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On Open Knowledge Maps, Aiming High & Integrity

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Input for the kick-off of #FellowsFreiesWissen, October 8.

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On Open Knowledge Maps, Aiming High & Integrity

  1. 1. @PeterKraker
  2. 2. It‘s time to change the way we discover research
  3. 3. Overview of heart diseases
  4. 4. Who we are Open Knowledge Maps is a non-profit organization dedicated to dramatically improving the visibility of scientific knowledge for science and society alike
  5. 5. Our mission
  6. 6. https://openknowledgemaps.org
  7. 7. Advantages
  8. 8. Open science, all the way Open Source https://github.com/OpenKnowledgeMaps Open Content Open Data (planned) Working in the open Open roadmap Open proposals Participatory development
  9. 9. Working in the open
  10. 10. Team
  11. 11. Advisors
  12. 12. Partners
  13. 13. The first 16 months Featured on the front pages of reddit & HackerNews 180,000+ visits on the site, 40,000+ maps created, 350+ participants in workshops Winner of the Open Minds Award
  14. 14. Our mission
  15. 15. Aiming high and failing Aiming high means that you usually will not be able to fully meet your ambitious goals – but that you will often accomplish more than you would without these ambitious goals Aiming high also means that you will make promises to other people that you may not be able to keep
  16. 16. Integrity Integrity is honoring your word (Jensen and Erhard 2010) Honoring your word means: 1. Keeping your word 2. When you will not be keeping your word, informing everyone impacted: a. That you will not be keeping your word b. By when you will keep your word (if at all) c. What you will do to deal with the impact on others
  17. 17. @PeterKraker Thank you for your attention!