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#Ppmahr18 Presidents Slides

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Presidents welcome to PPMA annual conference 2018

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#Ppmahr18 Presidents Slides

  2. 2. Dearly beloved….. We are gathered here to:  Celebrate the best of our profession  Learn, talk, share, challenge  See old friends and make new friends  Make amazing memories…….
  3. 3. Our plans for the next few days…..  Recover from our pre- conference event   Action packed agendas on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th  Incorporate our wonderful Tomorrows Talent event from the 18th April  Raise money for our preferred charities
  4. 4. A bit about me ….. I BIGLY:  The absolute LOVES of my life (Ellie & Jenny)  Liverpool FC (& the Kloppmeister)  Our public service values  Our PPMA family
  5. 5. Our plans for the coming year…….  Introduce our fab team to you  Reviewing our structure and governance  Carry on with our research  Review our talent development offerings  Build on an exciting announcement tomorrow…….. We’d love to hear from you….. Our contact details are in the online brochure and on the app