 200mg Tablet 10s Micro Labs 38.42 Olfi-200 Tab Ipca Labs 40.00 Entof 200 Mg Tablet 10s Deys 44.00 Oflomil-200 Tab Glenmark 44.60 Otox-200Tab Franklin Labs 45.00 OFLOXACIN 200MG BRANDS IN INDIA :
  11. Product Company Price (Rs.) Cefiglen 200mg Tablet 10s Glenmark 55.00 Mahacef-200 DT Mankind Pharma 65.00 Milixim 200mg Tab Glenmark 67.18 Ceftas 200 Mg Tablet 10s Intas 78.48 Hifen-200 DT Lyka 79.00 Extacef-200 Tab Blue Cross 79.00 Raxim-O- 200mg Tab Zydus Cadila 8 CEFIXIME 200MG BRANDS IN INDIA :
  12. Product Company Price (Rs.) Algina 650mg Tablet 10s Geno Pharma 9.70 Febrinil 650mg Tablet 10s SVIZERA HEALTHCARE 17.05 Paracip 650 Mg Tablet 10s Cipla 19.50 Lanol ER 650 Cap Lyka 19.90 Doliza-ER 650mg Tab Ranbaxy 19.96 Parafizz 650 Mg Tablet 4s Cipla 21.48 Dolopar 650mg Tablet 15s Micro Labs 28.05 PARACETAMOL 650MG BRANDS IN INDIA :
  13. Product Company Price (Rs.) Blumox-500 DT Blue Cross 8.00 Symoxyl 500 Mg Capsule 6s Abbott India 40.78 Blumox-500 Cap Blue Cross 62.35 Moxipal 500mg Capsule 10s Jagsonpal Pharma 63.51 Moxywil 500mg Capsule 10s Zeelab 63.90 Erox 500mg Tablet 10s Micro Labs 65.63 AMOXYCILLIN 500MG BRANDS IN INDIA :
  14.  WHY DO GENERIC DRUGS COST LESS?  As per the study conducted by Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, about 62% of healthcare providers want to substitute generic drugs but not for all the cases they treat, thus indicates the perception of the efficacy of the two classes of medicines.  With the escalating cost of healthcare facilities, many people in India started to opt for generic medicines. The solution of generic medicines is way cheaper than branded drugs and is backed by the Government of India which made it mandatory for the physicians to prescribe the generic names. Generic medicines are affordable versions of the branded drugs which are introduced once the patent acquired by the drug manufacturer expires. These drugs are dispensed either by a brand or salt name.
  15.  Generic drugs are only cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug. When a company brings a new drug onto the market, the firm has already spent substantial money on research, development, marketing and promotion of the drug. A patent is granted that gives the company that developed the drug an exclusive right to sell the drug as long as the patent is in effect.
  16.  Generic medicines are usually identical as a proprietary drug that has a brand name because of which the chemical composition of the medicine is sold as. Without any difference, the generic drug is the same in potency, dose, and method of intake, quality, and implications and works the same as the branded medicine. As per Indian household, the term ‘generic’ implies the drug is a cheaper, less effective and duplicate version of the brand name product. In reality, generic drugs are of the same quality and as effective as of the branded medicine. These medicines might contain Inactive Pharmaceutical ingredients like suspending agents, demulcents etc which do not disturb the body for curing illness.