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  1. Solid sate device project GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TEAM MEMBERS:- Prafulla kumar sahnai(104) Rohit saw(106) Sumedha bhattacharya(105) ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENG.
  2. Persistence of Vision
  3. The human eye is thought to see an afterimage for approximately one twenty-fifth of a second.
  4. Our project focuses on meeting the tremendous growth of advertisement. Persistence of vision (POV) provides a unique technique to display our messages for advertising in an efficient way and proper utilization of provided space. It is much more attractive than LCD displays or dot matrix displays for displaying messages.
  5. Processor used is ATmega328. Arduino Nano consists of 14 Digitalinput output pins and 8 Analog input pins. It is used for switching the LED’s at appropriate time.
  6. It is an array of LED that will turn on/off according to the message to be displayed. It displays the message in 2-D or 3-D pattern
  7. This will provide the facility to rotate the onboard circuit up to the desired speed that is sufficient for the principle of Persistence of Vision.
  8. The power supply unit provides the power to microcontroller, led driver and motor/driver system.
  9. • Rotation of single LED with high speed in circular motion gives the appearance of complete circle due to the persistence of vision. It forms a matrix and the resolution of message depends on the speed. The single element shows a pixel of the matrix. This idea can be extended to rotate a line of number of LEDs and thus create a display of letters or numbers. Now depending on what has to be displayed, the LEDs are synchronised and the required message is displayed in two dimensions.
  10. • The more attractive the message will be, the more people will get influenced by it. The main motive of our project is to make the advertising media an effective one. Following are the areas in which POV plays a unique role: • ADVERTISING • EDUCATION • ENTERTAINMENT • ANIMATION • PROPELLER • CLOCK TOYS AND GAMES • MALLS • 3-D DISPLAY