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Automation in governance of offshore SW delivery


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Automation in governance of offshore SW delivery

  1. 1. Industrialisation of global SW Outsourcing pliXos Vision and SaaS* Tools Joerg Stimmer joerg.stimmer@plixos.com, +49 172 8247436 * Software as a Service
  2. 2. Gartner's Key Topics in Outsourcing & IT Services Our Solutions Industrialised Low Cost Services and Cloud-Based Solutions Whole pliXos suite Multisourcing Strategies OA, OD Strategic Vendor Management OA, OD Global Sourcing and emerging Offshore locations OA, OD Outsourcing Governance OA, OD Creating a Sourcing Organization Whole pliXos suite Vendor Selection and Contracting TM Negotiation and Renegotiation Strategies OA Managing Risk in Outsourcing Deals OD Transition between Outsourcing Providers OD The pliXos suite of SaaS products: Industrialised Cloud-based solutions for your Success Outsourcing Advisor (OA) Tender Manager (TM) Outsourcing Director (OD) The pliXos SaaS solutions cover all key topics relevant for your success SW Outsourcing Solutions 2© pliXos GmbH
  3. 3. The pliXos suite of SaaS products: Industrialised Cloud-based solutions for your Success Outsourcing Advisor (OA) Tender Manager (TM) Outsourcing Director (OD) The pliXos SaaS solutions cover all phases and offer significant savings pliXos tools offer significant benefits, in any phase of your outsourcing project Phase Cost savings Time reduction pliXos Tool Strategy Definition Up to 80% Up to 60% Outsourcing Advisor Vendor Selection Up to 60% Up to 50 Tender Manager Implementation & Governance Up to 30% “Early Warning Indicators” Outsourcing Director SW Outsourcing Solutions 3© pliXos GmbH
  4. 4.  pliXos is a specialist provider of support and governance solutions which enable successful delivery of outsourced software development - be it onsite, near-shore or offshore.  pliXos offers innovative solutions throughout the software sourcing project life cycle.  pliXos helps its customers benefit from distributed / remote applications development through  simplifying and standardising their outsourcing decisions.  improving their control and management of outsourcing service providers.  Our investors include pliXos - About Us We are a highly innovative provider of SaaS solutions and build on strong investors …, SW Outsourcing Solutions 4© pliXos GmbH
  5. 5. pliXos Global Sourcing Platform - Secure Cloud Based SaaS Solutions Through standardization, automation, and low cost, pliXos empowers all companies to take advantage of global sourcing. * operations by customer /within his environment is possible SW Outsourcing Solutions 5© pliXos GmbH
  6. 6. Outsourcing Director– just outsource From day one Best Practices as well as full investment protection concerning systems and service providers deployed for the customer On site Outsourcing Director Automates and standardises the services governance Development team Remote location Service ProviderCustomer Projekt Management Office Significant benefits - One system, no complex integration required - Cost effective usage as Software as a Service, no ramp up costs - Change of service provider without change of systems or data - No security risks due to certified operations out of Germany - Full transparency and control of data and of the service provider - Systems optimised for Outsourcing / Offshoring - Synergies concerning processes, interfaces as well as costs, Best Practices - … SW Outsourcing Solutions 6© pliXos GmbH
  7. 7. Typical Outsourcing Steps and pliXos’ Solutions Developing an outsourcing strategy Finding the right partner Excelling in operations Helping clients meet their objectives in an optimal, efficient and low cost way using the pliXos Global Sourcing Platform solutions Outsourcing Advisor Tender Manager Outsourcing Director The pliXos SaaS solutions cover all phases of an outsourcing project SW Outsourcing Solutions 7© pliXos GmbH
  8. 8. 1. Strategy Definition & Simulation: Outsourcing Advisor Enabling the development of an effective sourcing strategy as efficiently as possible through significantly reduced cost and shorter project duration* * compared to typical consulting project resp. in-house process Supporting the development of customers‘ outsourcing strategy Business case analysis, cost calculation Analysis of the overall suitability for outsourcing Assessment of possible service providers and suitable locations Outsourcing Advisor SW Outsourcing Solutions 8© pliXos GmbH
  9. 9. 2. Tendering & Evaluation: Tender Manager Evaluating and selecting the most suitable service provider as efficiently as possible through significantly reduced cost and shorter project duration * compared to typical consulting project resp. in-house process Creation of tender documents (RFI, RFP) Building the central contact management Management of tender participation, supporting the NDA process Management of quotations and responses Supporting the evaluation process with advanced analysis capabilities Tender Manager SW Outsourcing Solutions 9© pliXos GmbH
  10. 10. 3. Implementation & Governance: Outsourcing Director Delivering remotely developed applications software at lower cost with significantly greater project transparency and with reduced risk of failure * compared to typical in house process Supporting the reporting process to management Supporting project requirements & planning Creation of project knowledge base and communication scheme Management of documents requirements, project teams and source code Analysis of software delivery quality Outsourcing Director SW Outsourcing Solutions 10© pliXos GmbH
  11. 11. Outsourcing Director - Implementing the Vision Instant availability of accurate project data without the time-consuming set up SW Outsourcing Solutions 11© pliXos GmbH
  12. 12. Comprehensive reporting with further drill-down functionality Complete set of well established tools optimised for management of global Software projects Enhanced Reporting on Development Progress Comprehensive reporting for the project manager and his team SW Outsourcing Solutions 12© pliXos GmbH
  13. 13. Freely configurable CIO cockpit“, e.g. Size = Project volume (GBP) Colour = Quality, Time delays etc. Full drill-down functionality Dashboard for Overall Overview of Management Easy overview for the top management, configurable and full drill down SW Outsourcing Solutions 13© pliXos GmbH
  14. 14. Tool integration with open service bus - GloBuS* Funded research project for Integration of the pliXos Outsourcing Director with „leading 3rd party systems & tools“ by an independent and open service BUS Customers obtain all benefits of the comprehensive KPI reporting of the Outsourcing Director by still keeping the already existing tools in place * Global Bus System SW Outsourcing Solutions 14© pliXos GmbH
  15. 15. GloBuS approach  Funded by the Bavarian ministry of economy  Started in 11/2011  Duration of 3 years  Project ownership and lead by pliXos  Close cooperation with Munich Technical University for analysis of existing interfaces, options for standardisation and technical specification  LOIs by experienced user companies (corporations) for friendly user test in their environment  ... SW Outsourcing Solutions 15© pliXos GmbH
  16. 16. Sourcing Advisory as a Service - SAaaS® connects sourcing advisory with the Global Sourcing Platform Outsourcing Advisor Configuration and data collection Training Development of sourcing strategy Management reporting Workshops Updating the strategy Tender Manager Configuration and data collection Training Development of RFI/RFP Provider evaluation and selection Contract negotiations Workshops + mgmt. reports Outsourcing Director Configuration and data collection Training Development governance Management reporting Change management Workshops performance etc. Every module of the Global Sourcing Platform is support by specific advisory services– Every advisory step during the Sourcing-Life-Cycle is supported by tools from the Global Sourcing Platform Sourcing Relationship PerformanceAssessment Dashboard SAaaS® The integration of expert consultancy allows an efficient usage of the pliXos Global Sourcing Platform and optimised solutions for the customer SW Outsourcing Solutions 16© pliXos GmbH
  17. 17.  Customer  Has undertaken a major outsourcing to one of the top global service providers in 2008 (hosting, operations, ADM etc.)  Sees significant room for improvements concerning quality, costs etc. but does not have transparency  Currently uses RUP as process, has insufficient reporting and no transparency  pliXos  Undertook initial analysis of status quo with focus on ADM in 2011  Saw several areas with room for improvement concerning transparency on projects in general, quality and costs  Defined a short (6 months), mid (12 months) and long term (24 months) strategy for implementing well defined improvements  Implementation of 6 months improvements under way Challenge of a large „media company SW Outsourcing Solutions 17© pliXos GmbH
  18. 18. Benefits of pliXos’ Solutions Quick results Immediate savings Verified and optimized models No investment in additional IT infrastructure / support Reduced project risks Flexible, rapid and cost-efficient customer engagement We are keen to provide you those benefits. Test us out! SW Outsourcing Solutions 18© pliXos GmbH
  19. 19. pliXos – A Highly Experienced Team Dr. Joerg Stimmer (Sales, MD) • Physicist, TU Munich • 12+ years international sales, Consulting • MD1, > 400 employees, >> 30 Mio. € turnover • Outsourcing, Global SW Development • Founder and VP European Outsourcing Association and BITKOM working group Outsourcing • IPO new market, Germany and NSE, India Adrian Quayle (Sales UK) • B.Sc., University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology • 15+ years in Sourcing Consulting • 20+ years in IT management consulting and benchmarking • Board Member UK National Outsourcing Association and Chair ISO TC Outsourcing Joerg Junge (Dev., Operations, MD) • Dipl.-Ing. Engineering, TU Munich • 14+ years project management • 10+ years SW projects & IT operations • Lead of global SW development with external partners • Interims CIO, MD Lars Eilebrecht (SW Architecture) • Dipl.-Ing. SW Engineering, University Siegen • 10+ years SW Architecture & IT Security • Project management & IT consultancy • Open Source expert, founder and VP Apache SW Foundation A senior team, well set and with proven expertise in all areas SW Outsourcing Solutions 19© pliXos GmbH
  20. 20. Extension of SaaS Tool Suite to a B2B Portal / Marketplace for Outsourced ADM Currently in final test; “Landing Page“: www.plixos.com/match or www.plixos.com/market SW Outsourcing Solutions 20© pliXos GmbH
  21. 21.  High level of automation in governance  Consolidation and standardisation of services, “Service Catalogues“, comparability of prices  One standardised contract, incl. KPIs and SLAs in line with those provided by the SaaS Solutions  High comparability of service providers concerning quality, performance, flexibility etc.  Simplified options to change service providers  Perfect match with enhanced SaaS offerings such as Business Case simulations, Know-how Pool, Sourcing Marketplace, Tenders etc. pliXos Vision in global ADM Sourcing See also http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk/articles/item/3540-standardisation-in-outsourcing http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk/articles/item/3717-how-do-small-and-medium-sized-enterprises-smes-best-benefit-from-outsourcing http://nearshoreamericas.com/services-integration-nearshore-delivery/ Especially SMEs will benefit from „Standardisation, Automation and SaaS in offshore/nearshore ADM Sourcing” SW Outsourcing Solutions 21© pliXos GmbH