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Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing
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  2. 2. Product Development Cynthia Wu Yue CTO Tommy Chu Ming Chun Marketing Director Hanks Lu Heng Investors & Advisers Jong Lee, Brian Ho COO Yao Ye CTO Tommy Chu Ming Chun Team introduction
  3. 3. What’s our business?
  4. 4. What do young female pet owners do with their pets? Anyone keep ‘dairy’ for pets ? Let’s see: What’s our business? Current scenario
  5. 5. UGLY & BORING? What’s your business?
  6. 6. What’s your business? How do you buy pet goods? So many items, for you? Taobao.com Real Store Expensive Ask Friends
  7. 7. CHEAP & EFFICIENT? What’s your business?
  8. 8. WHAT WE PROVIDE? What’s your business?
  9. 9. What’s your business?
  10. 10. China mainland Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Market size
  11. 11. 7,500,000 people • Pet owner • Age 22-35 range • Middle class income( ¥ 5000- ¥ 15000) • Smartphone user 375,000 pet narrator user 5% download and use 375,000 pet narrator user 5% download and use China mainland Target Customer Description Market size
  12. 12. China mainland Referrals (CPA) ¥ 0.5 per purchase per customer OR ¥ 150 per month per cooperator Advertising (CPC) ¥ 16 per 1000 impression OR ¥ 128 per month ¥ 150 per month 100 cooperators each city 4 cities ¥ 60000 ¥ 128 per month 100 cooperators each city 4 cities ¥ 51200 ¥ 111200 per month X X X X = = + Market size
  13. 13. Value to parteners
  14. 14. Key Competitor: Pet Guide Key Competitor: Pet Next Door •Revenue Model: Advertising •Backup: HK Veterinary Nursing Association •Information based: Detail information from veterinary •No revenue model •Community based •Enhance the community by contest •Bad interface •No further service provide Pet Narrator’s Advantages •Community based •Diary system to hold users •Easy and intuitive user interface •Effective way for entrepreneur targeting customers •A channel between users, entrepreneur and veterinary Competitors
  15. 15. User acquisition Gather user information Intelligent suggestions From •Ad, •E-mail, •Viral marketing •Distribution partners Includes •Account information •Diary data •Purchase record According to •User behavior •Location •History User switches into profit By •Referral Fee •Advertising income Business model
  16. 16. High quality user data + Large expected user base + premium targeted ads = High profit potential Future potential
  17. 17. Thank you
  18. 18. Chu Ming Chun 12084856g
  19. 19. Jobs  Provides technical direction for the development, design, and systems integration.  Applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients.  Creates and executes development plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
  20. 20. Location Based Service Location Based Service
  21. 21. Why?  In a recent study, smartphone usage in the United States has risen from 35 percent of adults in 2011 to 46 percent in 2012.  The people who receive location-based information has doubled at 23 percent in May 2011 to 41 percent in February 2012.
  22. 22. Measurements  Click rate on searching stores, veterinaries and funeral services.  View other pets nearby rate.  How many times they really go to the shops.
  23. 23. Examples Study
  24. 24. Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
  25. 25. Why?  Maintenance cost for outsourced storage is lower than local storage.  Flexibility on increase or decrease the network traffic capability.  Higher stability and performance than local storage.
  26. 26. Measurements  Compare the cost between local storage and cloud storage.  Measure the accessibility and backup availability.  How fast we can access the server.
  27. 27. Examples Study Dropbox Mozy Amazon Cloud Drive
  28. 28.  Improve our user interface by web analytics.  Provide the most suitable information for users, help users to search what they want as fast as possible.  Sell users’ locations data to company. Tracking customers behavior Tracking customers behavior
  29. 29. Why?  Help us learn valuable information about your customers’ behavior.  It can tell us how to provide more value and optimize every customer’s experience.  Show us where things might be going wrong so we can solve them and retain more of our traffic as customers.
  30. 30. Measurements  Research on how many clicks they can find the right information they need. Testing 3 click rules and breaking 3 clicks rules each month.  External clicks on further information that they may interest.  Signup conversion rate.
  31. 31. Examples Study  ClickTale doubled their sign-up conversions from 40% to 80% with a simple change of adding an explicit and very visible “optional” label to the phone number input box. Link  Jared Spool wrote about a case on how removing a button and adding a clear error message to avoid user errors in a checkout process increased revenue by $300 million in just a year.  A small business could buy a marketing report from Verizon about a designated area. CNNMoneyTech
  32. 32. Marketing Director 12145198G Hanks Lu
  33. 33.  Set up the mid-long termmarket strategy for the business  Improve the brand value of the company and business  Help to the marketing teamdevelopment HOW CAN I HELP THE BUSINESS?
  34. 34. New media ideas to help the business  Weibo marketing  location based service  Virus video
  35. 35. 1.Weibo marketing  Quick response to the PR problems  Effective Advertising platform  To Improve and keep the brand’s popularity and value
  36. 36. Case study
  37. 37. Why it will work?  Weibo has a huge amount of users, the advertising and PR on this platform can be wildly expressed.  It is more interactive compared with mass media, so we can get the feed back directly sometimes.  Our customers are there, so it is easierto find them.
  38. 38. 2.Location based service  send messages to users when they nearby some stakeholders (pet stores, Veterinaries, etc ) ;  statistic how the users distributed and find out the biggest market;  use LBS to give users a gamified user experience
  39. 39. Starbuck mobile pour Stella Artois Le Bar Guide Mini virtual car Case study
  40. 40. Why it will work?  Use LBS we can understand more detail information such as userbehaviors about our customers.  LBS is still a new and cool technology to the Chinese customers, it will enhance our brand value.  Gamification can create more fun, then lead to more trust from customers
  41. 41.  Create the official page on different video website such as Youku and Youtube.  Use virus marketing, make fun videos and make people share them;  Connect with weibo marketing, increase the quality of the content that weibo provide to the audiences. 3.Virus video marketing
  42. 42. Cokacola Apple_iphone5 Budweiser_wassup Case study
  43. 43. Why it will work?  Our target customers like surfing on the internet, these videos can easier touch them  a fun video can make strongermemory of our brand in customers’ brains  people will share the video by themselves if it is interesting enough, so it is low cost and high effect
  44. 44. How can we measure the success criteria for these ideas- and how long it would take? Forthe Weibo idea: Follows,comments and shares. These things will show how good your brand is spread. Forthe LBS idea: to measure how much user purchase goods with the message we sent them; Forthe video idea: Comments, clicks and shares.
  45. 45. Yao Ye 12141415g Individual Work
  46. 46. Role in company—Operation Using mobile phone software supervision system to protect whole app security. Ensure to establish a high credibility of the promotions specialists' platform. Customer feedback service.
  47. 47. The trend
  48. 48. Why mobile phone software supervision system • More Efficiency- improve the supervision efficiency. • More Safty- after use this system, it will provide more clean and stable communication environment in our app. • Achieve Remote Monitoring- it is more convenience for users.
  49. 49. How to evaluate • How many malicious ads the system prevents in one month. • How many times the app automatically shut down in one month.
  50. 50. Why high credibility There were 24535 phishings happened in 2012 Payment transactions category occupied 68.08%
  51. 51. How to build high credibility 2.Using the real-name authentication system. 1.Introducing ICP(Internet Content Provider ).
  52. 52. How to evaluate In one year • How many customs do the real-name authentication • How many stores provide the license
  53. 53. Examples Taobao has own real- name authentication system and need license.
  54. 54. Customer feedback service. • When you come to the pet store interface, there is a feedback questionaire. • We also provide all kinds of contact imformation. • Customs can login official website to give suggestions.
  55. 55. 08/09/13 Examples This is the Taobao customers feedback. Feedback servise website.

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Referrals 10% click in and 10% purchase advertising 8000~10000 impression per month ; in the beginning we assume 50 partners and
  • Referrals 10% click in and 10% purchase advertising 8000~10000 impression per month ; in the beginning we assume 100 partners at the beginning.
  • This is why we think these ideas will work for your business and target customer / market