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Branding Yourself and Your Future

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A conference presentation on Personal, and purposeful, Branding that was featured at the 2013 All Of The Above Conference

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Branding Yourself and Your Future

  1. 1. Branding  Yourself     &    Your  Future...   P.  Max  Quinn     Graduate  Intern     Bridgewater  State  University  Ryan  Nicole  Greelish    Resident  Director    Bridgewater  State  University   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  2. 2. Our  Outline:   ü  Learning  Outcomes   ü  What  are  your  goals?   ü  Making  Yourself  Stand  Out   ü  Networking  at  Conferences     ü  Connecting  with  Mentors     ü  Getting  Your  Name  Out  There   ü  Collaboration   ü  Creating  Opportunities   ü  Digital  Integrity   ü  Your  Image   ü  Questions  &  Answers           @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  3. 3. What  are  YOUR  goals?!     What  do  you  want  to  get  from  ...     This  experience?     The  rest  of  the  spring  semester?     The  summer?     2013-­‐2014?     What  are  your  Career  Aspirations?   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  4. 4. Making  Yourself  Standout   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  5. 5. Photo  Courtesy  of  #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs  Tumblr   Its  all  about  the  Impressions  you  make   ì   One  post,  One  picture,  One  Like  or  Comment  can  define  you...   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  6. 6. Making  Yourself  Standout     AWARENESS  &    CHOICE     @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  7. 7. NETWORKING!   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  8. 8. Networking  at  Conferences   Ê  Objectives  at  a  Conference   Ê  Sessions   Ê  Questions   Ê  Business  Cards   Ê  Follow-­‐Up   Ê  Social  Media   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  9. 9. Connecting  with  Mentors   Ê  Developing  Relationships   Ê  Knowledge  =  Power   Ê  “Your  Network  is  your                           Net-­‐Worth”   Ê  Make  meaningful  connections   Ê  Lunch  &  Coffee   Ê  Conferences   Ê  “Nifty  50”  -­‐@jbpina   Ê  Who  are  the  stakeholders?   Ê  Seek  them  out  &    let  them               get  to  know  you   Ê  Tell  them  your  goals   Ê  Ask  them  for  support   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  10. 10. Getting  Your  Name  Out  There   Colleagues  Remember  You          VS          You  Remember  Colleagues   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü      Conferences   Interactions   Writing  Articles/  Blogs   Participate  in  Social  Media   Participate  in  Professional   Organizations   ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  Conferences   Name  Game   Connections   Save  Emails   Read  Articles   “Your  reputation  is  your   greatest  asset,  so  hold  it  close”   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  11. 11. Writing  research  It  can  be  fun!     Ê  You  +  Academic  Affairs  =  Collaboration?   Ê  How  do  you  define  collaboration?  How  do  they?   Ê  What’s  your  passion?   Ê  Learn  Through  Doing  –  Be  a  Pioneer!   Ê  Embrace  Assessment!   Ê  NEACUHO?!!   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  12. 12. Creating  Opportunities…     Ê  Informational  Interviews   Ê  Internships/  Fellowships   Ê  Reach  Out   Ê  Be  Authentic   Ê  Be  Thankful   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  13. 13. Digital  Identity   In-­‐Person  Identity   Digital  Identity   Ê  Personality   Ê  Defines  Personality   Ê  Values  &  Emotions   Ê  Manages  Emotions   Ê  Religion  &  Spirituality   Ê  Displays  Values     Ê  Sexual  Orientation   Ê  Purpose  /  Career  Aspirations   Ê  Family,  Friends,  Partner   Ê  Identifies  Orientation   Ê  Defines  Our  Purpose/Goals   Ê  Identifies  Family,  Friends,   Partner,  etc...   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  14. 14. Digital  Integrity   Ê  Got  Klout?   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  15. 15. Protect  your  Brand   Ê  Are  you  on  Twitter?                                   Do  you  have  your  own  Blog?   Ê  Select  your  “Handle”   Preform  a  THOROUGH  online  search   of  yourself  –  IMAGES,  too!     DON’T  FORGET:  Keep  track  of  your   accounts!!     Anonymity  does  NOT  exist  online   IP  Address  à   Ê  Purchase  YOUR  name’s  URL   Ê  (Your  Profile  Picture  +  Content)   x  Reputation  =  INFLUENCE  +/-­‐   Ê  Brand  Creation  Websites:   Ê  About.Me       Ê  Reppler.com     Ê  MyWebCareer.com   Ê  Vizify  |  Re.Vu  |  Vizualize.Me         Treat  your  profile,  like  a  billboard     Keep  track  of  your  Digital  Dossier...     Ê  LinkedIn   Ê  BrandYourself.com   Ê  UPDATE  your  P@ssw0rd!     @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  16. 16. Your  In-­‐Person  Image   Ê  Appearance   Ê  Language  Choice   Ê  Awareness   Ê  All  Your  Worlds                                                           Are  Connected…   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  17. 17. Ê  Facebook  Groups!   Ê  Twitter  Hashtags   #sagradhunt #sagrow        #sachat  #sagrad  #sajobs      #digitalidentity   Ê  onetonline.org   Ê  Higheredjobs.com   Ê  Mentoring.org   @PMaxQuinn        @RyanGreelish          #AOTA13    
  18. 18. What  do  you  want  your   legacy  to  be?   Questions?!       @PMaxQuinn Pquinn@student.bridgew.edu                        @RyanGreelish    Rgreelish@bridgew.edu     Ê  “To  Be  Remarkable,  Means  to  Act  with  Authenticity”   Ê  “Life  isn’t  about  finding  yourself,  its  about  creating  yourself”