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Why Cloud is the Future for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

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Cloud ERP – based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model – is fast becoming the preferred approach for industry leaders. Discover what's driving this move and how food and beverage manufacturers are using cloud ERP to achieve: constant visibility across day-to-day operations, exceptional levels of security and reliability, and increased productivity through smarter decision-making.

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Why Cloud is the Future for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  2. Software As A Service Has Passed the Tipping Point SaaS adoption is poised to surpass the 50% mark within the next 12 months (end of 2014) according to Forrester Research.
  3. Greater Cost Savings in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Patchwork of Systems Expensive and time- consuming IT upgrades Connected System Streamlined system requiring no upgrades Agility Leads to Cost Savings
  4. The Answer is Cloud ERP The preferred approach for industry leaders has arrived. 12% of all ERP systems sold today are cloud-based, expected to increase to 17% by 2017, leading all manufacturing systems in enterprise adoption per Gartner Group.
  5. What’s Driving the Move? • Accessibility anywhere • Easy to maintain • Infinitely scalable • Robust and secure IT is increasingly adopting cloud computing for enterprise-level tasks with 2.34% of on-premise IT computing being replaced by cloud computing in 2014 growing to 14.49% in 2020. - Gartner Group
  6. Multiple Plant Floors, Single Complete View Cloud technology gives users constant visibility across day-to- day operations and provides Food and Beverage manufacturers with vital production, and supply chain information availble. Increasing Productivity Speeding Problem Solution Driving Smarter Decision-Making
  7. Cloud Security: Busting the Myth Fact: A Plex Cloud ERP customer assigned an ex-CIA employee to spend a month trying to break into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. He could not do it.
  8. Ready For Anything State-of-the-art data centers use the same construction techniques as a bank vault, and can withstand all types of natural disasters and physical attacks.
  9. Robust, Secure ERP Infrastructure for Better Profitability Highest Possible Security Levels Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) system closes security gaps and stays ahead of hackers. Tried and Tested Crash Protection “Backups to backups” — built-in redundancies which ensure that customer data remains safe and accessible by multiple fiber cables. Unrivalled Reliability Up to three separate Internet service providers for robust connectivity and fail-over, as well as backup for electrical power, ensures uninterrupted Internet service.
  10. The Answer... THE MANUFACTURING CLOUD Click here to read the At-A-Glance WWW.PLEX.COM © 2013 Plex Systems Proprietary + Confidential 8/20/14