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By the people for the people

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By the people for the people

  1. 1. Marketing By the People, For the People Pinny Gniwisch Chief Motivational Officer www.ice.com
  2. 2. 2 # 1 In traffic in the online jewelry category  Unique visitors 1.3 Million No. of registered customers 1.6 Million
  3. 3. 3 Acquired Diamond.com in 2006
  4. 4. QuickTime™ and a MPEG-4 Video decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  5. 5. 5 QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. The moment of Realization
  6. 6. What Is Social Media Marketing?
  7. 7. “Social Media Marketing: Enables Others to Advocate fo Your Business Through Compelling Content” Image credit: Ian Sane
  8. 8. “Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party: Listen Then Respond” hoto Credit: he Dana Files
  9. 9. 200 Million Boxes
  10. 10. Why Is Social Media Important?: Statistics Photo Credit: kevindooley
  11. 11. 500 Million Active Facebook Users Source: Tech HeraldPhoto Credit: Oversocialized
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006 Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. 126 MillionThe number of blogs on the Internet. Source: Jess3
  18. 18. 2 Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
  19. 19. o 9191% say consumer reviews are the% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying#1 aid to buying decisionsdecisions -- JC Williams GroupJC Williams Group o 8787%% trust a friend’s recommendationtrust a friend’s recommendation over critic’sover critic’s reviewreview -- Marketing SherpaMarketing Sherpa o 33 times more likely totimes more likely to trust peer opinions overtrust peer opinions over advertising for purchasing decisionsadvertising for purchasing decisions -- Jupiter ResearchJupiter Research o 11 word-of-mouth conversation hasword-of-mouth conversation has impact ofimpact of 200 TV ads200 TV ads -- BuzzAgentBuzzAgent ** Slide courtesy of Digital Influence GroupSlide courtesy of Digital Influence Group Social media influences peopleSocial media influences people
  20. 20. People are using social mediaPeople are using social media Social media sites are the fastest-growing category on theSocial media sites are the fastest-growing category on the web, doubling their traffic over the last year.web, doubling their traffic over the last year. o7373% of active online users have% of active online users have read a blogread a blog o4545% have started% have started their own blogtheir own blog o5757% have joined a% have joined a social networksocial network o5555% have uploaded% have uploaded photosphotos o8383% have watched% have watched video clipsvideo clips Universal McCann’s Comparative Study on Social Media Trends, AprilUniversal McCann’s Comparative Study on Social Media Trends, April 2008. 17,000 respondents from 29 countries, *using internet at least2008. 17,000 respondents from 29 countries, *using internet at least every other dayevery other day
  21. 21. Social media marketing is growingSocial media marketing is growing SOCIAL MEDIA DEFINEDSOCIAL MEDIA DEFINED
  22. 22. The conversation isThe conversation is notnot:: o controlledcontrolled o organizedorganized o ““on messageon message”” The conversationThe conversation isis:: o organicorganic o complexcomplex o speaks in aspeaks in a human voicehuman voice Social media isSocial media is not anot a strategystrategy or aor a tactictactic –– it’s simply ait’s simply a channelchannel.. The social media conversationThe social media conversation
  23. 23. 24
  24. 24. TheThe powerpower toto definedefine andand controlcontrol aa brandbrand isis shiftingshifting fromfrom corporationscorporations andand institutionsinstitutions toto individualsindividuals andand communitiescommunities.. Social media is changing our worldSocial media is changing our world
  25. 25. 26
  26. 26. o ExperimentExperiment personallypersonally before professionallybefore professionally o Try aTry a varietyvariety of socialof social media toolsmedia tools o BeBe yourselfyourself, make some, make some friendsfriends, and, and shareshare Experiment with social mediaExperiment with social media
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. 29
  29. 29. 30
  30. 30. Social Media Objectives 1. Create brand awareness through online word of mouth 2. Acquire new customers via the social media channel 3. Foster loyalty and retention among existing customers 2. Improve customer service level
  31. 31. 32
  32. 32. Social Media Ecosystem
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Image Credit: Hamed Saber
  35. 35. Customer Service via Social Media
  36. 36. Customer Service via Social Media  4800+ customer service cases resolved through Social Media in past 6 months  Compiling customer influencers database  Customer re-activation and win-back  Generating customer insights and identifying customer experience flaws.
  37. 37. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. 5.3 million views
  38. 38. 39
  39. 39. Building relationships…
  40. 40. ICE.com Love Story Contest on Facebook Tell Us Your Love Story for a Chance to Win  User generated contest run entirely in Facebook.  4,300+ new fans and email opt-ins  965 stories submitted  Engagement  5.5 Votes / Story  .33 Comments / story  10+ interactions / post during contest period
  41. 41. • 12 days of christmas ellen
  42. 42. • Plan the outcome (ellen) QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  43. 43. Ellen DeGeneres Valentine’s Day Special Audience Gift and Initiative to Support Haiti Results:  30-second on-air endorsement from Ellen DeGeneres to 3,000,000+ viewers  Est. 4,000+ New Fans and email opt-ins in 48 hours
  44. 44. 45
  45. 45. Resources required for socialResources required for social media may include:media may include: o Strategic consultationStrategic consultation o TrainingTraining o Creating contentCreating content o Integrating toolsIntegrating tools o Distributing contentDistributing content o Relationship managementRelationship management o Measuring valueMeasuring value Social Media is not freeSocial Media is not free
  46. 46. 47
  47. 47. 48
  48. 48. • Dedicate in honor In Memory of
  49. 49. 51
  50. 50. o Tap into the wisdom of the crowdTap into the wisdom of the crowd to access a wider talent pool andto access a wider talent pool and gain customer insightgain customer insight o Companies that use crowdCompanies that use crowd sourcing include:sourcing include: o Starbucks (MyStarbucks)Starbucks (MyStarbucks) o Dell (Ideastorm)Dell (Ideastorm) o DuPontDuPont o NetflixNetflix o WikipediaWikipedia o iStockphoto.comiStockphoto.com o Threadless.comThreadless.com o Mechanical Turk (Amazon)Mechanical Turk (Amazon) Crowd Sourcing – Submit, Discuss,Crowd Sourcing – Submit, Discuss, VoteVote
  51. 51. 53
  52. 52. o AvoidAvoid pufferypuffery (people will ignore it)(people will ignore it) o AvoidAvoid evasionevasion andand lyinglying (people(people won’twon’t ignore it)ignore it) o Companies have watchedCompanies have watched theirtheir biggest screw-up'sbiggest screw-up's rise to the top 10 of arise to the top 10 of a Google searchGoogle search o Admit your mistakesAdmit your mistakes rightright awayaway
  53. 53. Folksy “Isn’t Wal-Mart great” travel blog “Wal-Marting Across America” hits a reputation pot-hole when unmasked as being paid for by company. Social Relevance: Black eye for Wal-Mart amid accusations that it was trying to shift attention away from criticism of its labor practices. October 2006
  54. 54. 56
  55. 55. 57
  56. 56. Polyvore and Rich Media Content
  57. 57. Blogs
  58. 58. 60
  59. 59. 61 Are we good for time?
  60. 60. o Don’t be afraidDon’t be afraid to share.to share. Corporations, like people,Corporations, like people, need to share information toneed to share information to get the value out of socialget the value out of social mediamedia o Make your content easy toMake your content easy to shareshare o IncorporateIncorporate tools thattools that promote sharing:promote sharing: o Share This,Share This, RSS feeds, EmailRSS feeds, Email a frienda friend 6. Share your content6. Share your content
  61. 61. o Don'tDon't shoutshout. Don't. Don't broadcastbroadcast. Don’t. Don’t bragbrag.. o Speak like yourselfSpeak like yourself – not a– not a corporate marketing shill orcorporate marketing shill or press secretarypress secretary o Personify your brandPersonify your brand –– give people something theygive people something they can relate to.can relate to. 7. Be personal and act like a7. Be personal and act like a personperson
  62. 62. ZAPPOS – Customer service isZAPPOS – Customer service is centralcentral o Zappos, an online shoe retailer, makesZappos, an online shoe retailer, makes customer service central with a focuscustomer service central with a focus on “on “making personalmaking personal andand emotionalemotional connectionsconnections.”.” o Divert marketing budget to customerDivert marketing budget to customer service (theyservice (they outsource marketing tooutsource marketing to their customerstheir customers; they don’t outsource; they don’t outsource their call centre)their call centre) o Use Twitter to promote their brandUse Twitter to promote their brand o Website displays anyWebsite displays any public tweetspublic tweets mentioningmentioning of their brandof their brand o CEO has over 400,000 followersCEO has over 400,000 followers o 430430 employees on Twitteremployees on Twitter o $1billion$1billion in sales last year and theirin sales last year and their expanding into new product categoriesexpanding into new product categories
  63. 63. o Think like aThink like a contributorcontributor,, not a marketernot a marketer o Consider what isConsider what is relevantrelevant to the communityto the community beforebefore contributingcontributing o Don’t promoteDon’t promote youryour product on every postproduct on every post o Win friends byWin friends by promotingpromoting other people’s contentother people’s content if itif it interests youinterests you 8. Contribute in a meaningful way8. Contribute in a meaningful way
  64. 64. o Don’t try to deleteDon’t try to delete oror remove criticism (it will justremove criticism (it will just make it worse)make it worse) o ListenListen to your detractorsto your detractors o AdmitAdmit your shortcomingsyour shortcomings o Work openlyWork openly towards antowards an explanationexplanation and legitimateand legitimate solutionsolution 9. See criticism as an opportunity9. See criticism as an opportunity
  65. 65. Valentine’s Day: Jet Blue passengers are stranded for up to 8 hours on runway. They film and blog their ordeal. Social Relevance: Jet Blue understood how its reputation was being hurt online and so CEO David Neelman quickly crafted a YouTube apology.
  66. 66. BazaarvoiceBazaarvoice ““People are twice as likely to convertPeople are twice as likely to convert when there is a negative reviewwhen there is a negative review amongst the positive ones”amongst the positive ones” Sam DeckerSam Decker CMOCMO
  67. 67. o Don’t wait until you haveDon’t wait until you have a campaigna campaign to launch -to launch - start planning and listeningstart planning and listening nownow o Build relationshipsBuild relationships soso they’re ready when youthey’re ready when you need themneed them 10. Be proactive10. Be proactive

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  • Our eyes are open to the stories we are told every day – the noise marketers make around us, no longer holds our attention. We know there is more to life choices
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    When Hilary Duff’s fiancé, NHL hockey player Mike Comrie, proposed with a $1 MM engagement ring, it made headlines, and ICE.com capitalized by using this opportunity to talk about the story and diamond engagement rings on SparkleLikeTheStars.com, of course linking back to our diamond rings and wedding boutique pages of our main site, ICE.com
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