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Softlanding for global startups nsob taiwan 19 juni 2014

I was happy to share my experience and vision with the Governmental delegation from Taiwan on how to attract international entrepreneurial talent. For example through softlanding programs, international incubation and seed accelerators.

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Softlanding for global startups nsob taiwan 19 juni 2014

  1. 1. Global Start-ups supported with softlanding program Pim de Bokx Chairman DIA – Dutch Incubation Association Initiator of Pioneerz Partnership
  2. 2. Pim de Bokx 2 – Entrepreneur since my 20th – Several companies and organizations founded – Education in Landscape architecture and Business Science – Started private BViT innovation network in 2000 with 2 partners and 1 VC, developing 6 incubators over time: Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Den Helder, Noordwijk. – Developer XLX game based entrepreneurship training. – Chairman DIA (Dutch Incubation Association) – Owner of Huygens-XC, Expertise Centre on Entrepreneurship Development and Business Incubation. – Founder Pioneerz Partnership to enable the PioneersSociety: “managing the risk to dramatically improve”
  3. 3. 3 PIONEERZ
  4. 4. History of Incubation in NL 1948: Wholesale building Rotterdam >> development business centers all over the country (now more than 400) 1986: Business Technology Centre of University Twente >> development of thematic incubators all over the country like Twinning (ICT) and Biopartner. 2000: BViT founded to develop a network of incubators 2000: Newconomy (private incubator) goes IPO. 2004: Gorillapark bankrupt; last private incubator to go bankrupt (except BViT incubators). 2006: New law on higher education and launch of government programme to stimulate universities to develop incubators. 4
  5. 5. Typology Dutch Incubation Industry 2012 3d generation / focus Nr. Remarks Design/Creative 10 High-Tech 8 Aero&Space 2 Noordwijk, Noordoostpolder Medic/Biotech/Life Science 8 Internet/IT/media 9 Sustainable/Cleantech 4 General/mix 10 TOTAL 51 Dutch Incubators Abroad 2 Silicon Valley, Hong Kong Softlanding service 3 Noordwijk, Almere, Delft Corporate 2 Philips, DSM University Owned 18 5
  6. 6. (c) Pim de Bokx, Taipei, 15-11-2011 6
  7. 7. (c) Pim de Bokx, Taipei, 15-11-2011 7
  8. 8. Global Start-ups supported with softlanding program
  9. 9. Why attract Global Start-ups? • International input in local ecosystem • Building international network for local entrepreneurs • Scaling exploitation opportunities for local resources • Prestige?
  10. 10. What do you need? • International profile and recognition • International culture • International language • Attractive proposition • Resources and/or markets to exploit • Institutes, investors, companies to work with • Softlanding program = easy to kick-off operations in foreign country
  11. 11. Entry Policy & Start Incubation Attract Projects Capital Formation Shout Human Capital Scout Intellectual Capital Screen Social Capital Select Financial Capital
  12. 12. Attract & Match Attract Projects Shout Scout Screen Select Match Projects Entry Policy Incubation Support Exit Policy Resources
  13. 13. Softlanding Program • Entry Policy: objective, target group, target Enterprise stage, target technology/discipline, target sectors, target ROI, etc. • Softlanding support: Easy setup, Entrepreneurial BI-team, client or partner or development project? Focus on Entrepreneurial Team development, opportunity management/risk- management and market exposure. • Exit Policy: demand performance, create exit = launch to ‘normal’ market, celebrate success • Resources: not unlimited, seeking efficiency, shared facilities, price vs. value mismatch.
  14. 14. Attract • Shout: communicate the entrepreneurial achievement, communicate success, attract Iconic entrepreneurs to the board • Scout: entrepreneurship days, open day/events, university education, guest colleges; get to know the potential talent • Screen: organize idea competitions, innovation challenges, technology quests; to find potential product concepts • Select: best possible entrepreneurial initiatives which fit your entry policy, incubation services, resources, exit outlook.
  15. 15. Startup Creation Capital Formation Human Capital Intellectual Capital Social Capital Financial Capital Kick-off program Contract Business Planning Foundation Support Settle-in Support
  16. 16. Kick-off program • Contract: purpose of the cooperation, targets, rights & duties, pricing, valuations, use of resources, invoicing, liability, secrecy (NDA) • Business Planning & Monitoring: establish operational plan, install monitoring and evaluation • Foundation Support: support effective Capital Formation (legal, financial, notary, IP, fiscal) don’t forget to value Human Capital and Social Capital • Settle-in Support: company registration, plug & play office, house rules, introduction to incubatees, mentors and network.
  17. 17. Capital Formation • Human Capital: a startup’s most valuable asset, mostly forgotten. • Intellectual Capital: Patents, Technology license, copyright, brands • Social Capital: suppliers, family & friends, launching customers, crucial partners • Financial Capital: founders equity, family debt, suppliers credit, customer pre-payments, subsidies/grants
  18. 18. Global Start-ups supported with softlanding program Managing Performance
  19. 19. Managing Performance • Measuring is learning NOT knowing • Selecting is valuing • Sharing is multiplying • Demanding progress is learning success • Towards ‘investment readiness’ • Prerequisite for Quality Management • Eminent to create and keep support from various stakeholders
  20. 20. incubation – & venture management Enabling ecosystem synergies Integrator of performance systems Creating multi-stakeholder value chains Development of high-performance start-up programmes managing the risk to dramatically improve
  21. 21. Enterprise Development Model 21 ORIENTATIE PERCEPTIE CONCEPTIE INCUBATIE INTRODUCTIE PROMOTIE EXPLOITATIE INNOVATIE Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling Ontwikkeling VAKmanschap Techniek Toepassing Product Markt Organisatie Financien Vernieuwing observatie idee concept/principe plan+prototype EXIT -2 EXIT -1 EXIT 0 EXIT 1 introductie EXIT 2 groei EXIT 3 EXIT 4 EXIT 5 Productieklaar Product marktontwikkeling diversificatie volwassen vernieuwing break-even marktacceptatie Business Concept Business Startup PlanProductontwikkelplan Marketingplanning ONDERNEMEN PROJECT START GROEI ondernemer draagt zorg voor de marktontwikkeling maar laat de verdere commercie over aan … ondernemer bouwt een marktgerichte onderneming op en verkoopt die. ondernemer bouwt een rendabel bedrijf op en verkoop (een deel) van het bedrijf. ondernemer splitst zijn bedrijf, (ver- )koopt delen, investeert in vernieuwing student rond af met het idee dat zelfstandig ondernemerschap wel/niet iets is voor hem/haar. onderzoeker rond af met de conclusie dat er wel/niet toepassingsmogelijk heden zijn. pre-starter rond af met een plan waarin de zakelijke potentie van het te ontwikkelen product blijkt. starter ontwikkeld product en laat de marktintroductie over aan anderen. marktintroductie begeleiden, markttoegang helpen, productieproces opzetten organisatie helpen opbouwen, leren managen, marktexposure vergroten selecteren pmc's met grootste exposure/rendement ratio en cashgenerators vernieuwen cashgenerators, zoeken nieuwe sterren, afbouwen slecht renderende zaken training & assessment mensen research & evaluatie ideeen om nieuwe technieken/processe n toe te passen teambuilding&kanse n assess. Resources vinden prototyping productdevelopment, projectmanagement, testomgeving product en commercialisatie- plan worden getoetsd op kwaliteit en financierbaarheid na een succesvolle marktintroductie en een goed financierbaar organisatieplan … na het verwerven van substantieel marktaandeel een behoorlijke marge … na het realiseren van een behoorlijk rendement en het in beeld krijgen van de levenscyli … student wordt geworven via voorlichting, curriculum en activiteiten. onderzoeker wordt bewust gemaakt van de mogelijkheden van ondernemerschap. persoon en concept worden getoetsd op commerciele potentie/ ond skills persoon, plan, prototype toets risico's en kwaliteiten, eerste klant/investeerder incubator Innovation factory
  22. 22. Purpose of Seed Accelerator Fast & Accurate Launch
  23. 23. Key challenges accelerator 1. Selecting the top 10% of ambitious start-up teams 2. Preventing programme costs cutting into your return 3. Enhance the use of experience and access to markets of a huge number of mentors, entrepreneurs and investors 4. Enhance synergies in the program and the ecosystem 5. Focus on ‘investment readiness’ 6. Work with the start-up team to develop their venture PIONEERZ - managing the risk to dramatically improve
  24. 24. Accelerator Management = Venture Management • Profile: international, scalable, potentially disruptive, good executive team, exponential return • Work with teams to build market driven ventures • Prepare start-ups to become an appealing investment vehicle fast PIONEERZ - managing the risk to dramatically improve
  25. 25. Seed Accelerator Navigation Seed Accelerator Navigation Venture Management Technology
  26. 26. Team dashboard
  27. 27. Start-up dashboard
  28. 28. Portfolio dashboard
  29. 29. Accelerating Innovation Adding value to the Ecosystem
  30. 30. Management Team PARTNERING COMPANIES Huygens-XC, Dutch Coast, Perportam, Silkbricks, Zebralegal, Bokxing-IT, Hobeon, Coster Management Pim de Bokx Managing Partner Gerrit Jan in ‘t Veen Managing Partner Hugo Kooiman Managing Partner Business Incubation Entrepreneurship Development Business Development Marketing & Service Design Business Finance Venture Capital Management
  32. 32. Thank You Ing. P.M. (Pim) de Bokx BSc. CPO of Pioneerz Partnership +31(0)654 247 268 +31(88)2848600 pim@pioneerz.com www.pioneerz.com http://nl.linkedin.com/in/pimdebokx Partnerships • DIA (Dutch Incubation Association), • EBN/Quality Auditor EBN • ESA Business Incubation Centres • GNBI (Global Network of Business Incubation)