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Using Social Media to Promote Your Research

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Talk by Jonathan Eisen for Social Media Boot Camp

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Research

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Promote Your Research Jonathan A. Eisen @phylogenomics SOCIAL MEDIA BOOT CAMP #3 When? Wed, February 21st from 2-3 PM
  2. 2. Big Picture … ❖ Social Media should be viewed as a tool, like a microscope, or Xerox machine. It can be used wisely or poorly or not at all. ❖ Social Media should not be viewed as an obligation, or you will likely be bad at it. ❖ Social Media can be used to save you work and time.
  3. 3. 14 Hints to Using Social Media in Academics 1.You don’t have to be social, but it doesn’t hurt 2.Express opinions, praise and criticize, but don’t be offensive 3.Develop themes, repeat them 4.Use visuals (pics, vids, etc) 5.Use humor 6.Produce unique content (e.g., live Tweet a talk, post pictures or vids) 7.Make it personal … AND .. also about others 8.Add links (to content, people, institutions, etc.) 9.Tell stories 10.Diversity is important (of content, of audience, of who you follow, etc) 11.Copying is OK, if you give credit 12.If you love something, make it free 13.Experiment 14.Maintain a presence with information about your work
  4. 4. New Paper Twitter Facebook Page LinkedIn GroupZotero Develop a Plan …
  5. 5. Can Get Complicated New Paper Blog Post Twitter Facebook Page LinkedIn GroupPubmed Commons Zotero