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In Focus May June 2008 Final

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In Focus May June 2008 Final

  1. 1. Volume 2, Issue 3, May/June 2008 www.grandphotos.org/ FROM THE PREZ… Special Interest Groups (SIGs) By Jerry Weinstein By Ken Kroen We did it again!! The Spring Faire was a big The initial response to the plan of forming Special success. We had many visitors and sold pictures, Interest Groups (SIGs) has been very positive. As of notecards, and wine bottle covers. We also ran a this writing, approximately 50 members have very successful auction. We didn‟t stop there. We responded to the initial e-mail that was sent to had a table at the SCG Garage Sale and did very everyone on April 9th. The majority of the people have well. Thanks Lyle, Spring Faire Chair and Betty shown an interest in multiple groups. The most Burke, Fund Raising Chair plus all of you who popular group has been Adobe Photoshop Elements. helped to put these fund- raisers together. Enough interest has been shown to support between 2 and 3 groups for Elements. The goal is to have groups Thanks to Gary Jann, our workshops are going of less than 15 members. Two people have expressed great guns and will continue throughout the an interest in Pro Show Gold. If we can get a few summer. The Club is planning special interest more requests, then we‟ll have enough to form a SIG groups (SIG). Be sure to sign up. We have a new for Pro Show. website and it is great! It has a load of information and a slide show of member pictures. The website The current Special Interest Groups that are being will also have tutorials of many of the workshops organized are Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe for those members who did not get the handouts. Photoshop Elements – Advanced, Canon Digital SLR Thanks, Marshall Oseas, our new Webmaster. Cameras, Nikon Digital SLR Cameras and Pro Show Keep up the great work! Gold, assuming we can get a few more requests. Each SIG will consist of between 5 and 15 members who How about our Annual Banquet? It was without a have a common interest. These SIGs will be part of doubt the best ever. We had 100 members at the the Sun City Grand Photo Club with one of the dinner with entertainment by Dave Pritle, one of members of each group acting as the coordinator. Any our members. Gale McCall chaired a terrific party Photo Club member can join one or more of these and did a stand-up routine that you could have groups at any time. seen at a comedy club. Our club is one to be proud of. It‟s unbelievable how we have grown so If you are interested in joining one or more of the much in such a short time. We have 275 members above SIGs, send an e-mail to GrandPhotos- and counting. Let‟s all look forward to a great and SCG@cox.net listing the group(s) you would like to busy summer.♦ join. If you are a temporary resident of SCG, don‟t let that stop you from joining a SIG. With e-mail and phones it is possible to maintain contact throughout Contents your travels. Also, let us know if you have an interest in an area other than those listed above. There may be 1 From the Prez, SIG’s other members in the club who have a similar interest. 2 VP, Membership, ACCC 3 Webmaster, Greece Trip The next step in developing the SIG program is to 4 Monthly Photo Contest, assign people to each of the groups and identify a Photo Shoots, Editor coordinator for each group. Also, a set of guidelines 5 -6 Focusing in on…, Orientation will be developed for the SIG coordinators. Once 7 -8 Favorite Places these two steps have been completed, the SIG 9 Tips and Tricks coordinators will contact the members in their groups. 10 Why Compete? If you are interested in being a coordinator, please 11-12 Photo Gallery send an e-mail to GrandPhotos-SCG@cox.net. ♦1 13 ACCC Winners 14 Classifieds
  2. 2. VP Report Membership By Gary Jann By Betty Burke Our workshops continue to be very well attended. I What a growth spurt we had over the winter! assume this is because the subjects are diversified, Our membership has now risen to 275 with 109 meeting member needs, and are being led by good new members in 2008. Here are some other instructors. interesting stats: 78 members are snowbirds, 97 are women, we have 48 couples, and 110 Beginning in April, we identified workshops for volunteers. beginners, intermediates, and advanced photographers, if they are repeats from earlier in the If you are still missing a name tag after checking year. I hope this has helped you make a decision as to the box in the lab please let me know and I‟ll their appropriateness in meeting your needs. We are order one for you. If you have lost your tag I will also running a trial workshop feedback form for a few order you a new one for $5.00. How often we sessions. (Thank you, Gene McDermott, for the first hear someone say, “I remember faces but not draft.) These forms are intended to provide two types names.” So PLEASE wear your tag to all club of feedback. One is for the instructors to let them functions. We are a friendly group and it‟s so know how they conducted the session and to provide nice to call each other by name. ♦ any ideas for improving subsequent workshops. The second is for members to express how well they felt the session met their needs and expectations. I hope Photo Tip for DSLR Lens Reviews: you will take the time to fill out the form if you attend Here’s a great site! one of these sessions. I also would like your feedback www.Photozone.de/ as to the appropriateness of having feedback forms for John Hertia our workshops. Are they beneficial? We will make a decision on the use of these during the October Board meeting. ACCC Fall Roundup I am still looking for additional workshop ideas for By Stan Bormann, President Elect this summer to help us become better photographers. The Fall ACCC Roundup will be held on There are also many of you with hidden talents that November 15th and the Rotating Category will be are just waiting to be unleashed in a workshop. Let Doors and Windows. I dont know if that needs me know what talents or knowledge you have and are any further definition, but clearly Doors or willing to share with the rest of the club. I look Windows or both must be a major element of the forward to hearing from you soon! image. You will notice there are few limits here to your creativity. The image can be as shot from the Thanks and see ya in a workshop! ♦ camera or any amount of "creativity" you wish can be added to the image, as long as all the elements in the image originate with you. The Fall ACCC Board Meeting where our Club Representatives will need to turn in our entries is Saturday, November 4th. They will set our club image turn-in date to allow them to organize the entries and meet that date, so plan to have your entries ready in late September. There is now a Competition Guidelines document on the ACCC web page. You will find a link to this document at: http://www.arizonacameraclubcouncil.net/index.ht ml. This document provides explanation in one place of the rules and guidelines for participation in ACCC competition. There are many opportunities to compete in the ACCC roundup and our club has the “To sleep, perchance to dream…” highest level of participation of any of the ACCC2 clubs. Lets keep it up. ♦ j. j.
  3. 3. Words from the Webmaster . . . Grand Photos 4th Annual Banquet By Gale McCall I‟m very pleased and appreciative, having the We broke all records with 100 people signed up opportunity to become Grand Photo‟s new to attend the banquet. Everyone had a great time Webmaster, allowing Ron to pursue other despite the delay in Dillons setting up the bar. I activities he is involved with. What I have done had to dodge the rose petals being thrown at me, is make many decisions on my own, and some but they were only about seven minutes late and with advice and suggestions from our President, all was well. Vice President, and Secretary. What can I say about our member Dave Pritle? In essence, this is OUR WEBSITE and it is there He was great! He contributed a great deal to the for us to enjoy; the club members at large. While sophistication and high class of the evening. we do have some parameters, we are certainly You are booked for next year! open to positive suggestions as to how we may be I have started a folder called "Photos for the able to improve our site. As an example, John 2009 Banquet". You all know what kind of Menard had suggested utilizing Flickr.com for our photos I am looking for. Several of you had slide show instead of Adobe with which we already sent me great photos, but it was too late started. As it turned out, it was certainly an for this year‟s slideshow deadline. Did you excellent suggestion. Jim Urquhart suggested that catch someone in a humorous pose? An unusual some of the colors I had used for fonts were too position? Trust me; the club wants to see them! dark to read easily, and we corrected that as well. Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped We can still accept photos for uploading to the me in so many ways and for my "setup" girls, website slideshow from members . . . I would like the BB band, Shirley Bormann, Sue Marrugi, to see at least 50 members showing their work. Betty Burke, Sherry Weinstein and all the little Weinsteins. (Sorry, I couldnt resist!) ♦ For now, we will limit it to one per member . . . and I still have a couple of mine uploaded that ASU and Sun City Grand are sponsoring a should be replaced with your photos. Right now, Learning Trip to Greece September 11- they are merely place marks. Perhaps in the future September 22nd with the possibility of a four we will also have the seasons competition winners day add-on for a cruise to the Greek Islands. shown in a separate link as well. We will be accompanied by an expert on Greece and we will have discussion on different aspects of Greece. We will also have Please let us know how we are doing . . . what we a one on one experience with Greeks in can improve . . . or what changes we can make to Athens. Some of the places we will be visiting bring you the best possible website. Our Board are Athens and the marvelous Parthenon, maintains ultimate control, and we have already Kalambaka with the incredible rock top monasteries, Delphi and the oracle which discussed placing links to members‟ own websites, foretold the future, Olympia, Nauplia (and the which was defeated by the Board. This was to remains of King Agamemnons palace) and the keep the website as "commercial free" as possible magnificent theater in Epidaurus. This trip is by not linking to any commercial endeavor other more extensive than the average Greece trip than websites of interest to camera buyers, and the hotels are all 4 or 5 star in excellent software, etc. locations. The cruise will include a stop in Turkey to visit Ephesus, an ancient Roman city which contains one of the Seven Wonders of I remain open to hear from anyone in the Club.♦ the World, the Temple of Artemis, also visiting the magical Greek isles of Mykonos, Santorini Sincerely, and Rhodes. What great photo opportunities! Marshall Oseas For more information, contact Gale McCall, a member of Grand Photos, the Language Club and a teacher for ASU here at SCG. Until May3 PhotoOracle@cox.net 2nd at 623 975-3253, anytime: cell 315 882- 2708, or e-mail: Galemccall@AOL.com.♦
  4. 4. Monthly Photo Contest Ron Szwiec Photo Shoots MONTHLY PHOTO CONTEST By Shelly Morgenstern 2008 - 2009 PHOTO PROJECTS March was a very busy month for photo shoots. There were many opportunities for SUBMIT PRINTS & VOTING BY MEMBERS IN us to take day trips for photo-ops. ATTENDANCE On March 1st there was a wildflower shoot DATE SUBJECT that was begun as an e-mail suggestion by Betty Burke. Gary Jann led the shoot. OCTOBER 2008 “CUTE KID” Dennis Cutler headed up the shoot at the NOVEMBER 2008 “ACTION” Cactus League game on March 16th. The White Tanks wildflower shoot was led DECEMBER 2008 “STREET SCENES” by Marshall Oseas on April 1st. Not as an organized shoot, but we offered the club JANUARY 2009 “LANDSCAPE” members three suggestions for a daytrip: FEBRUARY 2009 “4 LEGGED FRIENDS” Boyce Thompson Arboretum MARCH 2009 “STORMY WEATHER” Tres Rios Nature Festival Bird Sanctuary APRIL 2009 “WILD FLOWERS” Most recently on April 20th Dan Jacob invited the membership to his home in the Also note: evening to photograph the full moon (no wolves allowed!).  Submit 8x10 prints  One print per member A drive into the Grand Canyon led by Dan  Owner to be identified on print Jacob and Gary Jann is planned for this  Prints can be mounted or unmounted summer. More details to come. ♦  Members in attendance will vote on their favorite From the Editor… We wish you a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy summer. We will miss you snowbirds and welcome you back in the fall! In the meanwhile, those of us remaining in SCG will continue to stay active in Grand Photos! Look for the next issue of IN FOCUS the first week of July.4 Sue Marrugi, Editor Nancy and Dan Jacob, Proofreaders Grand Photos members all lined up for “moon shoot”. Photo by Dan Jacob.
  5. 5. Focusing in on… Dik Salsbury By Sherry Weinstein In a recent bio Dik prepared for the 50th reunion of his high school class, he wrote: “Fifty years? That can‟t be right … can it? I still feel like a kid!” Having recently toured the Salsbury home, I fully understand why He soon became VP of Retail Services and gained Dik feels like a kid. No elaboration necessary on the obvious, this guy even further responsibility, including the creation is simply having the time of his life. Every day, his internal batteries and management of the Capital Projects Budget. In get recharged as he „plays‟ with his current carpentry or photography 1990, the employees purchased the company and project. Living with his best friend, Joyce, he readily admits that she the dreams of many came true as business soared. still makes his heart throb, after 45 years of marriage. It does the heart The company was sold in 2000, with a most happy good to see the desks in their office facing each other … hers with a ending for Dik, as he would now be in a position to sewing machine on it and his with a computer, both with all the retire. necessary bells and whistles to generate what they‟ve created in their minds‟ eye. And with greatest of gusto, Dik treasures his role as Over the course of forty years, Dik designed and Grandpa to eight-year-old Alex and eight-month-old Josiah. Alex, built three homes for his family, much of the actual along with his mom, Stacy (Dik and Joyce‟s daughter), and dad, Ken, „building‟ done by his own skilled and enthusiastic live in Spokane, so visits take a bit of planning and always feel too hands. The first of these homes was in Coeur few and far between. Baby Josiah, on the other hand, can pop over d‟Alene, where the Salsbury children were born anytime because his dad, Dana Salsbury and mom, Melana, live right and raised. The second home, in Spokane, started here in Goodyear. out filled with a very active family and gradually became a classic empty nest. The third and last, Ancient through Post-Modern Career History therefore, was supposed to be Joyce and Dik‟s retirement home on a pretty little mountain lake, Growing up in Topeka, Kansas, Dik watched how his father – a true north of Spokane. What happened? Surprise! craftsman – built things, not realizing what impact and inspiration this would have on his mindset or his future life. After graduating from On the Road to their Dreams Kansas State with a degree in Architecture, Dik made some bold choices and began a career path that would take him first to Omaha, With their minds set in neutral after retiring, the NE and Minot, ND, then on to Coeur d‟Alene, ID and finally to Salsburys took to their motor home on an Spokane, WA. Early on – as an intern to several accomplished expedition around the country in search of a good architects – he realized the need to shift into high gear and soon place to spend their winters. Once they had scouted became an architect himself, licensed in several states. Over the around a bit – with no preconceived notions about years, Dik‟s diversified projects ranged from the design of lake which part of the U.S. would be right for them – homes and hospitals to that of free-standing stores and regional they could no longer deny a compelling shopping malls. Discussing with me how much he loved his chosen gravitational pull to this part of Arizona. And so it profession, Dik explained it this way, “One of the things I enjoyed was that they found what would become their own most about being an architect is that you need to learn everything version of paradise, Sun City Grand. Loving life about your project – the distinctive language of it, the eccentricities of here, they ultimately sold their lake home in its organization, the specific nomenclature. Architecture is an ongoing Washington State, but still delight in heading to exercise in interpretation.” their much-loved northwest (and proximity to Alex) for several months each summer. After completing many projects for a great regional supermarket chain in Spokane, Dik was made an offer he couldn‟t refuse. He went to work for the chain and was put in charge of all their design and Retired? Hah! construction work – everything from site selection, leasing, the Unlike the proverbial picture of the retiree whose architectural process, construction oversight as well as equipment initiative has turned to inertia, recent retiree Dik specification and procurement. jumped into woodworking, pottery, stained glass,5 Continued on Page 6
  6. 6. (Focusing in on Dik Salsbury – Cont.) When I asked Dik, “If you could be anyone in history, who and boating (which he‟s always done), with so much to do would you choose to be?” he answered, “Leonardo da Vinci or that his theme song became “Something‟s Gotta Give.” After Michelangelo, the best of the Renaissance men.” Considering finding himself „working‟ 24/7, he decided to spend the Dik‟s awesome talent and affinity for creating beautiful things, majority of his time with his two favorite pastimes – combined with a keen interest in so many different areas of the carpentry and photography – while he would just dabble in arts and sciences, it‟s no wonder he would identify with being a the rest as his schedule and energy permitted. The word Renaissance man. „carpentry‟ – when used with reference to Dik – does not mean the replacing of a broken hinge or the sanding of a door What is the greatest measure of a man and his success? When edge so it closes more easily. No, Dik-style carpentry takes he can say – with all candor – that his LIFE IS SWEET, he is, the form of designing, planning, building, and putting every no doubt, the most successful of all. Dik, may you always finishing touch on cabinetry and furniture … all with the most celebrate la dolce vita.♦ intricate, eye-catching detail. If you think I‟m exaggerating, go to Casa Salsbury and see for yourself the fabulous furniture and cabinets for their home extension … all objects of Dik‟s design and construction. As for Dik‟s penchant for photography, it is immediately Plans for Orientation Meeting recognizable that his photos have been shot by someone with By Ken Kroen a critical eye for form, structure, color, and exceptional composition. But it‟s not only the taking of great photographs that sets Dik in motion, it‟s also what happens to those images The club is planning two Orientation Meetings over the next once the shutter has clicked. A master of creative post 6 months. These Orientations are for the entire membership, processing, Dik always seeks to show his and others‟ photos not just the newcomers. The first Orientation will take place in the most agreeable light, generously teaching and in the May/June timeframe and the second in the mentoring photo club members so that they may share his October/November timeframe. The purpose of these fortune of knowledge in digital manipulation as well as his Orientations is to provide everyone with an overview of the slide show skills and techniques. For anyone who has seen organization and the services and opportunities available. one or more of Dik‟s slide shows at the photo club, you are The following is a tentative agenda for the meetings: familiar with the highly artistic, innovative, and inspired results he gets … showing all our images off to their best  Opening comments by the Club President. advantage. And if you have not yet seen a Dik Salsbury  Introduction of the Club Officers and their roles. production, stay tuned for a knock-your- lenses off  Club structure and facility overview. experience. The rave reviews you‟ve heard are very well-  Overview of Special Interest Groups and Mentor deserved. Fortunately for Grand Photos, we have an in-house treasure who is delighted to spend his precious leisure time Program. trying to entertain us, and making it happen.  Overview of the Photo Lab and the plans for the future. Travel is yet another passion for Dik and Joyce, who are just  Overview of the Club Website and Newsletter (In about to embark on a month-long trip to Australia, New Focus). Zealand and Fiji. Some of their favorite travel to date has  How to obtain assistance with your photographic taken them across North America, Hawaii and Europe. Since needs. they both have a weakness for – and great strengths in –  Education Programs capturing beautiful images, these „field trips‟ set the stage for  Photo Competitions many a magnificent photo and a fair share of awards.  Photo Shoots  Volunteer opportunities. On a More Personal Level  Future plans for the Club. Asked about any favorite books, Dik‟s response was: “I read  Question and Answer Session. a variety of genres and generally prefer authors that write a lot of books with the same characters. And books that are set If you would be interested in attending one of these sessions, in places Im familiar with. Favorite authors are Dean send an e-mail to GrandPhotos-SCG@cox.net stating which Koontz, J.A. Jance, Janet Evanovich, Dan Brown, Grisham session you want to attend and what time of the day you and Carl Hiassen. Everything from thrillers to comedies to prefer (Morning, Afternoon or Evening). Also, include in the thought-provoking books such as The Da Vinci Code.” e-mail any suggestions you have. For those of you who have The subject of favorite movies brought this reply: “We try to replied to an earlier e-mail, thank you. do a weekly „date night‟ which consists of a matinee, dinner and a little shopping. Its difficult to find good movies to see. You will be notified via e-mail as to the actual dates of the We liked Juno, Michael Clayton, The Italian Job, and Orientations.♦ Oceans 12. We almost always hate the movies praised by the6 critics and enjoy the ones they pan. We want entertainment, not social comment, in our movies.”
  7. 7. Favorite Places… By Mike and Joyce Seddon. Mike and I had to try our hand at describing our favorite place…Porto Penasco, Mexico. Please hear us out…we certainly have been on more exotic, expensive, and more fun vacations, but this one was a brief three day get away that really surprised us with literally hundreds of wonderful pictures. Mike and I were always hesitant to go to Mexico ourselves. Fear of getting lost, stranded or ending in some Tijuana jail was always in the back of our minds, but then a bus tour caught our eye and that was the perfect solution. We left the driving and the frustrations to them, and all we needed were our passports, clothes and gear. The bus drove us first to a wonderful restaurant, Casa de Capitan at the top of a hill overlooking the harbor. I would be scared to take my car up that road, but they took all 20 of us in a very comfortable bus. The color of the sky and water were so vivid, you would think they were Photoshop saturated, and against the bright oranges, greens, reds and yellows of the buildings, costumes and flowers, it just screamed “Ole!” or for us, “Okay!” The shrimp boats were coming in. All our fellow bus passengers were enjoying a lovely lunch, and we had a hard time stopping long enough to eat. The tiles, the arches, the fountain, the angles! Off to our hotel, Penasco Del Sol, a newly renovated one which, in March, was quiet and peaceful. Mike and I both have a deep love for the ocean. (So why are we in Arizona?) The waves, sounds and even smells of the ocean call us. What was special about Porto Penasco was that their empty beach had such a gentle slope. The difference between high and low tide was amazing… some 300+ feet deep and miles long? That is 300 feet of potential tidal pools to look at, shells to find, and starfish to search for. Add pelicans and seagulls being reflected in the tidal pools and it adds up to a lot of photo ops. But on top of that was the sky, so clear and dramatic with wisps of clouds everywhere. Then add the sunset. Wow, we were in heaven!! By this time our tour guide came out to see if we were all right. He stopped as his shoes got stuck in the wet sand and gave up. We had kicked ours off long before that, rolled up our pants and were really into it until the sun gave us no more light. It is not that we were anti- social and did not want to go to the dinner with them… it‟s just that, as all of us know, that magic hour won‟t7 wait for anyone.
  8. 8. As I was bending over, taking my 200th picture or so, some children came up to see what I was doing. I showed them the pictures I took and asked them and their parents if I could take a picture of them looking at the sunset. It‟s one of my favorites. The silhouette of the children backlit by the blue gold of the sunset. By this time our toes were numb, so we went back to warm up. Next morning the sunrise was disappointing, but the morning light made up for it at the oceanside. Seagulls swooping or suspended in midair gave us more than enough to concentrate on. And then there was the clear glass reflection of hotels on the wet sand! Our tour took a trip to a local market place and as everyone hurried to get their prize pottery, rug or souvenir, Mike and I shopped for pictures….pottery in piles, rugs in rows, bushels of baskets…it was all there. And yes, I did find time to buy a little shell turtle. A short trip to a museum gave us more interesting photos and we actually learned a thing or two. Another great sunset and another great meal. The next day we had an opportunity to walk the beach and go down to the docks where the old rusty shrimp boats and some wrecks of ships gave us plenty to focus on. The last morning Mike and I raced to see our seagull friends again, and then the tour bus started to leave for home. But first, a final stop at a fish market…Great Pelican Pictures! And great lunch and margaritas too. I wish we had more time to take more pictures of dead fish! Now that‟s a statement only a fellow photographer would understand. The best part is that the tour bus got us through customs both ways without a problem, we never had a concern about “drinking the water” or eating in the places where they brought us, and of course everything was secure. And we never ended up in jail! What more could you want of a vacation! ♦8
  9. 9. “Tips and Tricks”… How to Shoot a Portrait By John Macy and Gene McDermott When we started to write this we realized how broad a topic we had selected. There are all sorts of portraits; formal studio portraits, group, wedding and engagement portraits, family and let us not forget, pet portraits. The intent of this article is to talk a little about how to shoot a good portrait and how the studio lighting system we now own can really help. It is said, that the eyes are the windows of your soul and are key elements in good portraits. Catch lights in the eyes give life to the person‟s face. Select a facial expression that makes the subject look his/her best. Big broad smiles have a tendency to crunch the eyes and wrinkle the face. A portrait photographer should tell the subject to think inner happy thoughts and not try to force an expression but get the subject to relax and shoot lots of pictures (it‟s digital). How to shoot a portrait. One of the projects Grand Photos was asked to do were portraits of the CAM Board. The process we followed is when we first meet each person we quickly assess what is that person‟s most prominent feature, ears, nose, etc. Next was the basic shape of the subject‟s face, round or thin. How we posed or directed the subject to turn their head, tilt their chin, was based on these initial assessments. The person with a round, full face would have short lighting, in which you illuminate the side of the face that is turned away from the camera. We used the units with umbrellas for a softer modeling of the face. This diffuse lighting helps to reduce the amount of time one spends in Photoshop. During this process we learned that our senior subjects might have a few minor wrinkles and brown spots. Removing all the natural signs of becoming a senior citizen should be avoided because over retouching creates a very plastic, unnatural appearance. We are who we are. Shooting session Each person was photographed in a seated position in order to get them to relax. We turned a male subject to about 45 degrees, so one shoulder was closer to the camera and had him face the camera. We noted that we could see only one ear and had him look at the lens. With the use of our studio modeling lights we were careful to avoid reflections in the glasses. Having the subject tilt his head slightly removes reflections in glasses. The results of the portraits are now on display in the Adobe Center and are examples of short lighting, avoiding reflections and limited use of Photoshop. The example below shows a different lighting approach in portraiture. This lighting is well suited to male subjects but may be too harsh for female subjects. Main light is high and at 45 A soft box behind was degrees to cast a shadow to used to separate the define the shape of the face. subject from the dark The triangle of light cast background and serves by the nose is referred to as as a hair light.  Rembrandt lighting after the sixteenth century Dutch artist. Camera at slightly above eye level and the subject‟s chin is Thanks to our model, Ullrich Seike!! lowered. We have one catch light in each eye. Want to learn more? We are currently in the process of setting up classes on using the studio lights. Check your e-mails.♦9
  10. 10. Why Compete??? By Bill Haskamp Whether you are new to the club or not, you might how you can improve them. Quite likely this will not be have noticed a definite buzz about competitions, an overnight process. Gary Jann and I attended the whether our own, Northwest Valley, or ACCC. critique that Jim Urquhart sponsored this past month, We hear about them in our excellent IN FOCUS, and both of us brought images that we love and at the meetings, or in some of the classes that are submitted numerous times, but we have yet to win given. When I first came here to Grand, I joined anything, not even an honorable mention! The judges the SCG Grand Photo Club to increase my photo critiqued the images and suggested changes to make the skills, since that was their mission. Everything else images better. I went home and made changes to the was secondary, including meeting some of the zany images based on the critique and the images were characters that populate our roster. Despite the improved! The judges critiqued a number of images and nearly constant drone and prodding by some of the mentioned that the subject was not well defined or members, my reaction to competing was classic presented. The subject was lost in an image that was too indifference at best. For most of us, after 40 years busy. Here is where the refining of the personal vision or more of daily competition in our jobs, we comes in. Clearly the person who made the image knew cherish a non-competitive approach to our lives. what the subject was, but hadn‟t refined the presentation So why bother? of the subject well enough to really make it “pop.” As a veteran now of 2 competitions, my attitude Finally, if you decide to enter a competition, your entries has changed, and for what I believe are some very must comply with the rules. It is very difficult to good reasons. Browse through any competition prepare images without learning a great deal, exhibition, and the first thing you realize is that particularly with respect to printing, mounting on just there are no technically poor entries. The critique the right backing, and resizing and preparing digitally held this past month emphasized that. Soft focus, compliant images. These are the same skills needed to blown out whites, black shadow areas and the like present images for your personal viewing pleasure, for are plain and simple rejects out of the chute. presenting to family and friends, to make into slide Perhaps you tolerate some of these in your shows, and just plain show off your best work. photographs now, but your personal standards will ratchet up right away when you really internalize Yes, the whole thing is a lot of work, learning is never that these are competition rejects. You begin to easy, but entering some competitions will make you a really work at improving your images technically. better photographer, and that‟s what we‟re all here for, zany and colorful characters notwithstanding.♦ The second benefit of competition is a true refining of your personal vision. Many of us believe we shoot for ourselves, and if the judges like it, great. Holiday Photos Needed And if the judges don‟t like it, then they are wrong. By Dik Salsbury Not a bad philosophy I might add. However, and a Some of you may have seen our slideshow preceding the Grand very big however, is that sometimes the personal Singers Spring Concert. The Singers received positive feedback vision is a bit hazy, cloudy, or cluttered. Betty and have asked us to create another thirty minute slideshow of Burke said it succinctly when she said that her our members images for their Holiday Concert this Fall. It would friends and relatives always praise her be shown as people find their seats and wait for the concert to begin. This is a good opportunity to show our work to a lot of photographic skills (everyone is taken in by people and invite them to join us. If we do a good job, it will wonderful subjects and pretty colors), but the club probably be a re-occurring opportunity for us if we want to do it. competitions provide a big dose of reality. After you enter a competition or two, and fail to garner We need to collect about a hundred images of holiday scenes. They could include children opening presents, beautifully decorated all of the awards, you begin to understand that your trees, selecting a tree, the Thanksgiving table, closeups of images may not be quite as good as you think they ornaments, New Years Eve celebrations, general winter scenes, are. Then you take those images to the club, a etc. Anything that conveys the excitement and sentimentality of judging critique, or a similar forum, and find out the holiday season would work. If you have or take images that you want to share with the community, please put them on a CD and leave them at the club lab for Dik Salsbury. ♦10
  11. 11. Photo Gallery “Rodeo” Ron Szwiec “Camel Boy in the Sahara” Gale McCall “Eddontenajon Lake, B.C.” Ed Knox11
  12. 12. Photo Gallery Continued… “Copenhagen” Darlene Eger “Forbidden City” Marv Weinstein “Docking in Norway” Sherry Weinstein12
  13. 13. ACCC Spring Round-up April 2008 “Cactus Flower” “VFR on Top” Jerry Weinstein Dik Salsbury Digital, Open, 2nd Place Digital, Rotating, 3rd Place “Monument Valley” John Wolff Print, Rotating, 3rd Place “Desert Museum Owl” Stan Bormann13 Print, Monochrome Nature, 2nd Place