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Editing tips

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Planeta.com welcomes editorial comments from readers. Here's what works best! Comments are welcome and so are embeds, likes and shares.


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Editing tips

  1. 1. editing planeta.wikispaces.com/EDIT • 12.2016 @ronmader TIPS
  2. 2. Planeta.com welcomes editorial comments from readers. Here's what works best! We welcome your interaction -- comments, questions, suggestions, shares, clips, favorites, likes and hearts. - Ron Mader (Las Vegas, 2016) planeta.com • planeta.wikispaces.com/edit About This Presentation
  3. 3. planeta.wikispaces.com/edit
  4. 4. Change The World H e l p E d i t Image: openclipart.org
  5. 5. Useful edits are simple and direct.
  6. 6. It’s easier than ever to make editorial suggestions
  7. 7. Be positive
  8. 8. Be generous
  9. 9. Be specific
  10. 10. Editing is a collaborative endeavor with mutual benefits.
  11. 11. Effective edits update existing text
  12. 12. When submitting a correction for a website, include the URL.
  13. 13. When submitting a correction for a book, include page number.
  14. 14. If you come across dead links, report them.
  15. 15. Upgrade placeholders.
  16. 16. When possible, talk it out face to face and follow up
  17. 17. Participate using the social web particularly wikis
  18. 18. You Can Change the World Edit the Planeta Wiki!
  19. 19. slideshare.net/planeta/editingtips Please Share
  20. 20. @ronmader