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PR Agency for the Future

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GolinHarris CEO and President Fred Cook discussed the firm's new G4 model called Prevolve and the factors that led to the restructuring of the agency. "We're breaking away from traditional agency silos," Cook said in announcing the new model. "We've replaced the standard, seniority-based hierarchy with global teams of dedicated specialists who are embedded in every account. As our world evolves, so, too, do the needs of our clients. Now, more than ever, clients value smart people who can provide actionable insights into their business."

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PR Agency for the Future

  1. 1. Agency for the Future
  2. 2.     •  Been  with  the  agency  since  1986  and  served  as   managing  director  of  the  western  region  and   chief  client  officer   •  Managed  strategic  planning  and  brand  marke>ng   campaigns  for  various  companies   •  Orchestrated  public  affairs  and  handled  crisis   management  programs     •  Developed  research-­‐based  brand  posi>oning   campaigns   •  Developed  numerous  interna>onal  public   rela>ons  programs     •  Created  the  country’s  premiere  kids’  marke>ng   prac>ce,  responsible  for  youth-­‐oriented   campaigns   •  Member  of  The  Economic  Club  of  Chicago,  The   Execu>ves’  Club  of  Chicago,  Public  Rela>ons   Seminar  and  The  Arthur  W.  Page  Society   Fred  Cook  is  Chief  Execu>ve  Officer  of  GolinHarris      
  4. 4. 44 Connectivity Speed Sources MEDIA LANDSCAPE Integration
  5. 5. 55 Today -10 USA Today -7 LA Times -15 Letterman -7 NY Times -8.5 Newsweek -41 MySpace -13 NBC Nightly News -5 CNN -10 Today.com +110 Wall Street Journal +.5 People.com +59 More magazine +16 NYTimes Twitter +2.8 m Facebook +100 YouTube +55 Twitter +200 Nightline +11 SOURCES Rising Falling Average American = 8 Sources
  6. 6. Media   Pitch  to  Placement   Fast  Company   Nightline   Time   Today  Show   New  York  Times   NPR   NYT.com   NBC  Nightly  News   CNN   AP   NYT  Blog   KTLA  (Local  News)   Huffington  Post   Mashable   CNBC.com   YouTube   TwiYer   5  months   3  months   1  month   3  weeks   2  Weeks   2  Weeks   1  Week   1  Day   1  Hour  or  Less   2  Weeks   1  Day   3  Days   2  Days   1  Day   2  Days   5  Hours   1  Week   SPEED
  7. 7. 77 99% of blogs link to traditional media 50% of stories on Twitter originate with traditional media 56% of reporters use social media as a resource 89% use blogs 98% of U.S. TV news outlets air Internet video 44% of Americans rely on friends as “news directors” CONNECTIVITY
  8. 8. INTEGRATION 8 Earned Owned PaidShared
  11. 11. 11 WHY CHANGE? 11
  12. 12. WHERE GH NEEDS TO GO Generalists Communications Partner Traditional Public Relations Traditional Media Business Partner Adaptable Specialists Holistic Engagement Multi Media US Centric Global 1212
  13. 13. A holistic communications firm designed and built to win in a complex digital world.                 AGENCY FOR THE FUTURE 1313
  14. 14. 14 Redesign agency model Expand integrated marketing capabilities Transition from generalist to specialist focus Invest in training and technology Make strategic acquisitions and partnerships Simplify billing structure STRATEGIES 14
  15. 15. MD EVP SVP VP AGS AS SAE AE AAE AC CURRENT MODEL Seniority-based ü üRedundant üIrrelevant 15
  16. 16. STRATEGISTS CATALYSTS CREATORS CONNECTORS Skill-based Relevant Digital ü ü ü NEW MODEL - • Big Picture Thinkers • Practice Leaders • Data-driven • Business-minded • ROI Drivers • Writers • Designers • Producers • Idea Generators • Content Creators • Traditional Media Experts • Social Media Experts • Trend Drivers • 24/7 Mission Control • Virtual Network • CRLs/Account Managers • Multi-Disciplined Collaborators • Flawless Executors • Change Agents 16
  17. 17. THE PROCESS
  18. 18. Premeditated evolution or intentional change. OUR MANTRA
  19. 19. COMPETENCIES ACROSS THE FOUR ROLES Strategist Future Focused Business Minded Data Obsessed Provocative Logical Versatile Learner Dot Connector Disciplined Catalyst Determined Motivating Highly Collaborative Problem Solver Detail Oriented Politically Savvy Growth Driver Change Agent Creator Ambiguity Navigator Creative Inspiring Innovative Curious Risk Taker Storyteller Highly Visual/Verbal Connector Media Savvy Informed Convincing Live Online Trend Watcher News Junkie Nimble Persistent 19
  20. 20. STRATEGIST SNAPSHOT 20 You distill abstract information into compelling insights that your team easily understands You understand or know how to get to the thorny underlying issues that keep clients awake at night You are a quick study of unfamiliar industries and new concepts You know, track and project key industry trends using the latest research and tools You use data to drive your decisions and quantifiable results to measure success You like to learn from the latest industry/demographic reports, annual reports and analyst calls You’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom or suggest something new You love to find solutions to complex problems
  21. 21. CREATORS SNAPSHOT 21 You are comfortable making decisions without all the information You like to try new things and your two favorite words are “what if” You are brilliant at bringing insights to life in a way that connects with people You embrace what’s original and different and want to apply it to your work You love to surprise clients with ideas and concepts that “wow” them You can take an idea and translate it into compelling words and/or images You find inspiration in unexpected places and are always looking to expand your perspective You know how to pull the best ideas out of people and shape them into something that works
  22. 22. CONNECTOR SNAPSHOT You are immersed in the online culture and use digital tools to manage your life You know how to shape great content and sell a story You always know what’s new and what’s next You pay constant attention to what’s going on in the media – online and off You know how to navigate the dynamics of a media campaign in real time You are conversant with the latest digital technologies and social media applications You are always exploring new ways to get exposure for your client in traditional and social media You’ve built media relationships over time and know what reporters and bloggers need 22
  23. 23. CATALYST SNAPSHOT 23 You are hell-bent on getting clients the absolute best results You have the ability to anticipate and solve problems for your clients and teams You understand how to get things done in your clients’ organizations You lead by example and inspire people to do their best work and exceed clients’ expectations You have remarkable organizational skills and love knowing everything is on time, on budget and of the highest standard You carry a sense of urgency in your day-to-day work, which empowers positive changes You like to work with people outside the group or agency to deliver the best possible thinking to your clients You are always looking for opportunities to build the business
  24. 24. ASSESSMENT PROCESS Group Directors develop short- and long-term staffing plan for each account to fill gaps. Group Directors recommend specialty group placement for each employee based on discussions. MDs & Group Directors meet and review recommended staffing plan and finalize role for each employee. 987 Fred (via video) explains the AFTF vision and introduces the assessment process. MDs distribute Self Assessment to all employees electronically. MDs or Group Directors hold meetings to explain how the process will work. 1 32 Self Assessment is “scored” and sent to Group Director for review. Group Director meets with each employee to discuss Self Assessments and add his/her perspective. Final decisions are not made at this time. Employee completes and submits Self Assessment. 654 Group Directors meet with each employee to discuss role and responsibilities in AFTF. MDs consolidate group plans into an analysis and forward plan to office. AFTF staffing plans sent to Corporate to develop company-wide outlook. 10 1211 24
  26. 26. CONNECT AND DEVELOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS Lead global collaboration Facilitate specialist training Drive best practice adoption Create new services Establish thought leadership 26
  27. 27. CATALYSTS Executive Director Director Sr. Manager Manager Associate CREATORS Executive (Function) (Function) Director Senior (Function) (Function) Associate (Function) CONNECTORS Executive (Function) (Function) Director Senior (Function) (Function) Associate (Function) STRATEGISTS Executive (Function) (Function) Director Sr. (Function) (Function) Associate (Function) 27 STRUCTURE & TITLES  
  28. 28. Strategist TRAINING   28 • PRSA  Communica>ons   Planning  &  Measurement   seminars   • Ins>tute  for  Public   Rela>ons  (IPR)   Measurement  Summit   • Reading  lists   • Online  modules   • Audiofile  trainings   • CMG  webinars   • KRC  Measurement   • Forrester   • Google  Trends   • Radian  6  capabili>es   • IPG  Center  for   Marke>ng  Intel   • Introduc>on  to   Planning   • The  Business  Case  for   PR   • Brand  Gauge  (Intro  &   Advanced)   • ROI  Modeling   g4   Partner   Outside  Self  
  29. 29. 29 Real-­‐Time  Engagement  Centers   TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS  
  30. 30. Overview Forward-thinking approach focused on speed and media diversity Always-on hubs with the latest monitoring and outreach technology More rigorous media planning process Optimized specialist team to spot and act on opportunities Dynamic merchandising tools to keep clients informed + engaged 30
  31. 31. GolinHarris idea harvesting system Allows every Catalyst, Creator, Strategist and Connector to solicit more thinking Can be expanded and opened to distinct panels of influencers 3131
  32. 32. g4 Community Collaboration Networks Facebook-style collaboration networks help global teams work together seamlessly Customized virtual networks serve as the home for specialist communities online Members share best practices and insights, learn and solve client challenges together Dedicated networks established for Catalysts, Connectors, Creators, Strategists 32
  34. 34. • Marketing Mix Modeling • Social Media Measurement • Integrated Planning Platform • Proprietary Research • Trend Analysis NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Software Development • Digital Production • Branding • Crowdsourcing • Advertising •   Global  Monitoring     • Real-Time  Analysis   •   Transmedia  Story  Engines   •   Mobile  Applica>ons   •   Custom  Client  Blogs   • Outlook Forecasting • Integrated Marketing • Best Practice Delivery 34
  35. 35. The Launch | June 15, 2011
  36. 36. Home Page
  37. 37. most popular business article 6th Re-tweeted 364 TIMES
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. “Great coverage and fabulous bold moves for GH! So glad to see some PR industry leadership in these critical areas where we need to compete.” Julie Winskie, Porter Novelli “Is their model perfect? Truth is they don’t know yet but we’re at the start of a restructuring of the PR sector, so other agencies are bound to follow.” Ben Smith, prmoment.com “I welcome the move. For too long PR consultancies have been held back by employing too many ‘jacks of all trades.’” Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief, PRWeek UK “It is easy to be cynical about such initiatives, but on balance I believe it is a genuine attempt to reshape for a future that will involve competition from many quarters outside the traditional PR sector.” Steve Barrett, Editor-in-Chief, PRWeek US “I definitely think this model will work and it could finally herald the movement of PR into a broader comms role.” Francis Ingham, Chief Executive, PRCA 39
  40. 40. OPINION  POLL  
  41. 41. SOME QUESTIONS FOR ACADEMIA 41 •  What  will  tomorrow’s  workforce  look  like?   •  Is  there  s>ll  a  role  for  tradi>onal  PR  majors?   •  Should  specializa>on  be  encouraged?   •  Are  technology  skills  cri>cal  for  success?  
  42. 42. Questions? •  To ask questions via WebEx: 1. Using the chat function on the right side of your screen please type your question and send to the host, Sophie Parr •  To ask questions via conference line 1. Using the “raise hand” icon please raise your hand before unmuting your line 2. When the host calls your name you can unmute your line and ask your question Please  submit  your  ques>ons  via  the  Chat  func>on  on  WebEx  or  ask  them  over   the  conference  line    
  43. 43. Presentation Archive The audio portion of this webcast and slides will be posted to the Plank Center Website at: plankcenter.ua.edu > webinars 43