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5 Content Marketing Monsters You Want To Avoid by @PStaunstrup

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Here are some scary monsters that will ruin your content marketing. Stay well away from them if you want to be successfull. Learn more about content marketing at www.staunstrup.se/en

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5 Content Marketing Monsters You Want To Avoid by @PStaunstrup

  1. 1. Pontus Staunstrup @PStaunstrup Content Marketing Monsters 5 YouWant To Avoid
  2. 2. What’s this? @PStaunstrup These are the slides from a presentation I did recently. I’ve added explanatory comments where I felt it was needed. Hope you enjoy my monsters!
  3. 3. @PStaunstrup ”NotGettingItZilla”
  4. 4. @PStaunstrup ”NotGettingItZilla” doesn’t really get what content marketing is. But he knows it’s popular, so he wants to be a part of it. This is content marketing according to him:
  5. 5. But content marketing is this: @PStaunstrup Content that’s relevant and useful to your target audience. The purpose is to create awareness, attract potential customers and increase sales through helping them solve problems or see new possibilities. Sometimes it’s about inspiring or challenging them.
  6. 6. @PStaunstrup Source:  Rand  Fishkin,  MOZ     And he doesn’t really get how it works either. Rand Fishkin could be talking about him:
  7. 7. @PStaunstrup This is how content marketing really works (still according to Rand):
  8. 8. @PStaunstrup ”No Distribution Mummy”
  9. 9. @PStaunstrup The ”NoDistributionMummy” thinks it’s enough to post content. But ”If you build it, they will come” only works for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.
  10. 10. @PStaunstrup Distribution is key Joe Pulizzi said it best. ”First, build an audience, then monetize it”. And in order to do that, you need to distribute your content via search, social, earned and paid media (like native advertising)
  11. 11. @PStaunstrup Think converged media, just like Altimeter Group suggests:
  12. 12. Convergence in practice @PStaunstrup Paid Earned Owned Earned Owned Targets Goals Message Targets Goals Message Targets Goals Message Owned Depending on the target audience, you will use it in different ways
  13. 13. @PStaunstrup Digital content Own site (SEO) Social media- ownNewsletters Industry/Partner sites Apps Paid– native (SEM) Social media - others Forums The idea is to always get your content distributed as much as possible:
  14. 14. @PStaunstrup Funnelstein’s Monster
  15. 15. @PStaunstrup This scary character believes in the funnel and sees everyone as a lead. He learnt it all from his aunt, Aida:
  16. 16. @PStaunstrup I think Ben Chestnut, the founder of Mailchimp, has a much better idea - Flip the funnel:
  17. 17. Problem/Opportunity Gathering Evaluation Purchase Experience Lojalty Ambassador @PStaunstrup Instead of using funnels, chart your customers purchase process:
  18. 18. Problem/Opportunity Gathering Evaluation Purchase Experience Lojalty Ambassador @PStaunstrup Search Social Paid/Earned Research Industry discussions Peers Benchmarking Meetings Price Trust UX Service Inspire Develop Delivery Reliability Contract Position Reliability Change Attention News Success stories White papers Infographics E-books Tech guides Film Case Customer stories Thought leadership Product news B2B
  19. 19. @PStaunstrup ”NoData-tronic” from outer space
  20. 20. @PStaunstrup ”NoData-tronic” is like this guy. He refuses to use data:
  21. 21. @PStaunstrup Paid  media   data   Social  data  Website  data   There is an abundance of data we can collect and analyze in content marketing
  22. 22. @PStaunstrup •  Reach – Awareness •  Usage: Seen, listened, downloaded •  Shares: social and links •  Activity: Subscribe, fill out form •  Converting: Sales, Lead generation •  Rank: SERP •  Content efficiency Data is also necessary when setting KPIs for content marketing
  23. 23. @PStaunstrup King ”Too Much Content” Kong
  24. 24. Don’t listen to him! @PStaunstrup He’s the monster that came up with ”Content is King”, and he believes that if we just produce a flood of content everything will be fine. He doesn’t understand that content marketing is about quality, not quantity.
  25. 25. @PStaunstrup Most of all, you need to work with distribution, unless you want your content to disappear in this: Infographic from Qmee
  26. 26. @PStaunstrup Digital content Own site (SEO) Social media- ownNewsletters Industry/Partner sites Apps Paid– native (SEM) Social media - others Forums Again, it’s about this:
  27. 27. @PStaunstrup Text Micro conten t Graphics Video Q&AAudio One interview And this. Efficient content creation
  28. 28. @PStaunstrup Instead of monsters, we need heroes
  29. 29. @PStaunstrup Sherlock andWatson would be great at content marketing •  They would begin with a strategy •  Get buy-in from management •  Work patiently to get results •  Be creative and couragious •  And make a great team Well, obviously Watson would handle the getting buy-in and being patient part…
  30. 30. Questions, thoughts? @PStaunstrup https://www.linkedin.com/ in/pontusstaunstrup www.staunstrup.se/en @PStaunstrup pontus@staunstrup.se