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Using Technology to Create a Better Consumer Experience

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Using Technology to Create a Better Consumer Experience

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Using Technology to Create a Better Consumer Experience

  1. 1. Designing Delightful Encounters Property Portal Watch Conference Bangkok 2015 Opinions and forecasts expressed in this document are those of management as of the date of publication and management does not offer any guarantee regarding their accuracy. Please note that actual business performance and results may differ materially from such opinions and forecasts due to changes in various factors. Copyright(c) NEXT Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Service Overview 2
  3. 3. Rent Buy  &  Sell New  Homes/Condos Custom-‐‑‒built  homes   Renovation Investment Home  Insurance   Life  insurance Move   Storage  Room Senior  Housing 3 Introduction to “HOME‘S”  Service 3
  4. 4. 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 10,000 11,000 12,000 0 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000 Number of Properties Listed 5.34 million properties 6,985 buildings Rentals and sales New homes/condos 1.93 m (*1) Total properties listed for rentals and real estate sales as of January 2015. NEXT data. Company A Company B Company C Competitors(*1) 4 2.58 m 1.76 m
  5. 5. Change to the pay-per- inquiry fee structure (January 1, 2011) Billing rate revision (October 1, 2014) ▲1,621 stores Note 1: The data shown above are those based on preliminary figures available as of January 2015. Number of Brokers Record high (January 2015) 13,143stores          5
  6. 6. “No.1” in user numbers Site  name Operator Site  visitors (million  people) 1 HOME'S NEXT  Co.,  Ltd. 2.16 2 SUUMO NEXT  Co.,  Ltd. 1.88 3 Rakuten  Real  estate   (*1) Rakuten,  Inc. 1.27 4 Yahoo!  estate Yahoo  Japan  Corporation 1.20 5 CHINTAI CHINTAI  Corporation 1.08 6 At  home  web At  Home  Co.,  Ltd. 1.08 7 Sumaity Kakaku.com,  Inc. 0.33 8 O-‐‑‒uccino O-‐‑‒uccino,  Inc.  (formerly Homeadvisor,  inc.) 0.25 Based on access from home and office PCs (including the use of Internet applications) according to Nielsen NetView February 2015 (*1)Rakuten real estate only posts HOME'S listings as of February 2015. Number of users Exclusive   tie-‐‑‒up 6
  7. 7. サイト名 得点 HOME’S 7.41 SUUMO 7.31 Mynavi Chintai 6.09 Sumaity‎ 5.97 At home 5.93 HOMEADPARK 5.88 Yahoo! estate 5.64 Rental real estate information site ranking [Total score] Gomez real estate information website ranking (December, 2014) HOMEʼ’S  website  received  a  high  evaluation  in  user   experience Rental real estate information site ranking [Useful features and other] 順位 サイト名 1 HOME’S 2 SUUMO 3 CHINTAI 4 Mynavi Chintai 5 Yahoo! estate 6 HOMEADPARK Usability rankings by Gomez 7
  8. 8. Ranked “No.1,” “Easiest to use” Smartphone Site among all Japan No.4 House foods No.5 Tokyo Metro No.6 kakaku.com No.7 UNITED ARROWS No.8 NISSAN Motor No.9 At Home No.10 Amazon.com No.1 No.2 Nomura   Securities   ZOZO   TOWN Usability rankings by Tribeck 8 HOME'S No.3 (*1) (*1) Tribeck Strategies Inc.'s "smart phone website usability diagnosis" (published in April 2012) The surveyed websites included, of the websites of companies providing major services to smartphone users, portal sites, E-commerce sites, corporate sites, and specialized sites of a specific genre (websites specialized for a specific genre or purpose such as real estate and finance, etc.) http://www.tribeck.jp/release/120405.html
  9. 9. Business Model – Pay Per Lead Rental Number of Inquiries Old Billing Rates New Billing Rates From Oct 1, 2014 1 to 15 5.5% 5.5% 16 to 60 4.0% 4.0 % 61 - 2.0% Rent/sale price of the property inquired about Billing rates Number of inquiries from end users (emails and telephone calls) × × Buying/Selling and Investment Number of inquiries Old Rates New Billing Rates From Oct 1, 2014 1 to 5 0.05% 0.05% 6 to 20 0.02% 0.03  % 21 - 0.01% Billing calculation formula Revision Monthly basic fee (10,000 yen a month) + AfterBefore Example: One hundred rental property inquiries arrive in one month 15 inquiries × 5.5%  × Rent  =  ¥    57,750 45 inquiries × 4.0%  × Rent  =  ¥126,000 40 inquiries × 2.0%  × Rent  =  ¥    56,000 Total  ¥239,750   15 inquiries × 5.5%  × Rent  =  ¥    57,750 85 inquiries × 4.0%  × Rent  =  ¥238,000 Total  ¥295,750   *Calculated with rent at 70,000 yen. Rent varies from one property to another. *Monthly rent 9
  10. 10. New Technology 10Copyright(c) NEXT Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. 11 Strategy - a global company through “DB and CCS” Analyze  individual  user  preferences, then  select  and  provide  the  most   appropriate  information Housing Insurance Interior   decoration etc Needs Appropriate  information DB Japan  and  overseas  database Communication  &   concierge  serviceCCS Recommendations  to  support  the   decisions  of  those  pushing  ahead Enough  choices Access  available  from   any  device
  12. 12. 12 Differences between HOME‘S and SUUMO Item HOME'S (NEXT) SUUMO (Recruit) Number of properties (January 2015, our investigation) 5.34 million properties 2.58 million properties Sales (The results of FY ended March 2014) 14.5 billion yen 86.6 billion yen Sales of the Internet are 52 billion yen of above (Our estimation) Fields of specialization Rental & Real estate trade New condominiums Strengths Vision management Web technology Web marketing Capital strength Sales strength Cross-channel (Printed, Web, Counter) Company history Established 18 years ago Established 54 years ago
  13. 13. HOME’S Data Real Estate Agent’s Data Solution (problem solving) 13 New DMP Services “NabiSTAR “ Our DMP “NabiSTAR” Sales growth Cost Reduction Personalize Increase in requests for materials / Increase in visitors / Increase in closing rates Customer Data (Visits and Request for Materials) Audience Data from Each Company’s Website Audience Data Data Integration Ad Placement Website Content Optimization Email Delivery Values Offered * DMP=Data Management Platform
  14. 14. Smart Device The iOS and Android applications by the HOME’S website Displays a complete set of property information available with regard to a given building Allows the user to make a telephone-based property inquiry just by touching the screen once HOME’S app for visually- impaired persons Equipped with the function to read aloud iPhone texts Allows the user to search for properties by using the “VoiceOver” function Property visit note app Enables the user to take notes of property information and his/her impression of the property Allows the user to view other persons’ assessment and feedback Enables photographs to be stored APP HOME’S check-in app Campaign-dedicated application Allows Rakuten Super Points to be awarded to the customer for visiting a store and concluding a contract Users can see a 360- degree view of properties Sites for Smartphones
  15. 15. O2O Tracking Using acoustic communication technology to enable an analysis of customer actions from store visit to property visit to contract conclusion *INFOSOUND, developed by Yamaha Corporation, is a technology that converts digital information into acoustic signals before transmitting them Conclude contract Visit store & property Actions able to be tracked so far Actions newly able to be followed 2 1 Infosound 3 ♪ 15 Begin considering Compare and consider Inquire Maximize the number of contract conclusions Install a small-sized speaker in the store Detect the customer’s store visit by using acoustic communication technology Award Rakuten Super Points to the customer for making a store visit and concluding a contract Analyze the user’s actions 1 2 3 4 Store and property visit tracking scheme
  16. 16. 16 Smart Key System
  17. 17. 17 “Property Search Map” utilizing tangible user interface
  18. 18. Trovit – newly acquired technology company 18Copyright(c) NEXT Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  19. 19. What is Trovit? Collectively search information from multiple sites Value to users Provide quality traffic Value to portals Portal site C Portal site F Portal site D Portal site B Portal site A (HOME'S, etc.) Users all around the world Create information matching with users all around the world 19
  20. 20. A FEW FACTS ABOUT TROVIT 5 verticals 160M indexed listings 40,000 partners Over 50M monthly visits 43 countries 20
  21. 21. The number of clicks we send to our partners grows year after year TROVIT’S CONSTANT GROWTH 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
  22. 22. Number of users of real estate sites in the world 0 10,00 0 20,00 0 30,00 0 40,00 0 50,00 0 60,00 0 70,00 0 Zillow Trovit Trulia R ightm ove R EA soufun Source: SimilarWeb data as of August of 2014. Regarding Trovit, the number is the total number in all deployment countries. The breakdown was calculated by us based on the past data. Other information is values taken from the representative sites of each country. Unit: Thousand people Trovit ES Housing Employment Used car US US CNAUUK 22
  23. 23. 23 SEO technology of Trovit complements HOME’S Accumulated No. of key words Amount of searches Domain where Trovit is strong Domain where NEXT (HOME’S) is strong Big/Middle word Tail word Ex: Words with high search volume such as [Real estate], [Condominium], [Rental], etc. Ex: Combination of multiple words such as [Setagaya Ward, rental condominium, within 10-min walk, pets allowed], etc.
  24. 24. GRID VRICK 24
  25. 25. GRID VRICK Can an average consumer imagine his/her new home from this floor plan?
  26. 26. GRID VRICK “GRID VRICK” is a home/condo simulator. You can imagine your new home easily!
  27. 27. GRID VRICK “GRID VRICK” can create a virtual house/condo Fast, Easy and Very Intuitive. 1. Put some LEGO bricks on the board 2. Generate your 3DCG home on real time 3. You can change interior design and walk-through
  28. 28. Thank you! Please take a look at GRID VRICK demo outside! 28