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Project Review of Goyal Orchids – Bengaluru

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The Residential Development by Goyal & Co. Group offers a wide array of sizes and room configurations to enable to make a nuanced selection. Planning an investment? Have a look at this one.

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Project Review of Goyal Orchids – Bengaluru

  1. 1. Project Review of Goyal Orchids - Bengaluru
  2. 2. Goyal Orchids - Bengaluru If you love greeneries and want to settle amidst the nature then this project best suited for you. The project is done with the help of state of the architecture and thus the residents can expect to get most comfortable and peaceful life here. Whether you are having a joint family or nuclear one or midsized one this project has everything which can suits your needs and requirements. Nestled in the green patches of Whitefield and spreads across lush green fields this project has something that a nature lover can resist.
  3. 3. Over view of the project Built in the lap of nature in Whitefield east Bangalore, Goyal Orchid Whitefield spreads in more than 7 acres area and provides the dwellers a cool and serene environment to live peacefully. The project consists of 5 towers of G+14 floors amounting to a whooping 496 units. You can avail 1, 2, 3 and 4BHK apartments here which ranges between 725 to 1625 sq ft.
  4. 4. Amenities for the residents In this project you can avail all kinds of earthy comforts and facilities that one can expect to receive in a top quality residential property. The amenities which are worth mentioning are,  A Party Hall  Double height entrance lobby  Convenience store  gymnasium  Crèche with play area  Sauna and Steam, Saloon  Badminton court  Squash court  Indoor games and many more.
  5. 5. Location of Goyal Orchids The strategic location of this project makes it one of the most sought after projects of east Bangalore area. It is located in the heart of the Whitefield which is revered as one of the IT hubs of the city. Due to the easy connectivity and social infrastructure thi project is also enjoys an advantageous point. This part of the city is well connected to other important destinations of the city.
  6. 6. Price of the apartments Though this project has all the international class facilities and amenities to offer to the residents of this property still the price of this project is quite affordable by most of the people. To buy an apartment here you have to shell out anything between 32lakhs to 70 lakhs. Though with their early bird offer you can get a chance to book a flat only with Rs.4299 - 4599 rate per sq ft. The company also offering affordable booking prices, for 2BHK you need to pay 2 lakhs and for 3BHK and above you need to invest 2.5lakhs only.
  7. 7. Chances of appreciation Due to the growing market, proximity to the major IT hubs, easy connectivity, developed social infrastructure this place is the most looked after area for those who are searching for an apartment in Bangalore and thus the price is getting appreciated day by day. Now the average price for an apartment is near Rs.5095/sq ft which can go up to Rs.6395/sq ft. the prices are increasing day by day so if you want you are looking to invest in the Bangalore property market this project is the ideal option for you.
  8. 8. Reasons to buy/invest There are a few striking features which makes this project ideal for the investment and the reasons are, • Good price band • Well – planned and immaculately design • Strategic location • Top class amenities • Reputation of the builder