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State of Native Advertising in Sweden by @PStaunstrup

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This is my presentation from Kreativitet&Kommunikation seminar on native advertising in Copenhagen on May 20 2015. It's both an overview of what's going on with native in Sweden and some key insights from PostNord's work with native advertsing. I've added comments to the slides were needed

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State of Native Advertising in Sweden by @PStaunstrup

  1. 1. State of native advertising in Sweden 2015-05-20 PONTUS STAUNSTRUP Here are the slides from my presentation at Kreativ & Kommunikation in Copenhagen on May 20. I’ve added these boxes with explanatory text. Enjoy!
  2. 2. Who am I? 15-05-31 2 •  Strategist – digital/content/social media/native •  Digital content strategy/social media PostNord Group
  3. 3. What is native advertising? 15-05-31 3 Paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong. ” ” Source: http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB-Native-Advertising-Playbook2.pdf
  4. 4. My take 15-05-31 4 •  Not just fit on the platform in a visual sense – Also have the same quality as editorial content •  It’s paid, and that must be transparent, yet the audience should feel that it ads real value
  5. 5. A broad concept 15-05-31 5 •  In-feed units •  Paid search •  Recommendation widgets •  Promoted listings I will focus on native ads on news media platforms
  6. 6. Loved by brands and media outlets 15-05-31 6 Media outlets: •  Decline in interest/traffic •  ”Nobody” wants to pay for news •  Traditional ad revenue diminishing Brands: •  Need to break through increasing noice •  Traditional paid media less efficient •  Access to large audience
  7. 7. Ethical debate 15-05-31 7 •  Tricks the visitor (primarily lack of clear markings) •  Threatens integrity of newsroom •  Erodes confidence in media outlets I’ve tried to summarize some of the key arguments from those that don’t think native advertsing is a good idea
  8. 8. Often used example 15-05-31 8 Critics: Looks like editorial content My point: Didn’t the problem begin a lot earlier? In Sweden this example has been used a lot, I guess because there is a lack of local equivalents
  9. 9. Win-win-win 15-05-31 9 Media outlets: •  Revenue •  Develop new business models •  Opportunity to try new things Brands: •  Audience •  Opportunity to share stories •  Drive traffic to own sites Users: •  Continued access to outlets •  Access to interesting stories •  Easy access to relevant content The way I see it native advertising, if done well, can be beneficial to users, media and brands alike
  10. 10. Clear markings are key 15-05-31 10 Source: http://digiday.com/publishers/5-charts-show-problem-native-ad-disclosure/
  11. 11. How our ads are marked 15-05-31 11 Our native content is very clearly marked, both on desktop and mobile
  12. 12. Non-CMS native 15-05-31 12 Some of the native ads are done outside the CMS, which creates the challenge that you have to pull the user off the platform
  13. 13. Omni + SEB 15-05-31 13 An example of successful native in Sweden. SEB (bank) on Omni (mobile first news aggregator)
  14. 14. Omni + SEB 15-05-31 14 Only when you’ve read the full story, or a large part of it are you invited to exit to their own site or sign up for a newsletter
  15. 15. SvD + Canon 15-05-31 15 Another example I really like is Canon on the SvD platform. Good integration and nice use of film
  16. 16. DN + Eon 15-05-31 16 A lot of native ads, so far, has focused only on own expertise and hands-on tips, like this from Eon (energy) on DN
  17. 17. 15-05-31 17 PostNord Sweden: Native advertising on di.se (Dagens Industri - leading financial daily)
  18. 18. Why Dagens industri? 15-05-31 18 •  Clear presence of our target audience: B2B managers and influencers •  More than 1 million unique visitors/day •  Good reputation – Great newsroom
  19. 19. Purpose 15-05-31 19 •  Increase awareness about brand and offerings •  Show expertise in relevant areas: E- commerce, Logistics, Communication services •  Drive traffic to our own websites
  20. 20. Set-up 15-05-31 20 •  Internal content team and content agency •  PN: topics, messaging, expertise, analysis •  Agency: editors/content producers and topical knowledge •  Editors/reporters working in newsroom •  Content fully integrated into CMS •  Very close cooperation on everyday basis
  21. 21. Process 15-05-31 21 •  Weekly meetings: ideation, analysis, breakdown of stats etc •  Daily contact between editors and content team: tweaking headlines, images etc, looking at traffic •  Daily follow up with stats: on site and links to our websites, reception in social channels etc
  22. 22. Types of content 15-05-31 22 •  Focused interviews with our customers, talking about relevant topics •  Tips and tricks, advice (5 ways to increase….) •  Tie-in with reports, events (E-commerce in the Nordics) •  Interviews with experts on trends, innovation etc
  23. 23. Format 15-05-31 23 Text and image or film in integrated player
  24. 24. Angle 15-05-31 24 •  Very focused on providing useful insights to our target audience •  Always have a customer, an outside experts etc provide insights. •  Combine with our own experts
  25. 25. Results 15-05-31 25 •  Very positive from target audience and users in general •  High level of interest from both existing and potential customers •  Goals of increasing awareness and lead generation have been met •  Good levels of traffic, both in terms of time spent and clicks
  26. 26. Key learnings 15-05-31 26 •  Serious commitment in terms of resources needed – it’s a lot of work •  Brand has to be very involved – this does not run on auto-pilot •  Constantly tweak, improve and learn •  Understand and respect the media outlet – what works on this particular platform
  27. 27. 15-05-31 27 There are two kinds of native content: There’s content I want to read, and content I don’t. Seth Godin ” ”
  28. 28. Future of native 15-05-31 28 It will be very interesting to see what Facebook’s Instant articles does for native, since media outlets also can use it for sponsored stories
  29. 29. Future of Native 15-05-31 29 •  Treated well it’s a sustainable model •  Biggest threat is low quality content •  Biggest upside – opportunity for brands and media outlets to really expand on how we tell stories and interact with news
  30. 30. 15-05-31 30 Got a question? pontus.staunstrup@postnord.com @PStaunstrup