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Effective Techniques for Support Teams.pptx

  1. Effective Techniques debugging,communication,sql,... life
  2. Debugging
  3. Let me tell you a story….
  4. Talking to customer be like…
  5. Trying to guide the customer be like…
  6. Let's dig in and at least try to classify bugs…
  7. Types of Errors - Configuration Errors - Syntax Errors - Logical Errors - Runtime Errors
  8. Configuration Error
  9. Syntax Error
  10. Logical Error
  11. Runtime Error
  12. Let's dig into Debugger tools
  13. Console
  14. Network
  15. Breakpoints
  16. If nothing works then…
  17. How should we approach these … - Application Reachability issue - Check if Application is running - Check if request is received in nginx log - Check if there is any antivirus installed - Check if respective ports are open - Ask the network team to check - 500 error is displayed - Check the server.log for any dbutils.SQL or connection issue. - Collect all the logs using product cli command - Collect thread dump using product cli command - Application is running Slow - Check if any log size has been increased drastically. - Collect all the logs using product cli command - Collect application server CPU usage - Collect db server cpu usage - Collect awr, addm oracle reports - Create HAR file of the application - If things were working day before yesterday and now they are not - Check if browser is upgraded - Check if os level patches were applied on application / database server - Check if any network firewall change activity were conducted.
  18. Last but not least
  19. Discuss your bug with a rubber duck or colleague….
  20. Keep in mind…. Things will get difficult….try to find a clue. You will get frustrated - TAKE A BREAK. Step away from the problem .. go for a walk(not vacation)..sleep on it… get some exercise… come back and you will have new insights…. Ask for Help!!!! There might be a race condition causing the bug……
  21. Communication
  22. How to communicate bug…the better way
  23. Share all possible things you can
  24. Replicable Issues - Replication Step with screenshots - Video is better - Actual Result Vs Expected Result with calculations - All Application Log files - Patch Number - Replicate on AWS source
  25. Non Replicable Issues - Explain whole scenario and story with screenshots - Try and Isolate the issue - Show System Video if possible - Get Master Data involved in Replicable issue - Get Configuration - Actual Result Vs Expected Result - All Application Log files - Current System Patch Number - Check if new logs can be added with discussion with developer. - Team Work
  26. SQL
  27. Joins
  28. How does database run your query…
  29. Ninja SQL Queries… Steps to Kill a session Steps to cancel an SQL statement Flush shared pool Explain plan for a query Top queries by CPU Top Elapsed Queries with Text Check Locked tables These queries are available in Cloud Tracker - Document Project