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Using Social Media to Market Houses

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Placert is a Dutch company focused on using social media to market properties. On average over 60,000 Dutch are being marketed on social media through their platform. This session will look at what works and doesn’t work in using social media as a marketing channel.

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Using Social Media to Market Houses

  2. 2. www.placert.com
  3. 3. Create controlled engagement of the seller and his social network Way more reach for the listings through social media Going for that WIN WIN for both broker and seller My targets in 2007: www.placert.com
  4. 4. 250.000 www.placert.com
  5. 5. Times change www.placert.com
  6. 6. 80% social content • Recommendations • Reviews • Customer profiles • Etc ….. 20% product info www.placert.com
  7. 7. Average listing page contains 0% … www.placert.com
  8. 8. Unleashing the true power of social Adding the “soft side” of the house Getting the insider info of the listing Placert: the next step www.placert.com
  9. 9. Placert intro animation movie https://youtu.be/1vtyBG2I2bo www.placert.com
  10. 10. www.placert.com Big garden with green surroundings Nice views Tell us what you think is great about your house…
  11. 11. www.placert.com Perfect barbecue spot! J Family- friendly neighborhoo d Lots of parking space Ask your friends and family to do the same! Big garden with green surroundings Nice views
  12. 12. Example “facilities”
  13. 13. Example Placert “page”
  14. 14. Example “anecdotes”
  15. 15. www.placert.com Add video with our video app https://youtu.be/oSa03IPDiJ4 Create realistic and personal promotional video Select scenes and press record; we will do the rest!
  16. 16. www.placert.com We created the soft side off the listing
  17. 17. Join the promotion team! www.placert.com If your friends are willing to help, they could join your promotion team or at least share with their own friends Let’s post this on Facebook! Wouldn’t it be great to have a bigger garden? I’ll send a few e-mails This place could be great for my colleagueI could print some flyers
  18. 18. Sharing = caring www.placert.com Friends create their own content and really get involved Easy post formats
  19. 19. Friends with benefits ;) Become the friend with benefits and get even more friends involved because they can win cool prizes www.placert.com
  20. 20. Look what we did! Created unique and relevant info for potential buyers or renters Added the soft side of a house, next to the hard data Created a promotion team of friends who care Enhanced online reach and shares Optimized this listing for Google www.placert.com
  21. 21. We closed the gap! www.placert.com
  22. 22. But what did we really do? www.placert.com
  23. 23. We were building your brand! Increased the amount of (user) generated content dramatically Made both the listing and the site supplying the listing way more relevant Involved everyone in the transaction; including friends of the friends www.placert.com
  24. 24. Home Haus Casa Your brand, your style, your rules www.placert.com Enrich your listing pages with user generated content Ready to use software of course API driven Huis 家家
  25. 25. Adoption Numbers www.placert.com 73.4% off the home owners will activate Placert 82% will give you insider (social) content 87% of people who used Placert will advice it to others sellers
  26. 26. Most used, from top to bottom www.placert.com Dropping pins on interactive map Liking features Adding features Uploading media Writing stories
  27. 27. www.placert.com General numbers and facts We have helped over 250.000 home owners sell their houses (2015) We have got over 3.000.000 friends involved in the process We will reach several thousands of people thru social per listing. Potential buyers spend 80% more time on listings with videos (Mist Media) Climb up the Google ladder 50 times faster with social data! (Forrester Research) Placert publishes all videos on YouTube, the second biggest search engine online! 80% of an Amazon page consists of social created data. The average listing has 0%!
  28. 28. www.placert.com MAKING YOUR LISTINGS SOCIAL PROOF
  29. 29. Get in touch with Lex Groenewegen Find me on LinkedIn Check our website @ www.placert.com Drop me an email @ lex@placert.com Or just call @ +31 6 130 37 459 www.placert.com