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Chile press release 2013 April (english)

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Chile press release 2013 April (english)

  1. 1. Chile continues to add institutions to celebrateFascination of Plants DayThis is the second year that CGNA coordinates thisinitiative at national level.At a national level, thirteen organizations have already joined the 2013 Fascination ofPlants Day celebration in Chile, an activity that has been carried out for twoconsecutive years and which hopes to continue adding more institutions that supportall aspects of plant recovery, along with the development of the science that studiesthem.With the participation of diverse institutions, such as: the Mirador Interactive Museum;National Botanical Garden; Botanical Garden of the University of Talca; the MoreScience for Chile Movement; the University of Chile Faculty of Science Laboratory ofMolecular Biology; the School of Engineering in Biotechnology at the CatholicUniversity of the Maule; the Explore Program of the Araucania Region; the ArmandoDufey Artistic School and the George Chaitor School of Temuco; as well as scientificresearch centers, such as the Agriaquaculture Nutritional Genomics Center (CGNA),Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (CEAZA), Center for Advanced Studies inFruticulture (CEAF) and the Ceres Center for Innovation in Horticulture.The European Plant Science Organization (EPSO), which has called on researchcenters, universities, schools, museums, corporations, and other organizations toparticipate in this initiative carry out the Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) at globallevel.At an international level, 52 countries (including Chile) have joined this initiative,surpassing the 39 that participated in the first version.Fascination of Plants Day aims to ensure that the greatest number of people worldwidebecome fascinated by plants and informed of the importance of plant science inagriculture and sustainable food production, as well as in horticulture, forests and allplant-derived products such as paper, wood products, chemicals, energy andpharmaceutical products. This in addition to the role played by plants in theconservation of the environment, as a relevant topic.We hope that in this second version Chile will surpass by a large margin the number oforganizations that participated in 2012 (10), which is why national coordinator LoretoMoya Gonzales from CGNA has made a special appeal to institutions that addressissues relating to plants in their daily activities to join and become a part of an
  2. 2. international movement that promotes plant recovery in various areas, and above allas a fundamental part of the sustainability of life on this planet."We have many institutions, research centers, organizations, NGOs and companies inChile linked to crops, forests and plants, and this is a unique opportunity forsummoning them and joining a global celebration, so we hope that many people havethe opportunity to participate during the month of May in any activity that will awakenin them a fascination with plants, and recognition of the important role they play infood, nutrition, biosustainability and bioproduct development," said Loreto Moya.Contact in Chile for coordination regarding International Fascination of Plants Day,email: Loreto.moya@cgna.cl www.plantday12.eu @PlantDay2012Young people prepare art exhibit to celebrateFascination of Plants DayActivity organized in Temuco by CGNA, the Armando DufreyArtistic School and Explora Araucania.How do we value the role of plants and the science that studies them through art?Thats the question that children and youths in the Armando Dufey Artistic School inTemuco have asked themselves, and is the source of their inspiration for working onpieces that will be shown between the 14th and 16th of May in the Portal Temuco Mall,as part of the Fascination of Plants Day celebration carried out worldwide on May 18th.
  3. 3. The activity, which unites science and art, is organized by the AgriaquacultureNutritional Genomics Center, CGNA, with the support of Explora Araucanía and theparticipation of the Armado Dufey Artistic School.An essential part of this activity is the joint work between children and scientists fromthe regional research center. "The inspiration and motivation they feel for science andplants is vital, which is why theyve already had a motivational day with twoprofessionals from the center, in addition to lectures and visits to the lab andgreenhouses. This way, they receive knowledge and also motivation to create theirworks of art under the guidance of their teacher, artist Francisco Badilla", pointed outLoreto Moya, CGNA professional who is also the national Fascination of Plants Daycoordinator.The exhibit will be ready to be assembled in different places in the city during themonth of May, beginning its traveling cycle at Portal Temuco Mall. "Were stillconfirming other places where the exhibit will be shown, and we look forward to beingwhere more people can see these pieces, arriving with all the beauty of plants, science,and art, with a message as laudable as restoring the vegetable world, its role as thefoundation of life, and also the science that studies it and that has allowed us to moveforward in the development of new foods and products of all kinds", added theprofessional.The places where the exhibit will be shown during the month of May will be informed ina timely manner.