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Turn Signups into Sales

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Many product people overlook the importance of providing their users with a positive first-time experience—or they just don’t know how. As a result, signups never become customers. But you can improve your onboarding experience and turn signups into sales (we’ll show you how).

In this workshop, you'll learn:

1. Why it's important to provide users with a positive first time experience
2. Common mistakes people make that cause them to lose users in the signup stage
3. Techniques to get users to come back and convert to paying customers
4. How to persuade your team to prioritize user onboarding

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Turn Signups into Sales

  1. 1. Turn Signups into Sales #signups2sales @samuelhulick @poornima
  2. 2. Agenda • Common problems • User onboarding techniques • How you can get your teammates onboard with onboarding!
  3. 3. The only thing I’
  4. 4. The only thing I’
  5. 5. The only thing I’
  6. 6. The only thing I’
  7. 7. The only thing I’
  8. 8. The only thing I’ We have to make this… … fit into the hole made for this … … using nothing but that.
  9. 9. Start your designing where your users start their using
  10. 10. build trust
  11. 11. make it frictionless
  12. 12. delight!
  13. 13. AirBnB How-to videos
  14. 14. Design Teardowns
  15. 15. Rival IQ