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A cognitive business is a business that thinks

  1. @pieroleo A  cognitive  business  is a  business  that thinks Pietro  Leo  – Executive  Architect  -­ IBM  Italy  CTO  for  Big  Data  Analytics  &  Watson IBM  Academy  of  Technology  Leadership  Team
  2. Elsa Tanmay Bakshi Toothbrush Leukemia
  3. In  2015  63%   of  CEOs     will  increase   investment   in  digital,  it   is  a  matter   of  survive
  4. Investment   in  private     Fintech companies   increase  10x   in  past  5   years:  19B
  5. The  biggest   taxi  company   do  not  own   cars
  6. The  largest   accommodati on  company   owns  no  real   estates
  7. The  largest   media   company   owns  not   content
  8. Artificial   Intelligence   patents  have   more  than   tripled  in  10   years
  9. Venture  Scanner   are  tracking 957   Artificial Intelligence   companies  with  a   combined funding amount of  $4.8  Billion
  10. 78%  of   executives  say   business    will   manage  people   along  side   machines
  11. 12 What is the behind? Digital Business + Digital Intelligence
  12. 13 You  shared   your  position   with  me  and   can  guess  your   mobility  need.   I  can  take  you   where  you  need   to  be Just  enjoy   your  new   experience.   Stay  safe   as  in  your   home I  know  what   is  needed   for  you,   even  before   you  order  it Please,  come   with  me  and   stay  by  me. I  know  your   content  I  can   take  care  of  all   your  digital  life
  13. Automating the World Understanding the World Main Technology Shift H-Factor Program Train Knowledge Workers Learning Workers
  14. BIG  DATA DATA WISDOM Knowledge Information Technology is not only supporting every kind of private and public organizations, it is becoming part of them Analytics Cloud  Computing Data  Science Mobile Social Digitalization Technology
  15. 16 Is wisdoma pure computing or math problem?
  16. 2011 2015 2016 -­ AlphaGO=4        Lee  Se-­Dol=1 1997 -­ IBM=2.5        Kasparov=2.5 1997 AlphaGO uses  self-­trained net  to  evaluate positions  and  moves on  30M  historical games DeepBlue uses  a  hard-­coded  objective  function   written  by  a  human  coupled  with  High   Performance  Computing 2016 10 10170 10 40 Applying or having wisdom in real world is not only an AI game COMPUTING & MATH WISDOM IBM Watson – Jeopardy! SEMANTICS
  17. 18 We need wisdom to be helped to cope with Cognitive Overload
  18. 19with WISDOM Observe InterpretDecide Evaluate The making of an expert.
  19. Cognitive Computing and IBM Watson scales expertise to expand what’s possible. Main IT challenge is now about the possibility to expand our Wisdom options Watson
  20. IBM  State-­of-­the-­Art:  Today  Cognitive  Computing  &  Watson  is  in   multiple  industries  across  6  continents 36 Countries 100+ Applications already in market 3.000 Researchers & Specialists in IBM Watson Core Technology 9 Languages Learned by Watson, natively (*) 160 Universities offering Watson courses 500+ Partners Powered by Watson 28 API already available 29 Industries 90.000 Developers building with Watson & its services 5.000 Doctors, Researchers &Specialists IBM Watson Health 1.000 Researchers &Engeneers IBM Watson Internet of Things (*)  English,   Spanish,  Brazilian  Portuguese,  French,  Italian,  German,  Arabic,  Japanese,  and  Korean
  21. 22 Why we need an help as professionals and as individuals to cope with cognitive overload?
  22. Elsa Tanmay Bakshi Toothbrush Leukemia
  24. 25Source:­uses-­watson-­bring-­physical-­books-­life/
  25. 26­intelligence-­used-­to-­detect-­rare-­leukemia-­type-­in-­ japan-­1440789 Japanese  doctors   have  for  the  first   time  used  artificial   intelligence  (AI)  to   detect  a  type  of   leukemia,  which   helped  to  save  a   patient's  life  as  the   disease  had  gone   undetected  using   conventional   methods.
  26. 27­intelligence-­used-­to-­detect-­rare-­leukemia-­ type-­in-­japan-­1440789
  27. 28 Accessing to Watson technologies & Build
  28. Anaphoric  Co-­referencing Colloquialism  Processing Content  Management  -­-­ Versioning Convolutional  Neural  Networks Curation Deep  Learning Dialog  Framing Ellipses Embedded  Table  Processing Ensembles  and  Fusion Entity  Resolution Factoid  Answering Feature  Engineering Feature  Normalization Focus  and  Spurious  Phrase   Resolution HTML  Page  Analysis Image  Management Information  Retrieval Knowledge  (Property)  Graphs Knowledge  Answering Knowledge  Extraction  Annotators Knowledge  Validation  and   Extrapolation Language  Modeling Latent  Semantic  Analysis Learn  To  Rank Linguistic  Analysis Logical  Reasoning  Analysis Logistical  Regression Machine  Learning Multi-­Dimensional  Clustering Multilingual  training n-­Gram  Analysis  (word   combinations  and  distance) Ontology  Analysis Pareto  Analysis Passage  Answering PDF  Conversion Phoneme  Aggregation Question  Analysis Question-­answering  Reasoning   Strategies Recursive  Neural  Networks Rules  Processing Scalable  Search Similarity  Analytics Statistical  Language  Parsing Support  Vector  Machines Syllable  Analysis Table  Answering Visual  Analysis Visual  Rendering Voice  Synthesis These  APIs  are  underpinned  by   50  technologies: IBM  Watson  Services 2011 2015Source:­catalog.html
  29. 30
  30. @pieroleo Grazie! Pietro  Leo  – Executive  Architect  -­ IBM  Italy  CTO  for  Big  Data  Analytics  &  Watson IBM  Academy  of  Technology  Leadership  Team
  31. 32 6 Terabytes 60% Exogenous Factors 1100 Terabytes Volume,  Variety,  Velocity,  Veracity: Educational  records,  Employment  Status,   Social  Security  Accounts,  Mental  Health   Records,  Caseworker  Files,  Fitbits,  Home   Monitoring  Systems,  and  more… 0.4 Terabytes Electronic  Medical  /  Health  Records,   Physician  Management  Systems,  Claims   Systems  and  more… 30% Genomics  Factors 10% Clinical  Factors IBM  Watson  Health //  SOURCE:  ©2015  J.M.  McGinnis  et  al.,  “The  Case  for  More  Active   Policy  Attention  to  Health  Promotion,”  Health  Affairs  21,  no.  2  (2002):78–93 A  vast  amount  of  untapped  data  could  have  a  great  impact  on  our  health   -­ yet  it  exists  outside  medical  systems. Data  Generated  per  Life
  32. 33 Cognitive  Overload:  Leveraging  the  Explosion  of  Data  for  an  Oncologist   – It  will  be  more  and  more  an  impossible  Task  Without  Wisdom 33 1000 Facts  per  Decision 10 100 1990 2000 2010 2020 Human  Cognitive  Capacity Electronic  Health  Records  (Clinical   Data) Internet  of  Things   (Exogenous  Data) The  Human  Genome  (Genomic   Data) Capturing  the  Value  of  Data