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Plantronics EncorePro Series

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Anything else is just a headset.
Our call center headsets contribute to heightened customer and agent satisfaction, providing all-day comfort and the best customer experience.

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Plantronics EncorePro Series

  1. 1. 10 years of continuous improvements = Aircraft grade anodized aluminium for greater reliability We invested up to 10% Purpose built 6800Hz wideband for both transmit and receive audio OLD Processor New Audio Processor 80% smaller Quick Disconnect cables tested to 30,000 cycles 22% lighter than SupraPlus Super soft foam ear cushion for all day comfort Up to 6 dimensions of adjustability for exact microphone placement 2004 Launch of the SupraPlus headset Increased loudness for improved voice intelligibility Cable fl exed 200,000 times to meet our rigorous test standards and prolonged product life of yearly $ revenue in R&D The new EncorePro Family 2005 Introduction of Hard of Hearing Variant of the SupraPlus 2007 Launch of EncorePro headset replacing the hugely successful Encore 2009 EncorePro headset wins IF design award 2011 TCO accreditation of EncorePro & SupraPlus Based on our global success with the SupraPlus ~133mi NEW Processor 2010 WINNER CCA Special Award for Innovation in Operational Excellence 2014 Launch of EncorePro family Global Contact Center and Offi ce headset market share leadership award If all the ear cushions were stacked vertically the ones at the top would be in low earth orbit The combined cable lengths would stretch around the world ©2014 Plantronics, Inc. Plantronics, EncorePro, SupraPlus, Quick Disconnect are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 08.14