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Remote Moderated Usability Testing

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A presentation about remote moderated usability testing made for https://www.meetup.com/Tabara-de-Testare-Cluj/events/239504357/

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Remote Moderated Usability Testing

  1. 1. Remote moderated usability testing
  2. 2. • usability/UX specialist at Evozon; • certified trainer and speaker. Andreea Popescu
  3. 3. • usability testing • definition • methods • remote moderated usability testing • definition • choosing users for this method • creating scenarios • tools to use • creating report agenda
  4. 4. image credit: webdesignerdepot.com
  5. 5. usability testing
  6. 6. –INTERACTION-DESIGN.ORG “Usability testing is the practice of testing how easy a design is to use on a group of representative users.”
  7. 7. • person moderated • remote moderated • unmoderated from the distance • guerrilla testing METHODS
  8. 8. usability usability useful satisfying efficient effective accesable learnable
  9. 9. image credit: webdesignerdepot.com
  10. 10. remote moderated
  11. 11. –USERTESTING.COM “A remote moderated usability study is when a moderator provides target users with activities to complete using a design or interface.”
  12. 12. image credit: webdesignerdepot.com
  13. 13. • users who are in another city/state/country. • a moderator can easily answer to participants questions. • saves money and time (compared with the one moderated in person). • multiple tests in a minimal amount of time. PROS
  14. 14. • technical problems that can occur the session testing. • misunderstanding of the task and the impossibility of being there to show it. • if you want to see the user’s mimic and body it’s not really easy to observe them. • users need to install special softwares. CONS
  15. 15. image credit: interaction-design.org
  16. 16. 5 users to identify almost 85% of usability problems, 15 to identify 99% of them. screening questions general questions: e.g. where are you from specific questions: e.g. how frequently do you
  17. 17. • come up with tasks; • prioritise tasks; • turn tasks into scenarios; • sign the agreement to record user’s screen; • start remote moderated; • be there for your user, but not help him/her; • capture insights. METHOD FLOWS
  18. 18. • an instant messaging app that provides online text message, audio and video chat services and possibility to share the screen. (e.g. Skype) • a screen recorder application. (e.g. AV Recorder & Screen Capture) • paper and pencil. TOOLS TO USE
  19. 19. image credit: webdesignerdepot.com
  20. 20. • user report: • user profile (e.g.: age, job, typology, tools, what makes her/him significant user, questions summary etc.); • general suggestions for scenarios; • extra suggestions (independent from scenarios).
  21. 21. • overall report: • users overview; • general suggestions for scenarios; • extra suggestions (independent from scenarios); • moderator suggestions.
  22. 22. image credit: webdesignerdepot.com
  23. 23. questions?
  24. 24. thank you.